The Whole Marketing Department Needs To Be Fired From The CMO Down. Whoever Green Lit This Shit Needs To Be Fired Immediately. Now, I Was A Marketing Major In School. I Finished My Associates & Went Up To Having Senior Credits For My Bachelor's Before The Money Ran Out. I'm No "Marketing Expert" Or Anything But I Do Want To See Stupidity End In Business As Much As I Do Anything Else. This "Changing Of IHOP To IHOB" Marketing Campaign In Promotion Of Their Burger Entrees Is Just Plain Stupid. It Has People Laughing More Than Seriously Considering IHOP As An Option For A Burger Meal. I Mean, Even Burger Giant Companies & Waffle House Are Getting Boosts From Trolling This Epic Failure. Of Course, Getting People To Talk Is One Thing. Getting People To Walk In Doors & Purchase Is Another. Let's Face It. Nobody Is Itching To Go To IHOP Just Because They Turned A "P" Into A "B." IHOP (@ihop) Is Indeed This Week's Stupid Shit Tuesday Award Recipients. Live & Learn From Other People's Mistakes, Folks. Stupidity Has Got To Go. πŸ’―πŸŽ€βœ”πŸ’¬ #KLife #KPhilosophy #KPolitics #StupidShitTuesday #revolution #realtalk #advice #notes #comments #mythbusters #factfinders #truthtelling #messaging #onlinelife #offlineeffects #ihobisstupid #ihop #firethemarketingdepartment #shutitdown #business #marketing #badcampaigns #beingvocal #blasphemy #blasphemer #endstupidity2018

The "Religious Moderate." If You Don't Know, Then Prepare To Learn From Reading The Caption Not Just Viewing This Video. Politically, Religious Moderates Are People Who Call Themselves "Progressive & Liberal" Because They "Vote Democrat" All Of The Time. Socially, They Are Conservative But In Moderation Which Means That They Are Tolerant Of Gay People, For Example. However, They Would Vote Against Same Sex Marriage For Religious Reasons Or For Same Sex Marriage Out Of Tolerance. Either Way, It's About "Scoring God Points" Not Supporting Marriage Equality. These Are The People That Publicly Claim To Hold "Democratic, Progressive, &/Or Liberal Values" While Secretly Voting The Other Way. Many A Hotep Black Individual Fits The Profile Of A "Religious Moderate" If One Is To Need A Depiction. Heck, Oprah Is One. Now, Many A Religious Moderate Voted For Bernie Sanders In The 2016 Primary & Hillary Clinton In The General Election. These Are The Ones Who Called For Women To "Vote With Their Vaginas" & What Not. The Problem With These People Is That They Are Holistically Hypocritical & Contradictory. They Don't Care About Liberty & Justice For All Just Whatever & Whoever Makes Them Sleep Better At Night. These Are The Ones Always Recommending "Thoughts & Prayers" Over "Action & Solution." They Want Us All To Live Through Mass Thought Just Like The Extremists That They Claim To Oppose. Lesson: Be Alert. Be Aware. Not All People Are Who They Claim & Project Themselves To Be. The Moment That You Notice Is The Time In Which They Get Mad That You Did & Cannot Counter Any Questioning, Challenging, &/Or Correction Because Their Projection Of "Having A Heart & Good Intent" Does Not Match The Core Energy Of Their Beings. My Big Brother Figure Robert (@sapio_ink) Here Spoke The Good Word. Not All People Are Good For Goodness Sake. With Polytheism Being Merged With Monotheism & Called "Spirituality," Moderate Ideologies & Ideologues Are Getting More Privileged & Coddled By The Day. Religious Moderates Are Not For Things Like Equality & Eco-Balance. They Are Just For Their Themselves & Their Faith Privilege. πŸ”₯πŸ’¬πŸ’―πŸŽ€πŸ’­ πŸ’―πŸ’¬πŸŽ€πŸ”₯-- Repost From: @affinishumanitycoalition

Respectability Politics. When It Comes To This Topic, There's One Thing Never Explored & That's The Type Of Hierarchy Known As "Classism." In Communities Of Color, Classism Is The Worst. Being Considered "Respectable" Based Upon Looks Or Aesthetics Is One Form Of Classism That I Post A Lot About But There Are Several Others Like Education, Work, Religion/Faith, Non-Theism, & Politics/Government. One Of The Most & Longest Held Classisms Is Money. If You Don't Have A Lot Of Money, You Are Automatically Dissed, Dismissed, & Condescended. It Is Assumed That You Are & Should See Yourself As "Lazy, Powerless, Worthless, & Unsexy." In Western Societies, Classism Is More Fluid & Has Flexibility Not Just Range Because People Can Do Things Like "Start From The Bottom & End Up On Top" Whereas Eastern Societies, On Average, Lock You In To Hierarchy From Birth With The Expectation That You See Yourself As Having To Live As Compartmentalized Upon The Notion That "Dictated Obligatory Order Trumps Everything & Everyone." In Eastern Cultures, There's Virtually No Free Will Based On Social Monopoly &/Or Oligarchy. In Western Cultures, The Free Will Is Limited & Limiting Based On Mass Think. Mass Thought Is The "Social Monopolist & Oligarchal Agent" That Usually Determines Respectability. In The United States, For Example, Social Conservatism Is "King." It's Considered "Default" So From Social Conservative Universal Standards, Expectations, Semantics, & Other "Acceptable Norms" Comes How Respect Is Handed Out & Classified Rightfully, Justly, Or Not. Of Course, Respect Is Supposed To Be Earned Not Handed But The Way The World Is Set Up, "Religious/Spiritual Women With Flat Stomachs, Round Asses & Tits That Are 'Tastefully Covered Up' Are Above Everybody." Thus, I Stand With This Post. All Paths Should Be Equally Valued Not Held To Some Notion That Our Diversity Should Be "Gaze Appeasing & Fulfilling" In Order To Be Humanely & Justly Tolerated In The Least & Respected At Most. πŸ’―πŸ’¬πŸŽ€πŸ”₯-- πŸ“· Photo Credit: @sun_gazing

