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#TSRPositiveImages: she just got her school books paid for! yassss! I need me a cousin Jessica 👏🏾 #ItTakesAVillage #AskAndYouShallReceive via: @kissmeimyellow_

Thankful to have this ✨Fairy Godmother✨in my life. 💕 I love you forever, @melinda.crews. Thank you for all you do behind the scenes, never asking for recognition or praise, to make me look and feel my best as #MissNC 💕
Hair: Melinda 💇🏽
Outfit: @cousincouture 👗
Shoes: @dillards 👡
Queen: Victoria 👸🏻 #theresheis #ittakesavillage #fairygodmother #hair #hairaffair #brunette #brunettegirl #brunettesrule #teamvictoria #victoriaisvictorious #vforvictory

It was such an honor performing at the Millennium Biltmore for the 20th annual Stars For The Arts gala benefitting the Los Angeles Music and Arts School last night. Arts education is more important now than ever and I left inspired by the future generation of artists and thankful for programs like this that make it possible. Thank you @manuelprietolam and @austinchanu for everything you do, Laura and Azucena and the entire LAMusArts choir for singing with me so beautifully, the incredible band, @maribowring for the glam, @martythomaslovesyou for the jewels and @catherine__deane for this dress that I will never get over. I felt like a total princess. ✨ #ittakesavillage #starsforthearts

:: the daily grind has changed a bit since irma —> a sneak peek of the longboard crew working hard on our daily lunch & dinner prep + meal packing // it takes a village + we've got an awesome one ::

#thelongboard #longboardstjohn #dailygrind #hurricaneirmarelief #stjohnstrong #lovecitystrong #ittakesavillage #longboardstrong #feedingtheisland #baglunchprep #dinnerprep #teamwork #longboardcrew #rockstarstatus #stjohn #stjusvi #stjohnusvi #usvi #usvirginislands #islandlife


I'm so excited to post this picture and to let everyone know to set their DVRs for Wednesday at 11:30am and catch Zoey and her uncle @jjwoods87 on @nbc6inthemix. I can't thank @roxynbc6 and the entire @nbcnews team for welcoming us with open arms and wanting to interview Zoey and JJ to get her story out there and bring awareness to neuroblastoma. My family and I are forever grateful 🙏❤️ #nbc6inthemix #grateful #thankful #childhoodcancer #ourjourney #noonefightsalone #ittakesavillage #weareblessed #anw9 #anw #unclejjiseverything #jjandzoey #zoeystrong

Getting nostalgic with my last hour of work, going through old pics and videos! This was our favorite foster of all time, Brogan. We had him through an amazing local rescue and owner support group, @paw_fund and he was adopted by our Auntie Lori. Unfortunately he had a rare bleeding disorder that didn't show up in regular pre-surgical blood work, and we lost him in surgery for neuter and amputation of his deformed leg. He was such a unique puppy; just so full of soul. His loss opened up a spot for another special needs dog though, and now Lori has made special needs pups her focus over at @brogansheroes If only there were more adopters like her in this world! #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #mypitbullisfamily #myrescuefamily #rescuedogsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulladvocate #pitbull #dogs #puppy #dog #americanbully #lovernotafighter #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #instagramdogs #instadogs #dontbullymybreed #ittakesavillage #squad #goals #squadgoals #bestfriends

A day filled with fun, family, friends and most of all faith! 💕💕 Happy Christening Day my heart. #ittakesavillage #zoëalana #auntiesarethebest #babiesofinstagram #munamommy #gerberbaby #greyeyedgirl #baptism #christening


We are often asked what we are in urgent need of. Right now we would greatly appreciate donations of the following items:
Microwave sterilizers
Change tables
Baby baths
Manual breast pumps
If you have any of these items to donate, please see our website, stkildamums.org, for opening times. We are closed for the Friday public holiday and Saturdays in school holidays. Thank you! #ittakesavillage #sharethejoy

We are reading about equality, love, & persistence. Lucky to have @jackie.roese on Facebook live and have another strong, brilliant, woman as an example for my daughter to look up to. #sheforshe @marcellaproject #shepersisted #idissent #ittakesavillage #oftheeising

Welcome welcome! Our tribe is comprised of 3 different souls who are just trying to love Jesus, navigate adulthood & eat carbohydrates as often as we can (jk we're all #gluenfree). Here is a glimpse into our raw & epic Village life. Follow this feed to embark on a journey you don't wanna miss. #ittakesavillage

Thank you @bonjourmissabby for always giving #phoebegrace such great experiences, especially with Music and #aidencohen @mrscamillacohen and #loveandjoy #ittakesavillage

Photo credit goes to Brysen for this shot!
#ittakesavillage #myfriendslovemykids

This is Lozen. She is my kid. My ride or die. My best bud. When I picked her up from the rescue 3 years ago, she didn't walk up to me at first. She just looked me with those sweet eyes and that underbite that slays me every time. I pointed to my side and asked her to come. She did and I scooped her up and she immediately tucked her head under my chin and relaxed her small frail body against my chest. I knew right then that she had rescued me and not the other way around. I travel a lot and for the most part she comes with me. When she cannot, I have the most amazing tribe around me that shows up to care for her. A huge thank you to @mike.aidala @kyledeschamps @flippynandi @lucindadeschamps for always being there for me and #lozenthegreat ♥️#ittakesavillage #awakewithchelseykorus

