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@ladbible has great meh meh's

It's the weekend.. Have a great one guys, be safe and play nicely (more for the adults) the play nicely bit... 🙌🏼👌🏼#yiannimize #lambo #bmw #m4 #widebody #carwraps #gallardo #lamborghini #widebody #greenlantern #hulk #kermit #kermitthehulk

We're all about the bold look of @essentielantwerp's Muppets collection! Follow the link in our bio for a closer look at the statement pieces.


Who's doing it 🤔

😅😅😅 gotta show off gainz to my 6 pm crush


There's nothing more ridiculous than Kermit the frog on a bike lol 😂 I am learning not to take things so seriously and to LIGhTen up ! Anyone else with me? #kermit #frogmeme

Check out this schmuck with his horribly fake 16610LV and his wanker bracelets!

Deze kleur wil ik!! #kermit

this kermit tsum tsum has three different textures and he's very stimmy! #stim #stimmy #stimming #autism #autistic #kermit #muppets

"It's Not Easy Being Green"
Written by Salkis Re

Artists like myself put so much into our work, we lay out what we are for you to see.
And when you tear it apart, it sometimes ruins a tiny part of a piece of me.

You will not understand the hours of fuss, and the fretting we do to get things right.
You just see the finish product, say yay or nay, without a clue that the canvas is our life.

It would be easier you know, just to do what you do, and pick up our checks that were issued at lunchtime.
But then how would get to do, what our souls tell us too, and how will you learn to imagine without our mind.

Artists are here for you, to express what you struggle too, to paint pictures of what you hide in your heart.
We sacrifice obscurity, to give you visual representations, of the all secrets tucked inside your hidden parts.

You are quick to dismiss or indifferently judge, what might have taken us few months to completely do.
You weren't there when we needed wine to paint a line, as we hesitated to break some silly rule. If we love, we put it on canvas, and if we fear, it jumps into the paint, and turns colors into more vibrant colors too.
You will never quite get our minds, and that is truly fine, we just want you to see parts of us that resemble you.
"Mistress of Words " ~ Salkis Re
Website : www.iloveherart.com
#artist #writer #poet #muppets #kermitthefrog #jimhenson #kermit #poetic #poem #poetry

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