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2013 x 2017 !! 🔥🔥🔥💦
1 OR 2 ? Which look do you like more? In my opinion, she looks better after 2 kids now, look at them abs! 💪💪💪


Kim & Kourtney out in Mexico yesterday. (KIM LIKED)

Kim on @theellenshow yesterday

An outfit

Kim talking about north and Saint 😍 repost: @west.kids


Myemoji 😂 #kimoji #healthyeating

As of today, I am no longer a fan of the Kardashians. Piers Morgan has opened my eyes unite a bit! Why do you "love" KIM KARDASHIAN ?? Other then she's pretty, her family is gorgoeus, she's married to Kanye, she's got style etc? All these things can be admired but is she truly a good person? She literally said on Ellen she though getting robbed at Paris was meant for her?? Is she out of her mind?!?! I think you should really take a good look at the people you are praising and if they are influencing in moral and ethical ways. Sure she's not as materialistic but she's obviously still flaunting that GMO ass of hers. She does not benefit the society in any way, she is about as generic as every other girl but she promotes ass, having a middle finger up I'm just like Kanye stance to feminism, she promotes drugs, she promotes unprotected sex. She even thinks near unfortunate mishappenings as blessings, accept it as you want you should never think your last moments of murder was MEANT to happen to! Wake up fans! Why do you love Kim Kardashian, is she worth you time, your posts, your money? Why do you love her? Is it even real or are you feeding into this made up lifestyle she doesn't even do so she can profit from you!? HELLO OTS CALLED MARKETING! She's selling herself in return for your money! All she cares about is that she sits on her ass being the perfect breadwinner in her silver spoon world. Hate all you want but if you have a legitimate reason why you lover her as much as you love your family, your grandmother, grandfather, partner, dog, cat, best friend or whomever means the most, don't come for me... you're brainwashed and can only see what she's already sold you, her "supposed" lifestyle and the illusion that if you're just like her, you'll be accepted. Sorry to say but I'm glad I've woken up. With a face so pretty, what an ugly heart. Over and out 👋🏽✌🏼 #kimkardashian #piersmorgan #kardashians #kuwtk #rant #dailymail #kimoji


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