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Every Oth girls cast❤️📷 K/ Kelsey Asbille (aka Gigi ) #othcast #kelseyasbille

#action#crime#mystery#thriller#2017#windriver#kelseyasbille#jeremyrenner#f4f#followme. An FBI agent teams with a town's veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation..

first movie of the week - 'Wind River' .
Absolut great movie 👏👌 - awesome storytelling, directing and good cast. The photography of the landscape is beautiful and catches the feeling of lonelyness and desperation quite well. Even if there is the murder, the violence is more subtle, but breaks through as there is the flashback of the victim and the shootout. I didn't expect that and was a little surprised. Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen were really good together and I really liked the character Jane Banner, who doesn't really fit in but she cares and is ambitious enough to stay.
Overall a real good thriller, which I haven't had in a while. .
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My review of “Wind River” is posted. The following is an excerpt and you can read the full review at www.film-review.org.

While not the most exciting mystery-thriller, “Wind River” excels in mood and atmosphere, successfully capturing the essence of how it might be like to live in an Indian reservation in Wyoming during the dead of winter. It is for the patient, detail-oriented audience. Those willing to look closer are rewarded with a specific experience. Credit goes to writer-director Taylor Sheridan for choosing not to make the material so pedestrian that the mystique is diluted to the point where an otherwise intriguing story becomes dull, just another case-of-the-week to be solved and then forgotten.

#movies #film #windriver #jeremyrenner #elizabetholsen #kelseyasbille #jonbernthal #taylorsheridan #thriller #mystery

#windriver - an FBI-Agent is teaming up with a hunter to determine the murder of a girl in the indian reservation Wind River. #jeremyrenner and #elizabetholsen are showing good onscreen chemistry, you understand easily their motivation. Snowy landscapes🌨 are always a perfect setting for a suspenseful movie and it works really fine here. With excitement the viewer follows #hawkeye and #scarlettwitch coming closer to the resolution in a breathtaking showdown. And apart from the murder case, it is also a movie about loss, mourning and how to deal with it. Memorable apart from the two leads is in my opinion also #grahamgreene as totally disillusioned sheriff. Can recommend this one, 4 of 5 snowmobiles!
#juliajones #jonbernthal #taylorsheridan #gilbirmingham #martinsensmeier #jamesjordan #kelseyasbille

Wind River was quite possibly one of my favourite movies in 2017, and I’m surprised at how little buzz has been surrounding this movie.
FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) is brought into the remote Native American Reservation to investigate the mysterious murder of a young woman. Wildlife tracker (Jeremy Renner) is enlisted to help the FBI agent determine how this happened/ who dun it.
This is a heavy movie, so be weary while watching. The mystery throughout is a thoughtful build with both main characters developed perfectly as the story progresses. The climax in the movie has well-timed action that is gritty and brutal but feels authentic. The haunting subject matter reflects the important conversation that must be had regarding missing women on reservations.
Director Tyler Sheridan gets an A+ here!
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Number 8: Wind River

You'd be surprised how now and then there is an independent film that sticks with you after the film is over. Even after a second viewing, I loved and appreciated the film more and found it oddly satisfying. The performances were terrific with Jeremy Renner bringing his best game to this thriller and I've never been more impressed with him. Like I said before, this is an important film and needs to be seen.

#windriver #taylorsheridan #jeremyrenner #elizabetholsen #kelseyasbille #grahamgreene #ericlange #gilbirmingham #jonbernthal #thrillers #bestof2017 #filmsof2017 #moviereviews #number8 #bluray #cinema

“Wind River” AMP by Darya Shnykina @daryashnykina 👌🌟✨
Nerd Fact: Apparently the film received a lengthy 8 minutes standing ovation at the end of its premiere in the Un Certain Regard competition of the Cannes film festival!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

