I just love this photo of my 5 year old Amity. It sums up her personality perfectly. Bubbly and vibrant. When I had Amity she had come 9 weeks early! It terrified me - especially because she was my first child. Leaving her at the hospital every day was the worst feeling. We did this for 7 weeks until we could finally bring her home! Now she just thrives. She is so protective of her sisters and really takes on her big “sister duties”. We’re learning to read at the moment and she takes everything on with such a positive attitude. I’m so lucky to have her. ❤️❤️😍

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I'm always proud to support young indigenous surfers. Here's two of the deadliest juniors around 🖤💛❤️

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Post Colonisation Remedies by Megan Cadd.

Part of a contemporary Koorie art exhibition we went to in Melbourne. "Today the on going colonisation of Australia continues to impact our communities with our people experiencing high rates of incarceration, lower life expectancy and the denial of our shared history". Koorie (or Koori) 'Koorie' derives from the word for 'people' in the indigenous languages of the coastal groups of central and northern New South Wales. It is the current group self-description of many people of indigenous descent living in Victoria and south-central New South Wales.

Had the privilege of helping these deadly dances with the final touches of their performance for school assembly 👣🖤💛❤️ #jslyindigenousdesigns #muggera #muggeradancers #dance #culture #orchre #aboriginal #koori #murri

#mirrorselfie 2️⃣ #koori #koorowsh #wantons 😻😻😻

So proud of you my girl for your amazing maturity, your sportsmanship and giving it a go. #proudmum #wrestlelikeagirl #ChangeOurGame #bjjgirls #bjj #koori #tongan #aboriginal #bjj #jiujitsu #womeninsport #warriorheart #Repost @nacinta_tuu_bjjwarrior (@get_repost)
Yesterday I was able to be a competitor at the Australian Jiu-Jitsu Championships.
It was a day filled with wins and losses but most importantly fun, I had a great time and am so proud of myself. Achieving 2nd, over all against girls that won't gold as much as I did and fighting against your team mates isn't easy, so I'm proud of how I placed. Thank you so much to one of my best training partners and competitors of the day @selesa.vaelaa25 for giving me a great challange.
Also big thank you to my sponsor @megamijiujitsu I wouldn't be able to look so stylish while fighting if it weren't for you. Last big thank you to my family for supporting me through the day.

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