I Had To Post This Because Too Many So-Called "Fitness Experts & Platforms" Are Focused On The Wrong Things & Wonder Why There's Too Much "Basic" On The Planet. Well, The Fitness Industry Only Seems To Care About "Basic Shit." "How Can We Make You Curvier? How Can We Grow Your Ass? How Can We Help You Gain Muscle? How Can We Help You Grow Muscles & Flatten Your Stomach?" Um, I Don't Care About The "Booty" That "A Squat Could Give Me." Want To Be A Great Trainer? Want To See The World Be Healthier? 1) Stop Focusing On Looks So Much. 2) If You Don't Have A Medical Degree &/Or Are Not A Currently Practicing Medicine Professional Who Thinks For Him Or Herself, Don't Talk About What Anybody Should Do Health Wise. 3) Stop Fat & Skinny Shaming. Know Your Aesthetic Privilege. Stop Being Supremacist. We Have Enough Bullshit Going On In This World. Why Add To It? Why Push More People Towards Imbalance & Illness In Their Mental & Emotional Health? Why Feed People's Physical Conditions & Problems With Things Like Ridicule, Shaming, Outcasting, & Bullying? Think On This. Is The World Getting Skinnier? Are More Women & Men Getting Muscular & Fitting These Crazy "Beauty Standards?" Are People Living Longer? No?! Then, You May Want To Rethink How You Want To Impact People's Lives Because Bullshit Promotion Is Not The Way. Let's End Stupidity, Please. πŸ’―πŸŽ€βœ”πŸ’¬ #KLife #KPhilosophy #KPolitics #StupidShitTuesday #revolution #realtalk #advice #notes #comments #mythbusters #factfinders #truthtelling #messaging #onlinelife #offlineeffects #calltofitnesscoaches #calltofitnesstrainers #fitness #health #bodydiversity #bodyjustice #bodypositivity #bodyequality #bodyequity #fitnessgoals #beingvocal #blasphemy #blasphemer #endstupidity2018

I Rather Live In A World That Redefines Beauty & Sexiness Than One Heck Bent On Upholding Aesthetic Hierarchy, Supremacy, & Privilege By Kowtowing & Adding To Semantics Of "Ugliness." Yes, I Am Not Basic Like The Masses. I Prefer To See Through A 3rd Eye Not Just My Naked 2. I Prefer To Sense With More Than 6 Senses & Know More Than 7 Chakras. I Prefer To Perceive Beauty & Sexiness Like The Indigenous Do. It's Raw, Real, Natural, "Flawed," & Organic. Having Skin Conditions Is A Totally Different Reality, Truth, & Life Than Anybody Could Ever Know & Experience. We Know Wounds More Than Anybody. We Know Scars More Than Anybody. We Know Hurt & Pain More Than Anybody. Trying To Find The Beauty & Sexiness In What We See Daily In Mirrors Is A Constant Fight In A World That Rather Suggest That We "Aspire To & Pursue Porcelain Skin." Discrimination Is Discrimination. I Want To Take This Opportunity To Thank Refinery 29 (@refinery29) For Sharing This. I'm A Photography Lover But Also Someone Who Has Struggled With Skin Conditions Since Age 5. Representation Matters Not Just In Race & Gender, Language & Religion. It Matters In All Demographics, Psychographics, & Geographics. Less Suicides & Heinous Crimes Would Happen If The World Actually Was Holistically Aware & Awaken Collectively & Individually To The Fact That We Don't Need To Be Clones Of Each Other. We Are Not & Never Have Been A Monolith. Diversity Is Not "Something To Be Limited." Diversity Should Never Be Perceived As Something "To Be Compartmentalized." If Someone Likes Or Loves Me With My Skin Conditions, It Shouldn't Be Frowned Upon, Considered "Settlement," Or Devalued. Not Having Porcelain Skin Does Not Make Me Less Worthy Of An Option, Alternative, Choice, Or Selection For Positivity. Thus, We Must Think & Move Forward. If We Want A Better & More Mature World, Then We Must Move Beyond What We Are Constantly Conditioned & Indoctrinated To Consider "Attractive, Beautiful, & Sexy." The Truth Of Our Looks Is Better & Greater Than Any Idealism Posed & Pressured For Us To Look Like. -- πŸ“· Photo Credits: @sophieharristaylor πŸ’—πŸ’‘πŸ’―βœ”πŸŽ€πŸ’­πŸŽ€βœ”πŸ’―πŸ’‘πŸ’—