Hi Everyone,
This is Ginny. She's fostered by my friend, Maysia. Ginny took a hard fall today and broke her little leg. She needs a huge surgery tomorrow (on Maysia's birthday), and could use some help from this great community. This little kitten is one of the biggest fighters I've ever seen, and her Foster Mom is amazing.
Please help if you can.
#ittakesavillage .
#Repost @m.fosterkittens (@get_repost)
I have set up a YouCaring. The link is in our bio. I can't express how thankful I am for all the support, especially during this time because I'm feeling so horrible (though I know accidents happen) and alone by not getting help from the rescue. Ginny is so special and I am very emotional over this. Some details: She will stay at the vet tonight and go into surgery sometime tomorrow morning. The vet is going to call me before and after she's out of surgery. I will get to visit her once she is out of surgery. Again, the exact cause is unknown, but this afternoon Ginny fractured her left femur and will be getting a pin placed. The vet said this is the only option to repair the fracture. After surgery she will have to stay at the vet for a day or two before she can come home. She will be monitored and her pain will be managed. The vet said this is a pretty major surgery and makes it a bit more complicated because of Ginny's small size. Once she is able to come home, she will have a pin that visibly sticks out and her movement will have to be restricted while she heals. Ginny is such a miracle and fighter and it absolutely broke my heart seeing her in so much pain. This is extra tough on me because I'm extremely attached to her and tomorrow is my birthday, she will be having major surgery on my birthday and it terrifies me. I know she is stronger than any kitten I've ever known and I know she will do just fine, but I can't help but worry. I've had this sweet girl since she was only a week old and we have been through so much together. She has beat so many odds, with all her previous medical problems, but I know being the warrior she is, she will overcome this bad f

Heres a few photos From my time at #SOFA #quadstate. This was a fun late night project to do after @phyreforge wrapped up his demo. I bought a 7 1/4" #peterwright #legvise that needed some tlc. So here we are fire welding the old broken jaw face of blister steel back together and setting some rivets in to help it survive another 100 years of use. It was a whole lot of fun working on this 200 lb beast with gravitylineforge madisonwise @dougconnel and @leighhunley who was cranking away at the blower plus everyone else who helped lending a hand. I still need to make a new spring and mounting plate but she will be back in full service very soon! Im sure there are more pictures of this endevour floating around out there that ill try and post when I see them. Anyone who I forgot to tag, please tag them in the comments so they can see these pics too!
#blacksmith #teamwork #teamstriking #ittakesavillage #greattimes #goodfriends #hardwork #coldbrews #hotfires #nomadforge #vise #repair #restoration #anvil #forge #firewelding #forgewelding #cantwaitforthenextone

I often wonder if people can envision what my days look like. You usually see the pretty pictures of finished products, but this is more often what I see as progress. It isn't a glamorous process but I love seeing the materials transform from the filthy piles of wood gathered from all ends of the earth, to the wire brushed piles, organized by type and length in my workshop, then being meticulously cut and pieced together to create something completely new and literally one-of-a-kind. I've always lived by this special phrase in my marriage: "It's all about the journey, not the destination that matters." I guess that really rings true in my work also.

"It takes a village but I didn't have one. There I was suffering from postpartum depression, postpartum OCD and postpartum anxiety. I often thought I was going to overdose on all the 12 different medications my new psychiatrist prescribed to me. Yes 12! My husband had to go back to work soon after my son was born. My family lived out of state and could not stay as they had their own lives to live and so many friends turned their backs on me because I was no fun to be around. I remember one friend said it best being around me "stressed her out too much". I hired a nanny but watching her take care of my baby made me feel more alone.
As sick as I was I fought hard to not get trapped in my own hell. When my son was six weeks old I decided to form my own 'village' and I went to my first mommy and me group. I worked hard and made playdates. I even made mom dates where we would get together for a walk or coffee to just talk. Some days I couldn't leave the house and I would cancel. Some days I would drag myself out of the house looking like a crying zombie. Other days I put a forced smile on my face which to my surprise sometimes turned into a real smile.
My new friends did not suffer from ppd but because of my honesty with my own problems they felt comfortable opening up about their own; whether it was with breastfeeding, lack of sleep or a colicky baby that cried all day. Together we were on this new mom journey; all the highs and all the many lows.
As the years have gone by I've lost touch with some of my first mom friends but a few have remained and I'm extremely grateful they stuck around. Not everyone has a built in village or mom tribe. It's not always easy and many will run away from a mom in extreme turmoil.
In the end, I'm grateful I used whatever energy I had at the time to form my own village. As new moms we were truly there for one another. It wasn't easy and looking back now I'm not sure how I did it some days. Being a new mom can be very lonely, isolating and scary but we don't have to go through it alone." - @lindsaygerszt
#shareyourstory #youarenotalone #momtribe #ittakesavillage #postpartumdepression #whentheboughbreaks #endthestigma

Reiki for Wally ! Wally has never had a family. After one treatment we saw a significant change in behavior. Thrive energy healing helps with sickness, behavior, and autoimmune disorders. #adoptwally #adoptdontshop @dogrepublic_oc @hautecakescaffe @pennyspupwash @talesofalab @watchdogscdm @karmabythesea @nbtt #ittakesavillage 🙏🐶🙏

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