Ghetto gamer just testing my commentary back in the past i was told i do good commentary but to tell you the truth i hate my voice but when people understand me i do get a tear up but other than that i don't know about every body else but this game needs a seriously patch up update cause this shit is ubplaybile and its not my system its the game for god sake @2k Fix your shit if ya don't you may get game of shame for this year i was having a good match here and this shit happens when they show the replay Lmfao man smh ps ya take the lisence from @thq but all ya guys did is made it worst either company would have made it fuck up even @ea. The worlds worst gaming company i could imagine plz either give this up or give to a company that can know how to make the shit work?#@wwe.2k19 #2kgames #2k #gg #Ghettogamer #bushwickboy #bknyc #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer while i was playing kof 14 the other day i notice one thing about @snk as over @Capcom snk when it comes to boxers/fighters they always change them lets look at them shall we all for what i know this here what your looking at this picture is micheal max a character that was in the original fatal fury arcade game then we had axel hawk then we had Vanessa now we have that guy from the new game with the robotic arm as far as i know unlike Capcom that they have barlog that they keep bringing back and they also have Dudley who they brought back for usf4 and yes the two boxers finally clashed on dat one but snk wtf ya never brought back micheal max if you guys do make another kof plz for the luv of god being back max this character deserves a proper treatment random thoughts thank you till the next one #snkforgottencharacters #FatalFury #michealmax #gg #Ghettogamer #bushwickboy. #bknyc #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer so @2k. Lets have this talk this as been a long time coming so I'm just gonna say it very year ya come out with this shit and every year ya take out what we loved from the previous games then bring them back if its a high demand from them so ya said ya put towers mode and big head mode to put the fun back in the game right oky so glitches like these are a dime of dosesen right look ya make these games and ya don't test do ya not care cause this is ridiculous shit like this just breaks the game sure they are some dats funny as fuck but every year now ya getting like madden ya have the madden curse only im gonna call it either the @2k curse or the wwe games curse either way this is not a good look so ya know what I'm ma a do until i see some improvement matter of fact even if ya did put the womans story mode in for next year I'm am no longer buying these games plus not to mention that every fucking year when the next installment is on the way ya take dwn the previous installment online servers that SHIT AS TO STOP @2K LIKE SERIOUSLY AND YA NOW ARE GETTING THE GAME OF SHAME AWARD 2018 FOR CLOWN ASS DESCISIONS ON WWE WRESTLING GAMES PLZ @2k COME DWN AND GET IT WERE WAITING FOR YOU I FEEL LIKE I JUST WASTED MY DAMN MONEY HERE NEVER AGAIN LUCKY MY NEICE LIKE THESE GAMES BUT AS FOR ME IM SO DONE AND OVER WITH THIS SHIT AND WRESTLING COMMUNITY YA THE WROST SO YA SEE THIS AND YA HAVE A PROBLEM BRAH IM NOT TOO FAR SO BRING THE DRAMA AND ILL HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU AND YOUR MAMAS ANYWAY ILL DO THE USUAL WITH THESE GAMES ILL MAKE MY CHARACTERS SHOW THEM OFF MAYBE FOR THE LAST TIME SEEING AS IM SICK OF THESE GAMES AND DATS IT TILL THE NEXT ONE IM OUT #gameofshame2018 #wwe2k19 @wwe @wwe2k19 @2k #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer wanted to play injustice 2 since @comiccon came and go but instead i get this now i can restart the shit but i was in the mood now but since this happend just now ill pass i just found it funny dat it did dat as this ever happend to anybody else i don't think this is the first time either but i just had to record it #injustice2 #netherealmstudios #nooble @netherrealmstudios #x1 @Xbox one @Microsoft #mircrosoft #dccomics @dccomics #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer example rant and you guess it another one about porn stars so let me get this shit straight ig these bitches can come in here dressed half ass naked sometimes even where see though and nobody reports them and ya let them get away with it but if i was to show a scene or clip a trailer or even a pic i get a warning for it Lmfao fuck this shit if i really can't post the shit i want on my own shit then why the Fuck am I'm even here smh another way of why I'm so done with this shit yes i post game related shit but if something is sexy or whatever in its gaming related best believe i will post it so ig fuck your rules more 2 come soon just wanted to get dat out the way anyway this is @Angelawhite the pic i mean she also a porn star anyway till the next time #angelawhitexxx #angelawhite #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer venom is in theaters today so @Tom hardy is said to be having a great time in the movie while he is upset that the scenes that he liked is not in the movie this movie as always got negative reviews all ready and when i went to @fye just now Niggas all ready had it for preorder Damn smh is it dat bad thou and then to make matters worst they didn't make the movie rated R but give it a pg13 rating that's like turning deadpool pg13 oops they all ready are doing dat thanks to the mouse dat rules the house @Disney smh hopefully when it does release on bluray we get a directors cut or something and every site is spoiling the movie dats why I'm not in a rush to see it but I'm sure it will do well this weekend at the box office cause theirs nothing competeing against it as far as i know so if ya seen the movie feel free to tell me what guy think till next time later #marvelvscapcominfinite #vemonmovie #capcomunity @officialcapcom @capcomusa @Sony #marvel @marvel #gg #Ghettogamer #bushwickboy #bknyc #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming #comiccon2018 @comiccon

Ghetto gamer my take on soul cabilur 6 the network test besides those issues i just said game seems oky but like i said idk about their servers or something but yeah a waited a bit then when i released that it just wasn't gonna find anybody i had to restart the search that needs to be fix ill get it for the customzation story overall but not much hype about this one soul charges changing don't know how i feel about dat and what ever happend to figuring out moves now it just seems like one button does special smh the soul still burns thou but 2 tell ya the truth my flame is gone poof @bandainamcous #soulcalibur6 #x1 #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer bowsette read the story about how she came to be is she cannon not at the moment but there is a @Nintendo manual sketch book or art book which does show a female bowser aspect she does look a lot like him with his green skin not yellow now the big debate is should she be canon ya know over the years we had Mario clones wario other princess from different worlds a transsexual or crossdressing character named birdo and dat shit is cannon so should this version of bowsette exists why not the Fuck not come on @Nintendo make the fans happy and give us what we want ill even buy a switch 4 this version of the character and truth be told i.haven't even touch a Nintendo system since the fucking nes cause i hate ya policies @Nintendo but this is on to something so credit to the creator of bowsette make this character happend pay the man whatever he wants and think him for making a awesome character Nintendo is in your hands now ps ill play this if ya make this a reality a switch Mario being kidnapped and your peach and I'm not talking about no Mario is missing shit either throwback shit dat game was terrible I'm talking about an actual Mario game but reversed with you being peach to save Mario with bowsette being the boss with float and butt attack with peach which would make her gameplay different then Mario anyway just my thoughts on bowsette what ya guys think plz feel welcome and ur thoughts as well till the next one #bowsette @bowsette #nintendoswitch @nintendo #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer there right to fear you xmen dark phoenix trailer is finally here film will be release feb 14th of next year Valentine's day wow don't know how i feel about dat but this will be the last of @20thcenturyfox xmen trilogy run as the saga comes to a close as @Disney the mouse dat rules the house takes over the xmen francise just wanted to show my love and putting the spotlight on jean grey aka phoenix but as a fan I'm gonna lay it dwn to ya pretty simple I'm tired of the Phoenix saga since the cartoon and the movies and the comics and the anime i know its a famous story and all but god damn @marvel why can't ya let the shit die then different characters as the Phoenix force with them now I'm done i won't be seeing this one in the theartres i will catch it at home cause this shit looks like the same shit to me #xmenphoenix #xmendarkphoenix #marvel #twentycenturyfox #capcomunity #marvelvscapcom3fateoftwoworlds #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer here this really is some sexual discrimination shit right here i know the candy stick is for kids my mom brought this for my niece and nephew and when i got a piece i notice something right away dat got my attention where the fuck is wonder woman she is part of the big three how you gonna include the trinity without the third member here ya are Fucking up here big time to not include her here I'm am amshed at you @worldconfections here is there address 14 South Orange avenue south orange Nj 07079 hit them up wonder woman fans demand them to put wondy in this package of candy sticks when i get kids i know what I'm not getting them for Halloween this as been a rant for your truly gg see you on the next one #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy @dccomics @thedcuniverse #candysticks #wonderwoman #thetrinity @candysticks #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer so lately i run into this person and i say person cause idk who the hell I'm facing here could be a guy a kid a girl a woman or a man or it could be a baby after all a baby did beat street fighter 5 will i leave the fight request on and sometimes i run into people dats all about the fight win or lose then i run into fights like this bottom line here if your not ready to fight then why come into my matches at all smh #fightinggamesin2018 #streetfighter5arcadeedition #capcomunity @Capcom @capcomusa @officialcapcom #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #crapcom #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming @Crapcom

Ghetto gamer Lmfao I'm laughing at dante's face here omg that shit is 2 funny but seriously why is this a surprise anymore if ya been a long devolated Crapcom fan like i used to be then this is nothing new here we seen this shit happend in past games with dlc sfxtk anyone remember that? So um yeah but like i been saying Eariler to prove my point here mircotranstations can either make or break a game and we see it breaks games don't believe then ask @ea and dice for that shit they did with star wars battlefront 2 so once again @Crapcom we learn nothing we learn that ya still feen for more money look people are gonna buy this shit the least you can do is offer free shit but hey what do i know I'm just a faithful gamer here well good luck with this @capcomusa ya are all gonna need it #dmc5 #capcomunity #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer my former friend was into to these games and this company just in case ya didn't heard @telltalegames shuts dwn there was even a statement from Clementine voice actress @melissahutchison or her Twitter handle @melyhutch then i too was also looking into it seems like yes twd put them on the map and the wolf among us but the batman and guardians of the galaxy did not do that well workers got laid off from the company they was also going to be making a stranger things game now @netflix gotta get some other company to do this game some of their games was glitchy from what i hear sad to see them go so rip to them they may bounce back so who knows but the game won't be finished this new one coming up with be the final so all in all they had a good run this along with the Capcom team that made dead rising 3 as been put on the shelves so we won't be seeing any of these games no time soon #telltalegames #twd #thewalkingdead #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer so dmc5 i admit i played the remake but it was a demo and it glitch between the backlash of the remake and the creator not giving a fuck about the dmc fans good job @nijnatheory and @Capcom for that but this looks better and promising all though i would of did things a lil differently if it was up to me could this guy be virgal nah but again story looks good will i get it thou maybe gotta get the collection cause i was playing 4 but it was on the pc i think i owe it to myself to replay it before this one comes out other news well somebody at @bandainamco is listening to me remember i said it here first if ya want proof go back to all my other posts when i talked about jump force them bringing anime characters i know my friend told me it wasn't possible but it its now yusake is joining the roster aka yu yu hakisho yes i know somebody gonna be happy for that besides myself your welcome other than that Tokyo game show didn't disspoint sadly thou no bayonetta 3 come on @nintendo and @platinumgames what do ya think of all these announcements plz feel free all are welcomed here thank you and ill catch ya on the next one till then later #tokyogameshow2018 #capcomunity #dmc5 #devilmaycry5 #jumpforce #yuyuhakusho #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer i always get the two confused @brielarson and @brieolson but i believe brie will do a good job with captain marvel trailer looks oky some people. Are giving it a lot of hate thou i mean come on people its captain marvel what more you want they even said that they gonna change her origin story so it won't feel like green lantern but yet some folks said it all ready remind them of it to me yes and a lil bit of that guardians in there as well I'm sure its gonna do good lol somebody even said the skrulls look like piccolo from dbzE aka dragon ball evolution wow my god man shit is true when i saw the set photos what ya think of captain marvel comments below as always and ill catch you on the next one #captainmarvel #capcomunity #Capcom @officialcapcom @capcomusa @captainmarvel #brielarson #marvelvscapcominfinite #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer here well they just must of revealed. A new trailer which i haven't seen but i did see the big hero 6 one and this is the box art or they showed the box art I'm not sure if this is it but so far i like what a see