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This is one of the most adorable Ryui moments in the making of Naruto Live Spectacle ^____^ >>slide to the right>>

At first I was having doubts about this pair but then, everytime, JUST EVERYTIME I doubt, I can still really see how attractive their chemistry is <3


In this huddle, Ryuji is really the man lol. because in the first place, he should have just put away his hand but then I really love it how he came up to the idea that he'd put his hand to Yui's head as if she means something that is so precious to him <3


Yui's arm was wrapped on Ryuji's waist.

Yuki's arm was too big, just enough to occupy Yui's shoulders.

Ryuji is gently holding Yui's head.

and I couldn't see Yui anymore, only her back lol.

I wonder how Yui felt that moment xD


So...Yui's reaction was MY reaction when I heard that Ryuji was paired with Rina in the drama "Five"

However, Keito Sakurai, as we all know, our Sasuke #2 in Naruto Live Spectacle, is also there in the drama!

Weighing it all down,

can we just ship Rina and Keito?
let's leave Ryuji alone with Yui lol

After all, they are really adorable as Sasuke and Sakura and no one could ever defeat their chemistry as well as them being SasuSaku.

I just can't get enough this fangirl habits :D Ryui is really match made from heaven <3


Guess who posted the most of sasusaku(ryui)'s couple photos in his blog in Ameba?

OF COURSE. who else could it be but Ryuji. lol yeah. He's the one who uploaded some of their photos together ^^, telling everyone about team 7 and describing Sakura(or perhaps Yui? lol) as 'the beautiful flower' of the team and he even shared a part where he somewhat saw 'Yui crying as Sakura' and because of that act of Yui, he truly understood how deep Sakura's love for Sasuke and claiming how lucky Sasuke is to be loved by her xD

I found this analysis very similar to mine :)
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So for those who do not understand,

In the backstage video footage of "The Making of Naruto Live Spectacle", you can always notice that every different shows, during their huddles before the start of performance, Yui and Ryuji are always right next to each other lol. Everybody are exchanging places, switching, while Ryui are always right beside each other. ALWAYS. (but there is just one, that Koudai is between them)

Now what I think about is that, the cast also tease them off-cam especially the number one shipper and supportive sensei of all time, Yuki(Kakashi sensei) xD

In this part, Kabuto, who is late in the huddle, didn't seem to find a place where he could join with everybody.. He then tried inserting himself between Yui and Ryuji.. HOWEVER GUYS, the first thing I noticed was that Ryuji showed this slight pale smile & suddenly looks down while everyone was laughing at Kabuto's mistake and while Yuki was straying Kabuto away (since he's barged in between Yui and Ryuji)

How cute was that lol. Yuki represents every shipper when someone would just suddenly break the two apart hahaha!

I just noticed Ryuji's expressions tho. Dismay and well, a bit disappointed also xD

btw. I've read this on wattpad and I think might gonna share it also to you guys <3

I'm sure you will be entertained!
There's a whole lot of SasuSaku community out there.


Yui is sooo adorable! especially her cat-like eyes <3

In stage plays, what character of Yui fascinated you the most? why?

~ Ryuji Sato and Yui Ito ~

really can't get enough of these two!!

They are perfect for each other!
What do you think about them?

When I saw Ryuji uploaded a photo with his cat before, I suddenly thought of Yui since she had posted several photos with her cat at home too <3

Anyways, how many pets do you have in your home? and what are they?

Yui Ito is really exemplary when it comes to acting..
She can show different ranges of emotions in just one blow!! She's definitely one of my favorite actors in the play!

@naruto_live_stage @live_spectacle_naruto_official

Ahh these two <3

I hope the company will aslo reenact the
Shinobi War,
Sasuke & Naruto's Battle,
and the SasuSaku forehead poke where Sasuke leaves the village for his journey of redemption... please.. huhu
We surely missed live spectacle team 7 being together!!
@naruto_live_stage @live_spectacle_naruto_official

Ryuji Sato being this adorable!

The costume and appearance is really amazing!!
It shows the changes between kid Sasuke and grown up Sasuke :)

@naruto_live_stage @live_spectacle_naruto_official

Gaara and Sakura 😭💗👏
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When SasuSaku haters always finding ways to hate them...
they thought they knew everything but their arguments were only based on anime and not on canon novels and official arts of Kishimoto.

putting aside all the haters, SasuSaku is TRUE CANON. Damn! Shannarooo!


c: photos from twitter

"..for SAKURA ONLY..."

so pleasant to the ears :)

Boruto Next Generations Ending 2 ver. 3 explained

It's amazing how the animators used biology as symbolism to make this beautiful Ending..
also to depict that Sarada is truly a product of an ultimate love between Sasuke and Sakura <3

c: photos came from twitter

Ryuji's laugh tho when he saw Yui..
It's so precious!! <3

Watch Naruto live spectacle- the making on youtube and you will see ^^,
Only Ryuji laughed so hard at her like it was a genuine laugh tho. :)

I love these two affff
Ryuji is so aforable looking at Yui <3

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