I Live On A Planet Of Contradiction. I Exist In A Cultural Community Of Hypocrisy. The Messages & Images Are Mixed. The Bullshit Is Constantly Mounting To Where The Notion Of Being Natural Is Obsolete Especially In Regards To Womanhood. Sub-Divinity. Sub-Humanity. Hypersexuality. Hyper-Modesty. This Is The Lens From Which The World Expects Me To Not Only See Myself But Also Be "Comfortable & Love Myself In." I Just Don't Get It. Why Do I Need "Curves" To Feel Good About Myself? Why Does My Stomach Have To Be Flat &/Or Muscular? Why Must My Private Parts Have To Be "Model Looking?" They Are Places Where Poop, Pee, & Menstrual Come From. I Don't Get The Nonsense. Why Does My Skin (A Living Breathing Organ) Need To Look Like Porcelain? Why Is It Wrong For Women To Have Body Hair? It's Nature. Why Are Sagging & Small Breasts Considered "Ugly?" Not Everyone Was Born To Have Balloon Sized & Shaped Breasts. Why Can't We Look At Beauty & Sexiness Like The Indigenous Do? Naturally. Organically. Real. Raw. More People Would Love Themselves If This Actually Happened. I Stand For Beauty & Sexiness Diversity. I Stand For Body Justice, Equity, Equality, & Positivity. I'm About Inclusion As Real Solution Because The World Is Only Fucked Up Due To The Fact That People Never Challenge &/Or Question Whatever Is Popular, Longheld, & Mass Thought. Change Never Comes By All Thinking That Standing Up For Something Is Being "Offended, Triggered, Or Bothered By It All." Maybe, People Who Are Like Me Are Just Fed Up With Social Hierarchies & Monopolies. We Live On A Planet In A Universe & Idealism Is Like Superstition. It's Not The Way. We Need More Reality Checks & Balances As Much As Goodness & Kindness. Sexism & Gender Hierarchy Are Cancers That Must Be Destroyed At The Roots. Personally, My Battles With Insecurities Are Resistance Against Ancient & Archaic Norms & Folkways Still Existing Today. I'm Battling The Pressures To Be Basic In Order To Get Ahead & Embody A "Real Adult" Because I Was Never Taught How To Grow Up. I Was Never Taught To Find & Be Myself So In My Late 30s, I Must Be My Own Parent & Best Friend. This Is The Heaviest Pill That I Have Ever Had To Swallow In Life.

This Is A Follow-Up Post Reiterating What I Wrote In My Last Post's Caption. "Fan Boycotts" Ain't Shit. They Have Never Been Shit. Asking For Them Is Some Dumb Shit. If You Want To Boycott Anything, Check Off The Corporations Feeding Them Money. Look At The Corporations Plastered On The Stadiums & In Commercials. If You Say That You Will Boycott Their Products & Services Because Of Their Ties To The NFL & NRA, I Bet That They Would Listen. The NFL Owners & Commissioner Roger Goodell Are In Direct Violation Of The United States Constitution & Bill Of Rights. They Should Be Sued Even If The Case Has To Go To The Supreme Court. Lastly, The Players Need To Strike. The NFLPA (@nflpa) Is A Union Under AFL-CIO. As An NFL Fan Who Backs The Players Most, I Would Support This. No Players = No Game -- With Salaries Withheld, The NFLPA Should Raise Funds Via Crowdfunding, Community Events, & Merchandising To Help Players In Need Get By. We Are At A Moment In Time Where People Must Ask Themselves What Side Of History/Herstory Do They Want To Be. 70+% Of The League's Players & Personnel Are Black. There Must Be A Social Action, Justice, & Change Agenda That Will Make These Owners & Commissioners So Uncomfortable That They Have No Choice But To Do The Right Thing & Honor The Constitutional Rights Of These Players As American Citizens Not Just Their Employees. All Of These Men Are Capable Of Doing Things Outside Of The NFL But Chose To Play In The League. These Men Could Play In Other Leagues & Make Just As Much Money With Those Leagues' Talent Pools Improved. The NFL (@nfl) Should Never Think That It's Invincible Because It's Not. Disrupt The Game & Watch How Justice Comes Through. Real Talk. -- πŸ“Ή Video Repost: @officialgreymusic πŸ’―πŸŽ€βœ”πŸ’¬ #KLife #KPhilosophy #KPolitics #activism #revolution #realtalk #onlinelife #offlineeffects #istandwithkaepernick #colinkaepernick #takeaknee #socialaction #socialjustice #socialchange #actionoverprayer #chessovercheckers #takeaknee #raiseafist #blacklivesmatter #nflboycott #nflprotest #beingvocal #blasphemy #blasphemer #revolution #disruptthegame #calltonflplayers #calltonflpa #fucktheanthempolicy #2018strong

