Los jóvenes salieron a pescar mas jóvenes😆😆 en la misa de confirmación! !! #selfieconjesús #JAC

🥰🥰 He ain’t perfect but he’s Grown GOD fearing Family man. He makes sure I’m good and not struggling for anything we’re just best friends who fall out every week 😂🤣 I may be a little insecure about my weight loss and how ppl make me feel about it but he deal with me and my ways cause my vibe is dope. Just vibe till the wheels fall off. going on a few years since we’ve known each other but almost a year got about 4 more months 🤞🏾 since you became my lover and best friend don’t remember the exact date but I’ll figure it out 😂🤣 ❤️🥰😍😘 #Bae #JAC we getting our health in order together get y’alls minds out the gutter.😂🤣😂

Swish for Treats 🏀🍭 Business Day
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من و جکی بلوار ساحلی باتومی

Handsome man!
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Amo tanto que dói!! #amor #love #jac #sp #Brasil #Brazil🇧🇷


چيست و چه كاربردي دارد؟

به تازگی روی بسیاری از خودروها سیستمی به نام TPMS نصب شده که بعضی از این خودروها به بازار داخل نیز پا گذاشته اند. در حقیقت سیستم TPMS مخفف Tire Pressure Monitoring System است و وظیفه آن نشان دادن میزان باد لاستیک ها به راننده می باشد. این سیستم به صورت الکترونیکی کار می کند و به صورت زنده میزان باد لاستیک را به راننده گزارش می دهد. این سیستم می تواند نه تنها از بروز تصادف هایی که به این دلیل پیش می آید جلوگیری کند بلکه با تذکر به راننده در مورد کم بودن باد لاستیک ها، میزان مصرف سوخت را نیز کاهش دهد.
باید گفت که مزایای این سیستم انکار ناپذیر است و این امر که راننده همیشه باد لاستیک ها را بررسی کند می تواند در کاهش احتمال تصادف، افزایش عمر لاستیک و کم شدن مصرف سوخت تاثیر به سزایی بگذارد. جالب است بدانید که به ازای هر 10 درصد کم بودن باد هر لاستیک، 1 درصد به مصرف سوخت خودرو اضافه می شود که ممکن است عدد کمی به نظر بیاید اما در آمریکا هر ساله 2 بیلیون گالن سوخت به همین دلیل به هدر می رود!حال با شرايط فعلي كشورخودمان فكر ميكنيد چه قدر هدر رفت بنزين داريم ؟؟؟🤔
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Cant wait to meet the little one congrats to one of my best mates who will do anythig for me and is always there to help, listen and be a shoulder to cry on xx #babyboy #4weeks #jac #mommytobe #loveher #friends #bestfriend

Jac T5 muda de cara e até de nome ao virar T50. Ganha interior renovado e mantém a mesma mecânica. Confira no Caderno Máquina, na edição de sábado, 17 de novembro do @agorasaopaulo. (Foto: Divulgação) @jacmotors_br @jacmotors_br #automóvel #carros #photooftheday #picoftheday #happy #Maquina #veículos #car #road #estrada #family #mecanica #vehicle #taxi #Uber #transport #sport #driver #motorista #automotivo #carlovers #Jac #JacT5 #JacT50 #China

Después de la escuela fuimos a dar un paseo caminando, a que nos diera el aire, pasamos al parque un rato y caminamos unas 5 cuadras aprovechando que el clima estaba bastante rico. Cuando llegamos a la casa Bere estaba limpiando el jardín así que Jacobo corrió por su escoba para ayudar a recoger las hojas 🍁 que tira el moro cada otoño! Y feliz ayudó lo más que pudo a recoger el jardín... luego de eso me dijo que si ya podía comer 🍽, así que se comió su pollito y sus verduras y cayó rendido! Está dormidísimo aquí en la camioneta! Y yo estacionada queriendo dormirme también!!! 😴 :
Hoy amanecí con una alergia terrible! No pude ni ponerme maquillaje así que ando como recién levantada!!! Con cara lavada, me da pena andar así por la vida pero hoy no quedó de otra! :
Hoy es fin largo... para no perder la costumbre Jacobi se cayó de cara en la escuela me dijo la maestra Ana y se pegó en su nariz... lo bueno es que no estuvo tan fuerte! ... saliendo dijo “hasta el lunes escuela” y pues no, esta vez es “hasta el martes” se nos vino ya el puente! Que plan tienen? Nosotros yo creo que poner el arbolito por fin; que aunque tengo tres semanas queriéndolo poner está guardado en una bodega y Sergio no nos lo ha traído asi que espero que este fin de semana sea el indicado!! Haremos galletas (subiré la receta) y a ver que otra cosa se nos ocurre! :
Que pasen bonita tarde!!!
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Thanks @habitatforhumanity for allowing our JAC students to come out and get a little dirty! #habitatforhumanitytulsa #jac

Girls just want to have watermelon!
This week was one of the toughest yet. Here’s how I grew: “Let all things be done for the building up” [1 Corinthians 14 v 26]

I’ve always struggled with my weight and this week I reached an all time high, literally. The devil is a liar. I can’t say the same for the scale.
But what I can do is say that Paul in 1 Corinthians was teaching on tongues. He was cautioning the church of Corinth on their use of the gift. It seems that the gift was being used insensitively. It was being used in large gatherings without any regard for those around.
It seems the people were so excited to have the gift that they were exercising it flagrantly. But Paul reminds them of the God they serve who is “not a God of confusion, but of peace” [1 Corinthians 14 v 33]. If this is so then anything which does not serve to build the body of believers is “speaking into the air” [1 Corinthians 14 v 9]. He goes so far as saying he would rather speak 5 intelligible words in a public gathering than 10 000 in incoherent language. He also says that the church of Corinth must not “be children in their thinking”. Baby boy was clearly on a roll with his one liners.

But what he was also on a roll with was making the audience - and the millennial reader - remember the ultimate goal in this game called life.
Everything we do is for the building up of Kingdom. If we are on earth, our actions need to point those who we come across to our God and to his majesty. It needs to point to his decency, his peace, his order.
Could you readjust your minds for a seccy and think of gluttony in the place of tongues?
Eating is also meant to glorify God and when we do it, we need to reflect that same spirit of order and peace. We need to do it in a way that points to Christ. If we are using food for self gratification then it is “[eating] in the air”. I don’t know about you, but I’m too old for hiccups.
Hello South Africa.

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Finalizando después de 3 sesiones, sastifecho con el resultado igual que el cliente
Me gustaría hacer más piezas hací si alguien tiene una idea me puede escribir aquí o al 77431775 WhatsApp
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••Gracias #Hermosillo por tanto cariño y aceptación...Muy felices por ello.

Éxito en conferencia: ¿Porque los hombres no entienden a las mujeres? 😍
@jorgealvarezcamacho 💕

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