Eos is contemplating her #Caturday night plans 🤔 Should she snuggle more? Eat more? Play more? Pose more? The options are endless! 🤗 #saturday #weekend #options #kfk #kellyfosterkittens #adoptdontshop

If you guessed C on our last post, you were correct! 🙀 Flo has nothing to say for herself but this is the face she made when she heard her 💩 was on Instagram! 😂🐾😬 #Florence #shocked #poopsplosion #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

⚠️❗️REALITY POST ❗️⚠️ We went to the shelter today with these guys so they could get their second set of vaccines and on the way home someone decided to take a 💩! The kittens decided it would be super fun to paw paint with it and made a huge poopy mess! Can you guess who 💩 in the carrier? a. Issac who is looking away from the pile 🙄 b. Helene trying to gaze into the distance innocently 🐾 c. Florence looking shocked directly into the camera 🙀 #pooppile #pooppainting #vaccinate #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

Saturday Sunshine Posse 😎☀️ these guys are loving the sunshine on the landing today! 🐾☀️✨ #sunshineposse #Florence #helene #Isaac #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

Say whaaat? People do things on Friday night other than snuggle into fluffy blankets and play with kittens? 😂 Same, Penelope, same! 😹🐾❤️ #friday #weekend #lol #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

“We want breakfast right MEOW!” 😹(please note that they have a full bowl of kitten crunchies to eat at night, they just love their morning can mixed with pumpkin THIS much 😹) #feedus #hungry #meow #breakfast #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

That face? 🤤 Her snuggles? 🤤 Fostering? 🤤 It’s all the best!🐾❤️(Shoutout to @furrybaby.vivian for this purrrrfect fuzzy blanket that all our babies love!) #foster #adoptdontshop #kfk #kellyfosterkittens #eos

Penelope has made it through the past 48 hours post-vaccines & she’s doing well! She threw up once, which was most likely from her second round of de-worming, but has stayed alert & hungry - no appetite loss or lethargy! We are so excited ❤️🐾 She’s been quiet & snuggly but she’s healthy, and we know she’s getting stronger every day! ❤️👸🏼 #princess #penelope #update #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

The Storm Beans & breakfast are two things you don’t want to come between! 😂 And they are very excited for the new addition of pumpkin to their diet... they are on a combo of probiotics and pumpkin mixed in with their food, since they have been having some 💩 issues. Has anyone else had success with this combo? 🎃🐾🤤❤️ #breakfast #pumpkin #stormbeans #adoptdontshop #kellyfosterkittens #kfk #meow

That Wednesday night realization that there’s still two days to get through until the weekend 😦😴 #wednesday #weekend #pose #adoptdontshop #kellyfosterkittens #isaac

Helene the Queen 👸🏼 (Queen of the tower & food bowl, as you can tell by the leftovers left on her lip... but don’t ask her about those, or she may eat you, too! 😂) ❤️ We have had several messages come in about how to help or where to donate, to us personally, especially after the storm - we would LOVE if anyone who wants to, would check out our amazon wishlist (link in bio)! With three separate “litters” dealing with individual needs, we are running a bit short on some essential supplies! The Storm Beans are having some intestinal issues and were put on new meds yesterday to help with their mini poopsplosions they seem to be oh, so fond of! They take up our kitten room and cleaning up after them is a nearly full time job. They love their Iams perfect portions (and decorating the room with it!) but have been having hard time putting weight on, so we are trying to feed them as much as we can. Penelope currently is her own play pen, so she can be closely monitored post-vaccines, and Eos is in her own playpen as well, for close monitoring, since she can’t be mixed for a few more weeks! Our heating disks for these babies have all been used so much they are starting to not stay as warm for long, so heating disks, blankets, and other “baby” essentials are in need! Diaper wipes to help with the clean up, litter, rescue disinfectant & wipes, and probiotics for the Storm Beans, etc. would all come in handy right now, if you wanted to donate. In no way do you need to feel like you have to, but if you are among the many wondering how to help out with these babies, check out our amazon wishlist! We also have a PayPal, kellyfosterkittens@gmail.com, if you would just like to make a monetary donation for us to pick our supplies with - if you donate a product from our wishlist or donate $ via PayPal, please leave your name (and/or insta handle) so we can Thank you! We appreciate all of the love, kindness, support, and appreciation we have received especially since the hurricane this weekend, and we can’t thank you all enough for being so wonderful. This is truly one of the kindest communities to be apart of ❤️🐾 Thank you, all! 🏡❤️🐾 #update #donate #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

Helene says Good Meowning & Happy Wednesday! ❤️🐾 Let there be some sunshine today for us to FINALLY soak in ☀️#wednesday #helene #stormbeans #kellyfosterkittens #adoptdontshop #kfk #wcw

Fighting over the 🍔 on #NationalCheeseburgerDay 😂 Isaac and Penelope love to play like this! We could watch their antics all day! #adoptdontshop #kellyfosterkittens #kfk #burger #silly

Before her vet appointment earlier, we told Penelope that it was National Cheeseburger Day & this was her reaction! 🍔😘 She’a a feisty little gal & we hope her fighting spirit is going to keep her strong after this last round of shots! So far, so good - but last time it took a few hours to show signs she wasn’t feeling well, and then it lasted a few days... so bite into a juicy burger tonight & wish Penelope good luck as she recoups! 🐾❤️ #nationalburgerday #update #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

Send this princess some good vibes & cross your fingers for her... she just had her second set of shots & we know how badly she responded last time! We are keeping a careful eye on her for the rest of the day ❤️🐾😻 She was such a trooper, but is already sleeping. We hope the response to these vaccines goes better than last time 🤞🏼🐾❤️💉 #update #kfk #kellyfosterkittens #penelope

Princess 👸🏼 Penelope has mastered the royal wave & added a bit of flair with the addition of a wink 😉💁🏼‍♀️🐾👸🏼This girl is such a diva, it melts our hearts ☺️❤️🤤 #royalwave #wink #paw #toebeantuesday #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

Eos is practicing her red-carpet walk for the Emmys! Anyone else snuggled up with their furry friends & watching tonight? 😍🏆💁🏼‍♀️#emmys #redcarpet #kfk #kellyfosterkittens #eos

Want to know who the best lil’ helper is? It’s Isaac! He loves to follow us around & has become particularly entranced by watching the washing machine/dryer when they’re running! 😂❤️🐾😍 He’s the sweetest! Anyone else have any furry helpers? (Sidenote: let this also be a PSA for the not so “pretty” sides of fostering! There’s poop explosions, litter tornadoes, and food free-for-all’s that look more like a food fight took place, that make messes we basically spend the entire day picking up from... washing, disenfecting, scrubbing, bathing, etc is all apart of this 24/7 gig ☺️) 👍🏼#chores #sosweet #cleanup #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

Eos wants to remind you all, Goddess of a new day that she is, to put your best foot forward on this Monday 🐾❤️ #bestfootforward #eos #goddess #kfk #kellyfosterkittens

Isaac says, “Good Meowning!” ❤️🐾•

We’ve made it through a weekend of awful wind, rain, and storms - and it looks like today will be much of the same before things start to clear! Please be safe, everyone! ❤️🐾 We can’t thank you all enough for your support & kindness during this stressful time 🐾❤️ We are so lucky that this is the weather we are getting though, and it’s not much worse, like on the coast ⛈ We are praying for everyone in the Carolinas! ☀️❤️ #meow #update #florence #kellyfosterkittens #stormbeans #adoptdontshop

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