Long Captions Are What I Do. On This Account, They Come In "1st Letter Cap Type Style." Follow My Blog IG Page For Regular/Traditional Type Style. Why Did I Even Mention This? 1) For Reminder & 2) To Tell Those Who Actually Read These Captions To Tune In Next Tuesday (5/29) For More Of My Ranting On Player Protest & How Stupid Many Sports Executives & Leaders Are Relative To Social Issues. For Now, I Just Want To Reiterate What I've Been Ranting & Arguing Since The Height Of The "Kneeling Protests." The National Football League Players Association (@nflpa) Has Been Punks & Cowards Relative To The NFL (@nfl). This Policy Is Direct Violation Of The United States Of America Constitution & Its Bill Of Rights. How A Class Action Civil Rights Lawsuit Has Not Been Filed Is Beyond Me. The NFLPA Reminds Me Of Those Scared To Fight & Face The NRA On Gun Violence. Commissioner Roger Goodell Is The Football Version Of Donald Trump. He Has Sucked At 99.9% Of This Job Yet He Keeps Getting Pumped & Fed. Another Set Of People We Need To Be Upset With Are Corporations. As In The Case Of The National Rifle Association (NRA), The NFL Is Funded By Corporate Dollars. I'm Still Waiting On The Day That Corporations Take A Stand Against The NFL For Police Brutality & Killings Like They Did Against The NRA When People Uprisen In The Wake Of School Shootings. Then, There Are The Players. All Black Players Should Locker Protest. In Other Words, Do Not Play. Go On Strike. Kneeling May Be Considered "Illegal" But Isn't The NFLPA A Union? Um, Yes. Thus, The Players Can Organize A Strike With Regards To Labor Laws Not Just Constitutional Rights. If I'm Wrong, Then They Need To Find The Truth & A Way To Stand Up For Their Own Rights. All I Know Is That A "Fan Boycott" Is As Effective As "Thoughts & Prayers." It Does Absolutely Nothing In Getting The Change We Seek So Whether Or Not The Game Is Watched Matters None. Game, Business, & Money Disruptions Are The ONLY Ways Through Which These Owners & This Commissioner Would Be Rendered Powerless Effective Immediately Instead Of Down The Road. Let's Demand These Things Instead Of Asking For Another Stupid Boycott In A Long Line Of Them. πŸ’­πŸ’―βœ”πŸ’¬

From The Dawn Of The Human Species & Civilization, We Have Been Accomplishers. Some Accomplishments May Be Little. Others May Be Giant. Some May Have Micro Impact & Effect. Others May Have Major Influence & Alter Not Just The World But Also The Universe. In Every Unique Way, We Have Accomplished At Least One Thing That Makes Our Lives Meaningful. If That Thing Was Bad, Then It's Martyrdom For The Sake Of Allowing The Greater Good To Prevail & Clearance For Good To Remain &/Or Press Forward. Forward Kyle Kuzma (@kuz) Just Finished A Phenomenal Rookie Season With My Beloved Lakers. According To My Team's IG Post Caption, He Set This Goal Of Making The NBA's All-Rookie 1st Team Just 8 Months Ago. Today (5/22), That Goal Became A Reality That Is Indeed Well Earned. This Inspired Me To Start Another Post Series Called "Truth Tuesday" Because We Not Only Need To End Stupidity But Also Rise In Truth. Kyle's Story Is A Reminder That Goal Reaching & Manifestation Is In All Of Us. We Just Have To Focus Our Energies On What We Do Day To Day, Little By Little To Get It. The Road & Process May Not Be Perfect. People Are Not Always Going To Approve & Validate What You Do But Making Yourself Focus On The Very Thing You're Most Passionate About & Can Master Could Make All The Difference. Congratulations, Kyle!! Thanks For The Lesson. Keep Bringing The Energy Of Positivity & Truth. It's More Inspiring & Motivational Than You Or Anyone Could Ever Know. Go Lakers!! Laker Gang!! -- πŸ“· Photo Credit: @lakers πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’­πŸ’―πŸŽ€πŸ’¬βœ” πŸ’―βœ”πŸ’¬πŸŽ€πŸ’œπŸ’›#KLife #KPhilosophy #KEducation #KMotivation #KMindfulness #kylekuzma #LakerGang #lakeshow #lakers #NBA #probasketball #basketball #morethanthegame #motivation #inspiration #goals #accomplishments #gogetting #manifestation #congratulations #allrookiefirstteam #truths #truthtelling #truthseeker #spreadtruth #2018strong #truthtuesday

Let Me Begin By Saying That Over 95% Of What Derrick Jaxn (@derrickjaxn) Posts Is What I Agree With. There's Very Little That I Debate Or Disagree With. People Hate Him Because He Speaks Truth That Many A Person Cannot Handle. It's Also Because Of Envy & Jealousy. I'm Not Saying This To Kiss Ass Or Anything But Truth Is Truth. I Have Followed This Man For Years. His Heart Is In The Right Place. He Gets It Far More Than Not Just The Majority Of Black Men But Also Men In General. He Is Another Guy That I Would Like To See Involved With The "We Are Man Enough" Movement, Project & Series (@wearemanenough). Now, Let Me Talk About This Post. Privileged Women Need To Stop Begging For Inclusion When They Already Have It Far More Than Black Women. Yes, I Said It. We, Black Women, Don't Need All Other Women Included In Our Celebrations, Praise Especially From Black Men, & Victories. We Don't Need To Be Co-Signed, Validated, Approved, Or Anything Else On The Credit We Are Individually, Collectively, & Exclusively Given. Derrick Said What He Said & It Should Be Left As That. It Doesn't Need An Addendum Or Edit From Nobody Else. If It's Not In Regards To You, Then Keep Scrolling. Keep Swiping. Keep It Moving. Blackness Including Others Is Optional Not Obligatory. If You're Triggered & Bothered By Us, Black Women, Being Positively Acknowledged & Recognized Exclusively, Go Meditate. Go See A Therapist, Psychologist, Or Psychiatrist. Go Hug A Tree Or Teddy Bear. You Hold No Entitlements Over Black Women. Respect Is Only Required When Earned. It's Never Handed. Your Feelings Of Respectability & Moral Superiority Does Not Count Or Matter. Black Women Will Stand Behind What We, Individually & Collectively, Accept As Our Own. If It Is Our Business, You're Not Included Unless We Invite You In. Your Voice Won't Matter Until We Accept It To Be. Fuck Your Thoughts. We Don't Need To Be "Tactful." We Don't Need To "Play Nice." We Own What Is Ours. We Have Every Right To Protect & Stand On What Is Ours. This Statement Belongs To Black Women. Period & Point Black. Stay Big Mad, Beckies. Pro-Black Womanhood = Winner πŸ’―πŸ’¬πŸŽ€πŸ”₯-- πŸ“· Photo Credit: Derrick Jaxn

