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It’s all about good business, people wonder how I came right home and got all the way back on my feet in only 5days , yeah 5days🤫 (coulda been sooner but I was relaxing) it’s because I do good business and I’m 💯, I stand on everything I say and i give just like I receive!!! I’m the one that your own brother/cousin give the work to, and you the one they be like idk why u fuck wit him😩 family or no family he a piece of shittt🎯 #AsSolidAsTheyCome #TEARS #TheStreetsWantDudda #RGE

IT’S FINALLY HERE 😭😭😭 My bounded thesis paper, “Dressing Queen B: Beyoncé’s Costumes and Fashions” ! It was such a labor of love that I implore and welcome all to read on @proquest , where it has been published if you have access to the research service. This paper is a really fun experience that simultaneously takes you through a retrospective of Beyoncé’s onstage style from Destiny’s Child to her 2016 Formation World Tour and connects it to her inspirations from art history and musical entertainers to her own heritage. I discuss the influence of her mother and the league of diligent stylists, including her “Day 1,” Ty Hunter, who have contributed to evolving the Star we enjoy to celebrate. If anyone has a direct line to Mrs. Carter or Mrs. Knowles-Lawson, let them know I have a hard copy of the paper ready for their reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it if you seek it out or come across it 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤#fashion #highfashion #hautecouture #beyonce #balmain #gucci #blackexcellence #blackwomen #feminism #masters #fashionhistory #music #hiphop #queen #arthistory #art #black #jayz #carters #nyc #paris #formation #love



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