RIP Bayan Kamash (18 months) and her mother Enas (23) and her unborn sibling - they were laid to rest yesterday! 🇵🇸✌️🌿💚
👀NO Israelis were killed in the rocket fire from Gaza this week! 👀Israel dropped 140+ bombs on Captive 2 million innocent humans of all faiths in Gaza this week - in retaliation- meanwhile USA Admin just gave amoral apartheid Israel another free 38 BILLION Of US tax dollars! 👀Israel has killed over 160 Palestinians and Hamas has killed 2 Israelis in the last 4 months! #
👀Has the US media informed its citizens of its latest donations to the worlds only unGodly apartheid ethnic cleansing pariah murdering state of Israel? 👀It is reported out of the TWO million Palestinians locked in the tiny, overpopulated Gaza “strip” ONE Million are children! 👀Israel issued a statement that the bombings will continue!
👀This is evil, evil actions by a now openly racist ethnocratic fascist state with one of the most powerful militaries in the world! 👀NOTE If Israel wanted to get rid of Hamas, they could! Israel created Hamas in 1987/8 - Hamas is a very convenient and fortuitous weak organisation existing in Gaza only, to the absolute benefit of Israel’s dastardly policies of genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their Semite lands ! 👀70 % of Palestinians in the tiny Gaza strip are already refugees from other parts of wider stolen Palestinian lands in what is the fabricated state of Israel! Israel’s evil actions are inhuman and abhorrent and its own actions anti-Semitic since Palestinians are born and bred in these their ancestral Legally owned lands and are the true semites Israel is seeking to purge and eradicate from the earth!! #israeliapartheid #endtheoccupation #zionismmustgo #zionismisevil #israellies #israelsteals #israelhasundeclaredNukes #humanrights4all

#IronDome is an ILLUSION
Iron Dome missiles SELF DESTRUCT without hitting ANY Target Rockets!

#IsraelLIES .

It is all an Israeli HOAX & a pretext to INVADE #Palestine
Rockets are few in number & only a nuisance value with NO WARHEAD only LITTLE SMOKE & NO DAMAGE!
#IsraelLIES https://t.co/EbUCCcJ3Vk

#trestubbe faktisk🌱

اكاذيب تنشر من قبل صهاينه اسرائيل وصهيانه العرب ان اليهود لم يعيشو في سلام في دول الاسلاميه "العثمانيه العباسية الامويه " لهذا يجب ان يكون لهم دوله… Israelis have Been telling world that the Islamic empires hated the Jews because of that they need state "false" this is an Iraqi jew anwar shaol he wrote poem I will Translate it but I will not translate some word cuz it don't exits in English :
If I'm from Moses religion I will live under the roll of Muhammad religion Islam forgiveness was my life and Quran was my suppliers
#IsraelLies #IslamisPeace

Frist of all sorry for the low definition picture.
Who know who is this man?
He is Nicholas Sarkozy.He is a former French president from the Republican party.He served his country from 2007-2012.What interesting about him???
He is also a mossad agent before he came up to be a president.He was an active mossad agent around 1975-1989.
Working with the mossad is a big benefits.

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I repeat Women and Children being murdered by Israel. #freepalestine #israellies #gaza

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Running clock is from first warning Bomb. How is anyone supposed to escape that in 1 minute. Israel the terrorist state. #freepalestine #israellies #gaza

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