Because Of My Various Intersectionalities & Conditions, I Understand "My Place In Social Hierarchy." Westernized Or Easternized, I Know That I Am Never Going To Be "The Ideal" Anywhere & That Includes My Own Race, Heritage, Culture, Nationality, & Ethnicity. I Don't Fit Any "Type." It's Okay. That's Why I Have To Work On Holistically Embracing & Accepting That I Am A Loner. Sure, I Am Still Likely To Experience Things Empirically Like Romanticism & Best Friendship But The Odds Are Skycraper High Stacked Against Me Because I'm Not The "Slim Thick, Fit Chick, Celebutante, Bad Bitch, Socialite, Etc." That Especially Black People Think That I Should Be. Privilege Is What Everyone Aspires To. It's Not Love Or Happiness. It's Not Freedom. It's The "All-Access Pass" Known As Favor. This Is Why Many Speak Of Being Rid Of Things Like "White & Male Privilege." It's Because Privilege/Favor Discrimination Is Still Discrimination. True Social Fairness & Real Social Justice Does Not Require Privilege/Favor. It Requires Equity, Equality, Liberation & Fairness. Personally, I'm Not Looking For Privilege. I've Lived To This Point Virtually Without Any But I Aspire To Fairness, Equity, & Equality In Order That I May Experience More Liberation. Being A VIP Is Not An Entitlement But When I Earn Upgrades, I Expect Them To Manifest Not Pass Me By. I May Not Be Owed Anything But I Don't Deserve To Be Automatically Dissed & Dismissed Either. I May Be Still Growing In The Work Of Self-Development But That Doesn't Mean That I Cannot Have A Voice. It Does Not Mean That I Should Stay Silent Or Bite My Tongue. How I'm Received Is Not My Problem But I Do Proclaim My Being To Be Someone Who Should Be Taken Seriously Not Swept Or Swiped Aside. I'm Never Automatically Respected. I Always Earn My Stripes. I'm Never Handed Respect Just For My Presence. I Have To Work A Million Times Harder Not Just Smarter For Whatever People Are Handed. Thus, It's Tiring & Takes A Toll When I'm Never Wanted Or Desired Formidably Just Seen As "Who's Left." I Understand "Fit" & All But A Lot Of Favorable Perception Is Based On Mass Thought So I'm Damned Often. Thus, I Choose Me 1st Because That's Always Reliable.

I Got All Of The Feels Watching Footage Of My United States Congressswoman Of My 43rd Congressional District From The Great State Of California Shut The United States Congressional Floor Down With Slays Galore. These 2 White Bigoted Congressional Republicans Including The Chair Had The Nerve To Try To Man Handle Her Voice On Legislation That Would Roll Back Bans On Automotive Industry Discrimination. "Auntie Maxine" (As She Is Most Known) Was Not Having It. She Spoke Woman King, God, & Pharaoh Sistah Language Which Caused Me To Perk Up & Take Notice. "I Will Not Yield One Second To You." Jolted My Life On A Friday!! Okurrrr!!! Thanks. πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ’―βœ”β€πŸ’‘πŸ™… #KLife #KPolitics #KPhilosophy #fuckwhitesupremacy #fuckmalesupremacy #reclaimingmytime #endpatriarchy #uscongress #maxinewaters #noyielding #timesup #enoughisenough #blackwomenmagic #blackwomanmagic #femaleempowerment #girlempowerment #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #blackexcellence #appreciation #salute #blackvoicesmatter #womankinglanguage #divinefeminineshit #wokeaffriday #slaynotes #2018strong #MayToAwaken

