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Allahummə salli əla Muhəmmədin və ali Muhəmmədin və əccil li vəliyyikəl fərəc, ​… Allahummə salli əla Muhəmmədin və ali Muhəmmədin və əccil li vəliyyikəl fərəc, ​Ya Məhdi (ə.f)​ ​Cüməniz mübarək olsun.

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Travel tip: Always have a couple of scarves in your bag... they are lightweight and can double up as a beach towel, a long skirt, a hijab, a long sleeve top...and always handy when you make a unplanned stop at places like mosques, churches and Buddhist temples where extra modesty is required. What do you always have in your bag that comes In handy? ✨ #tweekestravels #tanyaweekes [Gunjur Kenyekenye Mosque/TheGambia]

Shalawatan Aja sudah.. @hutabdwi05
#Repost @maherzainrussianfanclub(@repost_via_instant)«‘Alayka Salla Allah, O Muhammad
Peace & Blessings on You everyday...» ❤️ JUMMA MUBARAK, MUSLIMS 😇❤️ Hayırlı Cumalar herkese! 🎶Maher Zain - Peace Be Upon You | ماهر زين - عليك صلى ❤️ @MaherZainOfficial #MaherZainRussianFanClub #MaherZainOfficial #MaherZain #peacebeuponyou #peacebeuponhim #muhammadﷺ #jumma #mubarak #MaherZainone #МахерЗейн

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> T H E G A M B I A

Whilst in The Gambia, one of my old friends took me to see the South-West of the country. We visited Gunjur Kenyekenye Mosque which is a beautiful building that sits right on the coast and was built by the country’s ousted ruler, Yahya Jammeh. .
Apparently the mosque was built on top of sacred prayer ground. Previously the site attracted thousands of worshippers but after building the Mosque people were being denied entry, apparently the former president was claiming it to be his property and belonged to him... .
I’m not sure when it re-opened but it was really quiet when we went. There was barely anyone there. If you ever go to Gambia definitely check out this side of the country if you want somewhere really peaceful and relaxing.

من راح في الساعة الأولى فكأنّما قرّب بَدَنَة، ومن راح في الساعة الثانية فكأنّما قرّب بقرة، ومن راح في الساعة الثالثة فكأنّما قرّب كبشاً أقرن ، ومن راح في الساعة الرابعة فكأنّما قرب دجاجة، ومن راح في الساعة الخامسة فكأنّما قرّب بيضة، فإذا صعد الإمام المنبر حضرت الملائكة يستمعون الذكر .#jumma

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