and since the game directors said that you don't have to get the other games to know the story I'm going to get it for the x1 its a first entry for the series but I'm a story guy so idk if they have the first game remixed or whatever but ill get the others for @playstation so that's my take on it for now till then later #kingdomhearts3 @squareenix #x1 #ps4 #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer well the reviews are in for the preadtor and they are lackluster to say the same I'm am so Fucking tired of them destroying my fav sci fi characters between this alien and Fucking Robocop and I'm ashamed of this whole shit with @oliviamunn but i understand her ple and at director @shaneblack for even encroaching this shit from the start this ladies and gentlemen is how you killed a francise and your childhood or should i say my teenager years smh #mkxl #predator @netherrealmstudios @nooble @20thcenturyfox #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer to the following or people that follow me i think from here on out I'm disliking porn stars or former porn stars shit dosent matter to me cause ya are the biggest pieces of shit i ever talked to thank god i wouldn't meet you cause if i did it wouldn't be for the fate of heart ya want us to follow you buy ya shit worship you right but what happens. When you be real ask a question then look at the person video and that person dosent say your name but airs you out smh this seems to be a topic that happens. To me a lot i for one can name a few ya know what I'm going to @sinnamonlove to name a.few @therealpinkyxxx but ya know for ya to treat fans like shit its not a good look and i for one Had it JUST LIKE WITh THIS PaGe IM DONe WIth YOu All I Will UnFollow You But If You Promote YOurself LIke This and Ur On My Shit Your Gone Only Real people Are Allowed On My Shit if i was one i wouldn't be on that fuck my fans shit ill adore my fans no matter if it was right or wrong ill be a different kind of pornstar reperesting people that don't look like your everyday PORNSTAR that what the fuck i would do its time for a change #allpornstars #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy @thestormydaniels #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming @christymack #christymack

Ghetto gamer here Lmfao i love mai man now that's a woman i need but i gotta say I'm loving terry as a woman im kicking ass with this team too like i said before busta wolfing bitches lol wonder who got the bigger breasts here? Now my quipe with @instagram will you take this dwn if they were nude as in a pc mod if this game was for the pc I'm sure Niggas would do that smh you can ban nudity its a part of life and who we are we all was born naked so why hide it i get it for the kids sake but my shit is not meant for kids man I'm always real honest and uncut ya know what i mean if kids look at my shit its not my fault its the parents fault here for not looking at what the kid is seeing on his or her Instagram i can't represent a place like this for my content ill make my first and last story and that it is so far two major companies as fail me Fucking spoiled media smh again would ya take this dwn like ya did my last post cause of the nudity meanwhile we got bitches out here showcasing their bodies all fucking day and getting money for it WHY WOULD YOU BAN THEM WE GOT PORNSTARS OR FORMER PORNSTARS DOING THIS SHIT PROMOTING SEX BAN THEM NO YA WANNA BAN ME FOR POSTING A MOVIE COVER CAUSE THE ACTRESS IS NUDE ON IT NOT LIKE I SHOWED A CLIP OF THE MOVIE SMH IM DONE #Snktagteamheroies @snk @playstation #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

Ghetto gamer wow once again @crapcom aka @Capcom you Fucked it up with the release of the predator you could of easily cashed in with the avp arcade game but nope ya give us the usual don't get me wrong i will get it for battle circuit and captain commando but i am disspointed that ya didn't add that and for that you get the gameofshameaward for 2018 we got it shined up and ready for you plz give us your location so we can shipped it to you Thank you non gaming related here but ig ya suck to ya take dwn my last vid showing @natassiadreams that i have her movie but we what women here flashing their body parts you don't take their shit dwn don't you wonder if the same shit inpiles for video games we will soon see either way i think i may be done with all this shit no use in posting shit while they having your shit being censored wtf plus ya show no love only when i post shit like this but when i post pics of myself you women don't like my pics so fuck it all this as been gg aka ghetto gamer and ya know where i be ya got a problem we can get it handled if ya know what i mean as a man used to say exit stage right gg as left the building #crapcom #Capcom #capcomunity @officialcapcom @capcomusa #gameofshame2018 #gg #Ghettogamer #bknyc #bushwickboy #Gn #Gamingnation #kig #keepitgaming

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