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Shouts out to Nicole Patrece my daughter in law/mini me for designing & making my shirt. Thank youuuuuuu, you are the greatest!!!! Love you too pieces
Back: #SlickVick

since plaid skirts + hush puppies 😅
love you foreverrr #issabirthdaybaddie *cues girlfriend- nicki minaj

Happy Birthday to my baby girl @styledbyreece - thank you for ALWAYS holding it down, making me laugh until i have to pee, being authentically you, AND keeping my hair laidT. You have no idea how much our 20+ year relationship means to me, and it has been amazing to watch you grow into this beautiful, kick ass (and take names) woman. Keep shining, babe. It's only the beginning 👭✨
#HappyBirthdayReece #IssaBirthdayBaddie #styledbyreece #bff #sisters

"If you're dancing without making faces like this at least once, it's likely your dance moves ain't sh*t." 😂. Loved celebrating my birthday and performing this piece with these women, each beautiful and fierce, inside and out. This badass image was a perfect birthday gift. Photo credit: @sicimages #repost #asheville #avl #baddies #bronsonsbaddies #yesthatsamanda #issabirthdaybaddie #wcw #wce #fierce #bighairdontcare #cabaret #performer #dance #dancer #danceeveryday

The night is still young. #issabirthdaybaddie 😌🎉💜

They're playin Thug in the club right now so I'll post a pic while they waste time 🤗 #IssaBirthdayBaddie #RealSisters ❤️

Happy Birthday 21st birthday sis! You've grown into such a beautiful flower. I love you girl and hope this year brings nothing but blessings. @callmechamia
#IssaBirthdayBaddie ✨21 21 21 ✨

SCREAMING & SINGING as loud as I can HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my muthaf'ing sister @pretty_ros the right to my wrong, salt to my pepper, peanut butter to my jelly I'm going to hell or jail behind this one NO QUESTIONS ASKED & if I call I know she coming I love you baby enjoy your day #IssaBirthdayBaddie #WCW

Happy motherlovin' birthday to my lit ass best friend, sister, twin💕 Sometimes I think we're the same person. She is one of the most selfless, loving, supportive, hard working people I know. Ya hustle don't ever go unnoticed babyyy, I'm witchu, I'm wit it🤘🏾She always check me when I'm slipping. She's my favorite bottle girl🍾 and my turn up partner. I pray that 23 brings you all that your heart desires because you definitely deserve it💕♊️👯 #issabirthdaybaddie #twerksum (she actually twerks anywhere🤦🏾‍♀️) #hennygirls #helloooo @justtricee

#issabirthdaybaddie. 3️⃣2️⃣1️⃣.

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