#windriver It’s rare that a film has such a profound effect on me, but I watched Windriver this weekend and was deeply affected. Firstly the cast is phenomenal and the film is brilliantly shot. But the subject matter and the truth that Taylor Sheridon brings us is what has left me stunned: in the USA statics for missing people exist for all ethnic groups except Native American Women, no one knows how many are missing - why? USA is the leader of the free world, a beacon for humanitarian matters, equality, human rights etc etc. I am shocked and saddened by the plight of the Native Americans in their own homeland, I am appalled that Native American Women are not even considered human enough to deserve to be counted. They are raped and murdered and discarded and no one is keeping count. How very, very sad. I have tried to look for support groups or organisations calling for change but have found nothing - please do let me know if you know of any such organisations, I am very interested. Thank you

welcome to my new acc dedicated to the best series disney ever created 🏝
childhood feels hit me like a truck so i decided to remember you this unforgettable show 💞
never getting over those amazing characters and funny adventures 🌿
#quot brady or boomer?👬
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Film, çaylak bir kadın FBI ajanı olan Jane Banner ve geçmişiyle sorunları olan kıdemli, yerel bir oyun izleyicisi olan Cory Lambert'ın ortaklığını konu alıyor. İkili güçlerini birleştirerek ıssız bir Kızılderili bölgesinde işlenmiş olan bir cinayeti araştırıyorlar. Öldürülen genç kızın cinayetinin öcünü alabilmek için çıktıkları bu yol birbiri ardına gizemlerle ve sırlarla örülmüş bir yol olarak önlerine uzanıyor...
Başrollerini Yenilmezler ekibinin Hawkeye'ı Jeremy Renner ve Scarlet Witch'i Elizabeth Olsen'ın üstlendiği gizem gerilim filminin yönetmen koltuğunda Taylor Sheridan oturuyor. Filmin senaryosu da yönetmenin kaleminden çıkma.

Just finished #windriver #taylorsheridan what an amazing job, by far the best #directing of #2017 #kelseyasbille #grahamgreene #tantoocardinal #gilbirmingham #crimedrama #crimethriller #emotionallydriven #jeremyrenner ‘s #bestperformance #elizabetholsen was pretty good as well.
After reading the #message at the end of the #movie🎥 more and more I realize how #fucked our system is. #alllivesmatter

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C A R B O N • S K E T C H
Lasts nights look on @kelseyasbille
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Danas (23.1) je glumica Džulija Džouns (Julia Jones) napunila 37 godina. Javnosti je poznata po ulozi u filmu Sumrak Saga Praskozorje. Film u kome je ostavila najjači utisak na mene je i jedan od boljih filmova objavljen u 2017 – Wind River (Vetrovita Reka) koji je režirao Tejlor Šeridan. Radnja ove krimi drame usmerena je na okrug indijanskog rezervata i rešavanje misteriozne smrti mlade indijanke Vilme, koju glumi Džulija Džouns. Iako se njen lik pojavljuje kratko u filmu, njena gluma i priča koja je prati dominira, i upravo je ona i razlog zašto je ovo jedan od boljih filmova u 2017. Pored nje, odličnom glumom može da se pohvali i Džeremi Rener (Kori Lambert) koji pomaže neiskusnoj FBI agentici Džejn Baner (čiji lik igra Elizabeth Olsen) da reše ubistvo. Iako je ovo već viđena tema, Tejlor Šeridan uspeo je da napravi film koji se ističe i pamti, a po mom mišljenju razlog je upravo Džulijin lik. Ocena je 5/5 i ovaj film se nalazi u mojoj listi TOP 100 filmova.
autor: MoonLady
📽 Crime, Drama, Mystery
🎬 Director: Taylor Sheridan
🌟 Stars: Kelsey Asbille, Jeremy Renner, Julia Jones, Elizabeth Olsen
🔝Imdb 7.8
⏱️1h 47min
Actress Julia Jones turns 37 today. She became known for her role in Twilight Breaking Dawn. The movie in which she left the biggest impresion on me though, and also one of the better movies of 2017, is Wind River directed by Taylor Sheridan. The plot of this crime drama is centered on an Indian reservation in the frozen thundra and on the mysterious death of a young Indian girl Wilma, played by Julia Jones. Although her screen time is short, her acting and her story are the driving force of the movie, and she is one of the main reasons this was one of the best movies of 2017. Also impressive here is Jeremy Renner who plays Cory Lambert, a man helping a young inexperienced FBI agent Jane Banner (played by Elisabeth Olsen) to solve the murder case. Even though this type of story has been told numerous times before, Taylor Sheridan has made a memorable and exceptional movie, and in my opinion the main reason for that is Jones' character. My rating is 5/5 and this is definitely in my TOP 100 movie list.
Author: Moonlady

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