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So this happened.. he has no other sweater.. 😂

Winter times

So I guess a lot of people can relate to this in the beginning stages of creating what you define as art. I see a lot of people own what they're doing and I see that shit. It's inspiring. I also see leaches, or maybe people who kinda just aren't in the same camp as you. Which is ok. Cause that's what doing it for you is about. That honestly goes for anything. I've crashed down on a few people for their principles. But everyone is just an outsider to your movie. Not everyone is gonna see that. If it's your subject to be known for what gets "it", then do that. However don't take for granted your personal spark. It's your duty to keep it alive for the importance of your own legacy. Don't use that spark to weld a hook and hang off coat tails. #rants #skiesofterra #own #it #art

I’m telling you. It’s quality content.

Daddy babysitting children @uncle_jezzy 😭😂😂 // •

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Also every night I take a picture of my guinea pigs cage. So if I get anxious that I forgot to close the door of the cage. Then I can check the picture. And so I’ve been doing for like the past 14 days. And it kind of helps with my anxiety and ocd (idk if I can call it ocd as I’m not diagnosed)

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