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Eat Clean. Train Smart. Choose Happy. Find your Inner Athlete. 😊🖤✌🏽

Bored of the same ol’ leg and shoulder day workouts? Try out this superset!
Superset - 3-5 sets
🏋️‍♀️Pause squats - 5-10 reps
🔹 Same form as a regular squat, but pause at the bottom for a couple seconds.
🔹Start with no bar or very light weight because the added time under tension will really make it hard to drive up.
🔹Pause time depends on your fitness level and weight lifted. I’d start with 3-5 seconds with no weight and then work up from there either adding time or increasing weight.
🛎 Kettlebell shoulder press - 8-10 reps
🔹Basically the same as the dumbbell shoulder press except the weight will be racked on the back of your forearm.
🔹You can do a strict press up and down or start the bell at your chest, rotate out and then press up more like an Arnold press.
🔹Kettlebells add more of a stability element to the lift and help improve grip strength as the horn on the kettlebells is generally thicker than a dumbbell handle.
PS: I’m becoming obsessed with pause squats because they have a ton of athletic application and they allow you to train legs more often 😁

Thursday 1.18.18
1RM OH Squat
OH Squat Technical 1RM + OH Squat Mobility

Bar Facing Burpees
Overhead Squats (95/65/35%)
Chest To Bar Pull Ups
Bar Facing Burpees
Front Squats (115/80/35%)
Pull Ups

Week 1 #250kchallenge :
You’’re making a big commitment to change. Who (or what) is your inspiration? My inspiration is my old me. It was about 6 months before my 40th birthday. I was really out of shape and miserable. I hated looking in the mirror. Something clicked in me one day and I said “enough already”! From that moment I started improving my life. The process has been slow and at times I get frustrated. There are times I want to quit, but then I remember that I made a commitment to the old me to be happy and healthy. I will be 42 in Aug and I hope to continue to keep improving. #250kchallenge @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition @transformforlife #keepaustinfit

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happy 3rd birthday, heights T R I B E! // it was lit ~ time to party. #RID3

Ashi Abs with @CurtisHembroff. #10pwarmups B1
For the most detailed instruction subscribe to 10thPlanetJJ.com. Music by @EddieBravo10p’s #HookThieves song called “Tilikum”
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Alright. It’s Wednesday night and I’m about to go to bed (I KNOW IT’S SO LATE) but before I do... just want to chat about a few things.
1. If you saw my IG stories, y’all know that @faregroundatx is finally opening TOMORROW!!! 🎉 It’s Austin’s first market place featuring local restaurants: @contigoaustin, @henbitaustin, @daidue, @antonellischz, @easytigeratx, & @nikomeaustin 👏 ps. Take a look at my last YouTube (link in bio) for a peak of the space!
2. Since I was at the preview party tonight... my Total Strength workout video won’t be going up until tomorrow, so be on the lookout 👀 I’ll announce via IG stories when it’s posted!
3. This is the biggie... I’ve decided to go back to my regular eating habits #paleo and quit Keto (at least for now). If you have questions, comment below or DM me, but I’ll be explaining everything in an upcoming post! TBA
See y’all mañana 🖤 📸: @shellyborga

💡RESEARCH TALK🤓📝 I’ve recently switched a couple of things to improve my overall health.
1. CBD spices from @curednutrition (helps with digestion, anxiety, and sleep)
2. Tumeric blend (bought from @sprouts) to help reduce inflammation in my stomach/gut issues
3. Serenity oil essential blend, specifically used at night to help get a restful sleep😴
👉🏼I’ve mentioned some of these products in my insta stories and have received multiple messages from people asking me if these products really work! And although I can tell you I enjoy all of them, I can’t vouch that any of these items have aided in my sleep, inflammation, digestion, anxiety etc....
💡As a critical thinker and consumer WE have to be aware that X isn’t always a straight line to Y. I’m sure you’ve heard the line “correlation does not equal causation” and this is totally true. As a researcher, I have to take a step back and notice that I’ve changed 3 variables in my routine at the same time. Are all 3 having an effect, just one, or two? Am I taking the same amount of cbd and tumeric each and every day?? Heck sometimes I forget to make myself a tumeric latte, so is it just a placebo effect? If you are still reading, THANK YOU. My main point is- be a critical consumer. Ask questions. Run your own mini experiment to see how your body reacts with or without product Z. Be aware of the changes you are making and before you think the fat burner is helping you loose weight, think about everything else you have changes to aid in fat loss😉
📸: @taliamercedes

This past weekend, Jason and I went to the gym to film a big batch of exercise videos for my coaching software. This video of me doing 1 1/4 dumbbell hip thrusts was one of the last few we filmed after over an hour and a half of filming exercises.
After Jason turned the camera off, he said he thought we should shoot that one again. I hadn't seen anyone walk by and I had thought my form was on point, so I asked why. He said something along the lines of, "Well you weren't making the most flattering faces and it looked like you were exerting more effort than usual."
I walked over and checked out the video and decided not to shoot it again. I *did* look more strained than usual, which makes sense because I was tired. But also, lifting weights is hard, y'all.
I know Instagram is filled with women at the gym who look like fitness models wearing carefully matched outfits and makeup, letting their long hair loose, and seemingly not breaking a sweat while doing hard things in the gym. And while that makes for pretty pictures and lots of followers, it's probably not the most accurate portrayal of lifting weights.
The reality of lifting weights is that it's often challenging. Most people get sweaty, or at a minimum, flushed skin, when they do it. Hairs usually fall out of place and ponytails have to be adjusted numerous times. Breasts must be repositioned in sports bras. Faces may be made when you're bracing, going for a PR, PMSing, or just having a craptastic day. You get dirt and other crap on you from the gym floor. 🤷🏻‍♀️
So I didn't reshoot the video. Because I don't want my clients to put me up on a pedestal. And I don't want them to think something is wrong with them if they don't look perfectly put together when they lift. Because that's not what it’s about. Not even a little.

Sore mañana ✔️
Fitness with Friends - PRICELESS 😄 #highfive for #inhomeworkouts while its freakin’ 🌬🌨❄️ out! But 🤞🏾looks like ☀️weather Saturday to be out on the lake‼️
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Reach Outside the Box 🙌

Normal class schedule resumes tomorrow. Early yogi birds, we got you starting at 7am. Come warm up on the mat with us!
#austinyogis #earlybird #staywild

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