One Of The Reasons That Black Masculinity Always Is In The Energy & Mindset Of Victimization More Than Anybody Else Is Because Of Their Codependency On The Black Woman. Without Black Women, Who Are Black Men? Who Are They? Heck, They Don't Even Know Mainly Because They Have Lacked & Failed At The Two Things That They Are Supposed To Be Naturally Good At - Preservation & Protection. I Mean, This Why Black Men Cannot Be Trusted Collectively As Protectors. They Couldn't Protect Africa. They Couldn't Protect The Black Family From Separation. They Couldn't Preserve & Protect Our African Identification. Now, They Are About The Contradiction Of Being Needy While Feeling Like We, Black Women, Should Need Them. Isn't That Some Shit? No, Women Were Not Born To Be "Male Helpmates." We Are Our Own Beings. We Are Our Own Leaders. We Are Our Own Healers. We Are Our Own Kings & Gods. We Don't Need Any Leading From Men So Those Preconceived Nurture Notions That We Should Consider Ourselves "Sub-Human" & "Sub-Divine" Have Always Been Ancient & Archaic Bullshit. We Don't Owe Men Anything & That Includes Ourselves. That's Why The Holistic Collective Cords Between Black Women & Men Need To But Cut. Are There Things We Don't Mind Black Men Helping Us With? Yes. Are They Needs? No. Black Women Who Have Coddled & Swaddled Black Men Through Generations Wonder Why Black Sexism Continues To Exist. It's Because Of Black Male Codependency. Black Men Need To Man & Adult Up Mentally & Emotionally. Stop Looking To Fuck Something &/Or Someone. Stop Scapegoating. Deal With & Own Your Own Shit. Kanye Needs To Be Kept By A Brotha. Straight Up. Black Men Love To Talk About Effeminization As If It Is The Fault Of Black Women When Not. That Fault Falls Solely & Squarely On The Choices Of Black Men. The Emotional & Mental Problems Of Black Men Are Not Ours. This Is Why Black Men Need To Build & Maintain Spaces, Communities, & Platforms Dedicated To Their Emotional & Mental Issues. This Is Not A Black Woman's Job. Yeah, She Preached On A Saturday Or Whenever This Was Answered. Facts!!! -- Repost From: @pyramids_and_diamonds πŸ’―πŸ’¬πŸŽ€πŸ”₯

From The Hotep Shit To Kanye's Brain Cells Left The Building Shit, Our Black Community's Dark Sides Are Coming To Light. Am I Surprised By It All? Um, No. Everything That Our Grandparents & Parents Used To Leave Us Out Of & Label "Grown Folks Business" Has Become Our Karma. We Keep Clinging To Abrahamic Religions/Faiths Which Are Israeli Not African Or Afrocentric Yet Consider Ourselves "Pro-Black." Christianity Was Beaten Into Our Ancestors In Slavery Times. Many A "Black Muslim" Was Indoctrinated & Assimilated In Jail Not Just Intergenerationally. All Abrahamic Religions/Faiths Are Pro-Patriarchy & Anti-Woman Yet We Wonder Why We're Upset At The Kanyes & R. Kellys Of The World. Isn't That Something? Let Me Educate You All On The Facts. Kanye & R. Kelly Are Both Christian, Which Is Over 80% Of The Black Population. 99.9% Are Theists (aka "God Believers"). Fuck No, Kanye Is Not A "Freethinker." Black Atheists/Non-Theists Are The Only Freethinkers In The World Black Population. Let's Be Real. What You See Here In This Video Is Reason Vs. Faith/Religion. Kanye = Theist Argumenter & Van Lathan (@vanlathan) = Atheist Argumenter. You Want To Know What A "God Believer Vs. Atheist Debate" Is Like? This Sums It Up Quite Nicely. When Are We Going To Have These Types Of Conversations & Stop The Continuous Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance Syndromes The Vast Majority Of Our People Keep On Showing Themselves To Have? Yes, Kanye West Is This Week's Stupid Shit Tuesday Award Recipient. One Thing That I Continue To Be Glad That I Am Not Is A Theist (aka. "God Believer"). Straight Up. Kanye Is One Example Of What Really Happens When Your Brain Is On That Drug Called Theism. -- πŸ“Ή Video Repost From: @rapradar πŸ’―πŸŽ€βœ”πŸ’¬ #KLife #KPhilosophy #KPolitics #StupidShitTuesday #revolution #realtalk #advice #notes #comments #mythbusters #factfinders #truthtelling #messaging #onlinelife #offlineeffectsΒ #kanyewest #falseprophets #blackreligion #blackfaith #blacktheism #thereisnokanye #thereisnogod #mentalillness #holistichealth #darksideofblackness #abrahamicreligionkillsbraincells #beingvocal #blasphemy #blasphemer #endstupidity2018

