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Part of today's lunch and part of tomorrow's! You may not realize it, but the same amount of food in those shallow bowls is the EXACT same amount as in those containers. 😍
Since starting my journey last year, I can honestly say these containers (along with the programs of course) have SAVED my nutrition. Before I started my first challenge I thought I knew what portions and how much of each food group I was supposed to be getting, but I was SO wrong.
These containers and this lifestyle have been a GAME CHANGER in my book. To all my busy lifestyle, badass women who never feel they have time to calorie count, let alone think about specific measurements for a food, THIS IS FOR YOU! Honestly. I feel like I've tried every method under the sun, and this consistently WORKS.
#KISS #KeepItSimpleSista 😘✨

Sometimes it's good to keep your look clean and simple!! We love this rose colored faux suede dress with a pair of Tom's wedges!! 💗💗💗 Dress: $39.99 Necklace: $12.99 Wedges: 89.00 #keepitsimplesista #ootd #pantsstore

With this young Beauty.... RafQa
#oneaim #onelove #keepitsimplesista

Leopard is my signature color 😉 #pregnantglow or is it my new skincare routine?? Either way, loving my skin lately! #h20faceoasis #beautyblogger #lowmaintenancemama #keepitsimplesista

Some days lunch is a #KeepItSimpleSista affair. One of my favorite regular meals ... because it is so good and simple .... Grilled fish and a salad. I make it at home and I love it at LuLu's.
#whatsforlunch #LuLusKitchen #GumboLove


My breakfast lol I treated myself to almond butter yesterday and damn that stuff is like golden spread. #eggwhites #almondbutter #strawberries🍓 #keepitsimplesista

I just finished my final workout of the Shift Shop and I'm taking a moment to reflect... I overcame 9 false starts. You read that right.
I went from crying over lack of motivation to not giving a shit about motivation
I went from severe doubt to feeling empowered.
Yes, the scale changed too, but I'm in awe of the non-scale victories today.
If you are ready for this, PM me! Just know- there were no shortcuts. There was just hard work. The workouts are pre-planned, there is an awesome meal plan that emphasizes optimal nutrition. I couldn't have done that part on my own. If there was one magic piece of this puzzle it was DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY. It changed... everything.

😮Yes, EVEN organizers are not always on top of their game!!! Got plenty of feedback from post 3 days ago...Seems Befores and Afters were confusing 🤔👎🏻🙄Doing the ONLY thing that a #TypeA personality would do... #fixitfelix #feedbackfriday #keepitsimplesista #beforeandafter #movein #dreamjob #rusticchic #decorinspo #modernfarmhouse #countrylivingmag #southernliving #doingittheonlywayweknowhow #homeliving #makeitwork #greatroom #interiorwarrior @mdewolfe07 💋

Hardest move of My 45 min strength workout- Bear Dogs! It may look like I'm just hanging out but my knees are about 1-2 inches from the ground and my whole body is shaking!

I'm tired but I think this is my body's reaction to me raising the bar. Up 30 mins earlier this week, 15-25 minute increases in exercise in the mornings as well. Increase in veggies and decrease in carbs. I'll adjust. I'll have to because I'm not quitting.

People eat M E A T to be "as strong as an Ox", but they forget that the Ox E A T S Grass!
Eat KALE or an OREO, I don't give a shit but just stop eating animals!!! ♡♡♡
#preachyvegetarian #bekindtoeverykind #percpective #oneaim #onelove #onelife #respectallbeings #greenisgood #keepitsimplesista

She is the yin to my yang and no matter how hard we try to justify it to eachother, we are both all kinds of 'odd'.
♡♡♡ ☯☯☯ @kayciiee
#yinyang #familyfirst #oneaim #onelife #onedestiny #lovehard #laughloud #keepitsimplesista

Crazy hair and all... I showed up for myself this morning.
It's day 19 of meditating daily and week 2 day 4 of working out first thing in the morning. I am changing (my behavior!)

Homemade hummus and fresh baked and seasoned pita chips. YUM with a capital YUM!
#itswhatsfordinner #keepitsimplesista #milestogobeforeisleep

Keeping it simple today with my light Bestie necklace from Premier Designs and my all natural make-up from Young Living! Thank you for the class @kathleenharveyoils 😘💖😘 #kiss #keepitsimplesista #pdlife #blessed #youcantsitwithus

I'm laughing as I post this because I am pretty sure I was cursing in my head while doing this sumo squat.
Today, the goal from my trainer was "lean into the burn." So I did.

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