This book is seriously amazing and extremely relevant right now so y’all should read it at least once, probably thrice. Searing, brilliant, and masterful indeed. #jamesbaldwin #thefirenexttime

Last week, Jonathan, Sade, and Abisola were in Stockholm, #Sweden to work with a group at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Vällingby (@kulturhusetvallingby) and Olof Hanson to help create the National Black Theatre of Sweden. There is a collective of Black, Afro-Sweden people longing for this work. They are longing to know how to resuscitate the forgotten heart as #JamesBaldwin once put it. ———————————————————————
Thank you to the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC (@swedeninusa) and Linda Zachrison (@lindazachrison) for supporting this continued exchange, together with the Swedish arts Council. for your Thank you @jaymc86, @sade111, and Abisola Faison for being a dream team and changing the world. #Asé

#fbf #OnQ season 3 when we presented #jamesbaldwin The Amen Corner
Closing out #OnQ season 11 -
James Weldon Johnson’s
God’s Trombones
June 19-21
McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square
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A favorite writer of mine. #gaystagram #jamesbaldwin

Thank you @kaepernick7 for being a true leader and inspiring the ones who will come after you and sparking the brains that will change the world.
Keep talking about how dirty America is. Someone will clean it up. We will clean it up.
The fight continues. All for the people.✊🏿 #nfl #kaepernick #tupac #malcolmx #jamesbaldwin #marcusgarvey #fight injustices

邦題 : 私はあなたのニグロではない
1 枚の写真の
A Lover's Question を聴きながら。

♪ Ballad of Birmingham
Tennessee State University Students

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#私はあなたのニグロではない #映画
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“You write in order to change the world, knowing perfectly well that you probably can’t, but also knowing that literature is indispensable to the world... The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter, even but a millimeter the way people look at reality, you can change it.”
- James Baldwin

New book alert, new book alert added to my collection...... I am seriously a fan of this amazing storyteller Mr. Baldwin #jamesbaldwin he definitely would of been someone I would have had a sit down with..... #avidreader #ifbealestreetcouldtalk

My beautiful friends!! I am so so excited to announce that I was asked by Patience @inkandfable to co-host a @thebookcon bookstagram meetup!!! This is 100% out of my “comfort zone” but honestly I could not be happier!!
Being able to actually meet some of you that I’ve talked books & life with, have become friends with and that have inspired me will be O-mazing. I am speaking nothing but high spirits and the best energy on June 3. I don’t care if you pop in for two secs to say hi and run away lol just come so I can tell you how amazing you are to your face. Im shy too, I can be awkward too just come!!!!!! This is not some formal situation. We can talk books or not LOL but just have fun. Hope to see you there!!!
When I posted this book on my story awhile ago, a lot of you inquired. This is a @penguinclassics and filled with such powerful, heartfelt, truthful and raw words from the incomparable James Baldwin. Please read his work...any of it!!! Don’t confuse this with Native Son by Richard Wright which you should also read!!
Really miss this community!! ❤️ Hope you all are living and doing okay!!

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