Today (4/24), I Had To Award Positive Energy Plus (@positiveenergy_plus) This Week's Stupid Shit Tuesday Award. Now, I Get It. Religion Is Like Sex. It Sells But The Exchange For "Likes" & "Follows" Does Not Dismiss The Faith Bigotry, Supremacy & Privilege Language Spewed. Let Me Elaborate. β—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Όβ—Ό
Faith Bigotry Coding. People Really Think That Nobody Notices When Faith Supremacy & Privilege Shows Itself But The Truth Is That We, Atheists, See It All Of The Time. Discrimination Against Atheists Has Not Only Always Been Blatant But It Has Also Always Been Subtle. Faith, Religion, Spirituality, Theism Is Unnatural. It Is All Learned & Passed On. The Source Of It All Is People Not Some "Sky Mama" Or "Sky Daddy." It's Just Humans. Although Energy Is Natural & Proven, Gods Are Not. They Remain Unproven & Disproven In Real Time. Real Gods Do Not Require Worship & Prayer. Real Religions/Faiths Don't Require Discrimination Against Non-Believers & Atheists/Non-Theists. All Patriarchal Faiths (Which Are What 99.9% Of People Believe In & Follow) Have Been The Most Vile & Divisive Throughout Time. Friendship, Romance, & All Other Relationships Should Never Be Determined By Prayer Or Any Other Faith-Based Practice. That Is Why I Corrected This Meme. Honestly, The Best Kind Of Friend Is An Unconditional One NOT A "Praying One." "Praying Friends" Could Be Praying For Your Downfall Unbeknownst To You So Just Because "Someone Prays," It Does Not Mean Shit. Thoughts & Prayers Are Both Ineffective, Remember? People Still Die. It Still Rains. People Still Get Sick & Live In The Poorest Conditions. Miss Me On The "Pray-Splaining." Unconditional & Non-Judgmental Friends Are The Greatest Because They Put Up With Us Even When We Do Not Deserve To Be Remotely Looked At Let Alone Hung Around. Unconditional & Non-Judgmental Friends Are The Ones Who Are Better To Us Than We Are To Ourselves. They Never Fade In Their Friendship. They Are In The Trenches Battling With You Inspite Of Yourself. That's The Best Kind So Stop Sleepwalking On Faith Bigotry & Start Being Against It Because Karma Has No Expiration Date For Those Who Discriminate. End This Stupid Shit. πŸ’―πŸŽ€βœ”πŸ’¬

1970. Former Wisconsin U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson Was In Office. He Witnessed The Ravages Of The 1969 Santa Barbara, California Massive Oil Spill & Inspired By The Student Anti-War Movement, He Discovered That The Environmental Consciousness Infused With That Energy Could Force Air & Water Protection Into The National Political Agenda. Senator Nelson's Announcement Of An "Environmental Teach-In" Was A Hit With Then Republican Conservation-Minded U.S. Congressman Pete McCloskey Who Ended Up Serving As His Co-Chair. Harvard's Denis Hayes Was Recruited As National Coordinator. Hayes Built A Staff Of 85 That Promoted Events Across The Country. April 22nd Was Chosen Because It Falls Between Spring Break & Final Exams. In 1970 On This Day, 20 Million Americans Rallied For A Sustainable Environment. By The End Of That 1st Year's Observance, Congress Created The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) As Well As Passed The Clean Air, Clean Water, & Endangered Species Acts. In 1990, Hayes Spearheaded A Campaign That Led To Global Observance By 200 Million In 141 Countries Which Lifted Environmental Issues To Awareness & Consciousness Highlighted On A World Stage. That Year's Observance Gave Boost To Worldwide Recycling Efforts & Helped Paved The Way For The 1992 United Nations Earth Summit Held In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Then President Bill Clinton Awarded Nelson The Presidential Medal Of Freedom In 1995 Which Is The Highest Civilian Honor Awarded In The United States. As Another Earth Day Is Celebrated, Let's Be Mindful Of Ourselves & What All We Are Actually Doing To Help Make This Planet Better Or Worse. Every Little Thing Actually Does Matter Even When You Think That It Does Not. It Is All Of Us Whether The World Continues To Exist Or Not. The Universe Owes Us Nothing. We Owe It & Until We Realize That Out Egos Do Not Matter, Suffering & Struggle Will Continue So Get & Stay Woke. Own Your Shit. The Universe Has & Will Never, Ever Revolve Around Us. Global Citizenship Is King. Have An Awesome Remainder Of This Great Day. 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

NOTE: My Personal Journey To My Best Platonic Friendship Is NOT The Point Of This Post With Lazaro. The Topic & Message IS The Point Of This Post. Read On...
Human Trafficking. Sex Traffiking. When I First Saw This Clip Of A Wonderful Interview Conducted By What's The Word TV (@whatsthewordtv) With Deon (@dtfilmtohoop) & Lazaro (@lazofficial), My Mind Immediately Went To The "Bring Back Our Girls Campaign" Relative To The Missing Girls In Nigeria & What All Could Have Honestly Happened To Them. Some Had Been Returned But They Were Not The Same. Many More Are Still Missing Even Through Today & Their Cases Have Gone Virtually Cold. It's Hard To Think About. Around 62% Of All American Women Sex Trafficked Are Black. With All Of The Issues In & Outside Of The Black Community Yet Unsolved & Continuing To Plague, Some Reality Checks Need To Happen That We Have Been Evading For Not Just Decades But Also Centuries & Millennia Mainly Because Of Collective & Individual Ego. We Should Have Been Long Aware That Slavery Has Not Ended. It's Just Been Remixed & Advanced. Human Trafficking Has Happened On This Planet In Many Forms Never For Us To Have Ever Thought About How Such A Huge Human & Civil Rights Issue Impacts & Affects Us. Black Genocide Is As Real As Native American & Indigenous Genocide. This Should Be A Wake Up Call. Human Traffick Offenders Need To Be Put On The Same Kind Of Public Record Lists As Pedophiles & Animal Abusers. To Be Silent On This Issue Just Like Others Is To Condone The Activities & Victimization. Human Trafficking Is A Multi-Tentacle & Complex Issue That Requires A Wide Range & Diversity Of Cures & Solutions. A Rise In Our Consciousness & Conditions Require Discomfort In & Disruption Of Status Quo. I Applaud The Fact That This International Epidemic Is Exposed Through Entertainment In A Way That Only A Suspense Thriller Film Can Bring It. I Stand With Every Activist, Champion, & Supporter Focused On Social Change, Justice, & Action Relative To Human & Sex Trafficking. Thank You All For Your Work & Commitment. Let's Get & Stay Vocal Not Just Woke. Solidarity!! β—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύβ—Ύ

