Glad Joe Maddon received at least one 1st place vote. Dealt with a team that had so many injuries & still led them to a 95 win season. #everybodyin #joemaddon

Dress like a coach day, went with the obvious choice! @cubs #joemaddon #cubs #letsgo #flythew #trynottosuck

Comparison #5: Randy Rosario. As an unexpected present, Randy came as a pleasant surprise. He was a great, reliable, lefty arm out of the bullpen and really came on big when we needed it! But, like every player he had his problems as well. What grade would you give Randy?
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In shocking reports the Cubs are listening to trade offers for pretty much everyone on the roster. I think Cubs fans have to be wondering what is the front office thinking and is another title drought on the horizon. Also the Cubs have not or don’t plan extended manager Joe Maddon. Is their tension brewing between management and the front office. I’m trying to figure out why would the Cubs want to trade Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant and if they can get deals done it will take an overwhelming package of prospects to get them out of Chicago. Another question is why would the Cubs want to rebuild they are a step team with great talent and they contend. They are not afraid to give out big contracts or give up top prospects in deals now they want to rebuild from the ground up. It won’t be long before they will be looking for another manager I don’t believe Joe Maddon will be leading the Cubs much longer. I want to say something to Cubs fans you suffered for years and after winning the World Series everything started looking up and your team has been a dangerous one for years and now their are reports coming out about a possible rebuild if everybody on the roster is available you guys deserve better and hopefully you won’t have to wait another 109 years for a title. #CHICAGOCUBS #ANTHONYRIZZO #KRISBRYANT #JOEMADDON

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Cubs aren’t going to extend Joe Maddon’s contract. #JoeMaddon #Cubs #MLB #baseball

After a 2018 season marked by player and senior management discontent, bullpen overuse and subpar player performances (& some notable injuries), Cubs Mgr Joe Maddon seems to have one foot out the door. He wouldn’t be the first manager not to be retained shortly after a championship, but some say that his fall from grace with Theo and Jed may have started WITH some of his decisions in that 2016 World Series. Add a $5 mil contract to it, and it seems Cubs brass expects a better return on investment vs the diminishing returns over the last two seasons. This despite the fact that Epstein/Hoyer deserve a D- for THEIR 2018 Hot Stove performance. #chicagocubs #joemaddon #theoepstein #cubs2019 #trynottosuck

The Cubs will reassess Joe Maddon’s contract towards the end of the 2019 season.

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