Work went quiet enough today to where I could take a lil break and jump offline so I’m up in Wisconsin camping tonight. Man-made buildings are beautiful in their own way but pale in comparison to the way God had carefully laid out the lakes and the trees. Had dinner with my aunt last night and she said “being in the wilderness is a form of worship” and now I see what she means. It’s humbling to realize your smallness in contrast to the greatness of God’s creation. I feel blessed to be out here......een tho it rained like a bih and it’s no TV’s out here so me and the homies gotta listen to the Cubs playoff game on a car radio #FirstWorldProllems #GottaMakeDo #BtwTheSoapAndWaterIsOnDeck #JustInCaseYallThoughtSmashTookBreaksFromWashing #DoubleHellNah #iAintThatNatural #BlessUp 🤗😂😂😂

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