Today (4/17), I Experienced Something That Led Me To Post This Because I Have Been In Many A Debate Where I Have Been Called A "Man Hater" Or "Angry Black Woman." I Learned That I Was A Victim Of Identity Theft & Fraud. Guess Who Was The Culprit That Stole My Identity? A Black Man From My Native South Central Los Angeles Neighborhood. Should I Be Rightfully Upset? Yes. At All Black Men? No. However, I Am A Black Woman & Even Malcolm X Said It Best. "The Most Disrespected Person In America Is The Black Woman. The Most Unprotected Person In America Is The Black Woman. The Most Neglected Person In America Is The Black Woman." As The Investigators Showed Me This Black Man & What He Has Done To Me Over At Least The Past 3 Years, I Could Not Help But Feel All Of The Emotions That Many A Black Man Has Told Me That I Don't Have Any Rights To Feel. This Is Unacceptable. For Every Innocent Black Man & Boy Getting Brutalized & At Most Killed, There Are Many More Who Are Guilty Never To Be Caught Or Serve A Day Of Punishment For The Crimes They Do Commit. This Is Why On One Hand, I Stand Against Police Brutality & Cop Killing But On The Other Hand, I Stand For Justice To Be Served. Most Days (Including This One) Now, I Don't Know How To Feel & My Own Black Community Which Loves Playing "Oppression Olympics & Hierarchal Politics" Is To Blame For That. Thus, I Post This Solution. I Will Meditate On, Transmute, Heal & Learn From This Experience But It Won't Be Forgotten. In The Lyrical Words Of BeyoncΓ© (Who I Duly Respect & Like As Human Being), "Me, Myself, & I Is All I Got In The End. It's What I Found Out. There Ain't No Need To Cry. I Took A Vow That For Now On, I Will Be My Own Best Friend." Love, Especially That's Black, Should Not Hurt & Dismiss. Although I Stop Giving Black Men Passes Long Ago, I Have A New Reason To Continue. Respect Is Earned Not Handed. Don't Apologize. Help Fix The Problem. Don't Be Mad At My Reactions As A Black Woman. Check Your Fellow Black Men When They Are Guilty Of Even The Smallest Infractions. Stupid Shit Needs To End Now.

Studying Female Gods & Matriarchal Spiritualities/Faiths Has Been One Of The Highs Of My Life. I'm Atheist-Humanist So I Walk By Sight Not Faith. Also, I'm About Fact Finding, Mythbusting, Blasphemy, Critical Thinking, Holistic Freethought, Wisdom & Scientific Knowledge. I Do Not Worship Anything Or Anyone. I Am About Being Holistically Free From Doctrine & Theology. I Do Not Have A "Faith." I Stand On As Much Objectivity In Truth & Realism As I Can Possibly Lean On In Real Time. Today (4/13) Is Another "Friday The 13th" & It's Amazing How Patriarchal Rooted Religions/Faiths (IE: Abrahamic) Have Always Been Anti-Woman Holistically While The Vast Majority Of Believers In Patriarchal/Male Gods & Mythical Hierarchies Are...Women. Glad I'm Woke. Anyway, I'm Posting This Because I Have Really Examined Tnroughout Time & Not Just Through My Purging Periods About What It Really Means To Be A Woman. A Woman Is Not "Man's Helpmate Or Underling." We Are Absolutely Under No Obligation To Need Men Or Consider Them A Necessity. We Are Raw Organically Autonomous & Independent Beings. Patriarchal Programming & Conditioning Has Wired Us Women Throughout Time To Think That We Are "Subhuman" & "Subdivine" But I Find Myself Resisting All Of This Bullshit Increasingly & Daily. I Am Not Every Woman. I Am Not A "Queen Or Goddess." I Am Woman - Pharaoh, King, & God. I Am Different. This Is Part Of Why I Find It Hard To Relate To Others At Times. I'm Multi-Faceted, Multi-Dimensional, & Very Holistically Diverse. I Must Find Ways To Be Okay With My Oddities Not Just Differences & Be Unapologetic. It's Honestly Hard To Be Me On This Planet. I Really Am An Alien, Unicorn, & Stardust Yet I Have To Live My Remaining Experience The Best I Can, Learn & Know How To Do. This Is My Strange As Fuck Journey & Truth. πŸŒπŸ‘½πŸ”₯πŸ‘ πŸ˜πŸ‘ πŸ”₯πŸ‘½πŸŒ -- Repost From: @wearegaia #KLife #KFeminine #KPhilosophy #KWomanhood #KPolitics #atheism #humanism #divinefeminine #holistichealth #feminist #womanist #matriarchal #unsubmissive #sapiosexual #womanking #femalegod #selfdivination #freefromdoctrine #nontraditional #unorthodox #unconventional #iamme #mythbuster #factfinder #fridaythe13th #2018strong #AprilToPurge

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