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Lisa or lena?
what do You choose?
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Chapter 25:
Gina: "Today..😬"
You: "Today!!?? Why You didn't tell earlier.."
Gina: "I just heard it, sorry"
You: "I'm going to miss You Mom.."
You hug her tight and she Hugs back
Gina: "Same.."
Then you hear a Horn from a car
Gina: "Well, that Should be the taxi, bye sweetheart.."
You: "Bye mom.."
You hug her one last time and then she leaves.
You walk to Jacob while You're crying
Jacob: "Babe What's wrong?"
He Asked worried
You: "My mom Goes to New York, for.. one year😭"
Jacob: "Oh gosh..😰"
He Hugs You
Jacob: "Who takes care of You..?"
You: "D- Don't worry, Cameron and Sierra Will"
Jacob: "Okay, but remember You can always stay at mine if You want❤"
He Wipes Your tears away
You: "Thanks..🙂"
Jacob: "Now don't cry, we're going to make fun This year"
You both smile and lean in for a Kiss
You: "Jacob..?"
Jacob: "Yes?"
You: "You wanna sleep over here?"
Jacob: "Of course I want that😚"
You: "Nicee"
Jacob: "I Should grab my stuff then"
You: "Okay Bye see ya❤"
Jacob: "Bye😉"
You give Him a quick peck on the lips right before he leaves.
•Skip 10 minutes•
You hear a knock on the door and You open it, it's Jacob.
You: "Hey come in"
Jacob: "Hii"
He came in and Hugs You.
You: "What was that!?"
Jacob: "Uh..?"

Like and comment "😏" if they need to make out BAHAH THAT WILL BE SO AWKWARD TO WRITE😂🙄

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Lisa or lena?
what do You choose?
Was nimmst du?
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Starting chapters
Y/n: your name
Y/m: your mum (not in a rude way)
Yd: your dad
M: manager
J: jacob
L: Loren
A: Ariel
L: Luna
M: mark
H: hunter
Jm: Jacobs mum
Jd: jacob dad

Hi my name is y/n and I'm going to be 15 in a few months but y/m just found out were moving to Virginia becoz i got a job at Victoria secretes as a model...------------------------------- you r a model and famous muster with over 20m followers on everything
You are rlly famous and u have the hugest crush on jacob and everyone ships you and him #jacob #chapters #jacobsartorius

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