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Загрустили? Злитесь? Не стоит. Просто потанцуйте с бубном ;)) #timkubart #ireallydontcare

Life goes on, with or without you//
#ireallydontcare #ineedabreak

wcw is me on my birthday 👑 #ireallydontcare #immyfavoriteperson

-This is long, brace yourselves-
So over the past couple weeks, I've just kinda been watching Instagram go by(basically judging everyone from afar), and I've come to the conclusion that we apparently need a lesson in humility. First, humility by definition means: "A modest or low view of one's own importance; humbleness." And to dumb it down a little for our youngin's, you're really not as special as you think you are. This is pretty much directed at all our little 12 year old(wanna-be) trainers, and our(should be) adult trainers who think they're gods. It seems as though anytime someone even begins to speak up against something they think is legitimately dangerous, just trying to give some friendly advice, or plane saying you're not advanced enough to start working with a horse; you back yourself into a corner and lash out in the most ridiculous of ways. It's pretty pathetic. For one, if someone's just trying to help you, instead of saying "Oh! Well! I Know What I'm Doing! I've Trained Before! You Don't Know Me Or My Horse!" Don't be ignorant and try to raise your self esteem by ignoring others... Do you know how certain trainers became so highly regarded? It wasn't because they put off everyone else's opinions. REAL trainers listen, take what they want from said advice, and move on. Plus, if you were doing everything correctly to keep yourself, and your horse safe, there's a small chance anyone would say anything about what you're doing, period. There's a lot children who actually look to a lot of our "Instagram horse trainers" for advice, inspiration, or whatever it may be, and it is your duty to set a good example for EVERYONE. Someone shouldn't have to get hurt trying to be like you because you're too self centered to see your own faults. Humility. Figure it out.

AND that is all for today!(and probably the next two weeks because I do not have time for Instagram anymore!) #hateit #loveit #ireallydontcare

That's my prerogative!
#ireallydontcare #perfilphoto

W H A T E V E R !🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

-Menina, mandona, linda, sabe da sina, mina valentona. Fina, cheia de razão, rainha, foliona. -Cafeína, Maracujina, moça respondona. Feiona em dia ruim, mas sempre bela dona. Maestrina do lar e popstar, Madona Sou fina dança, opina, sorri e faz carona. -Grita igual buzina em dia nervosona. Santa sem batina, ganha tranquilona. Hipnotiza a retina, flash, figurona. Estrela maior do show, se precisar, machona! Fria igual neblina, alegre e fanfarrona. Brilha igual platina, prima, sabichona. Ave de rapina e musa pras telona. No ritmo, atina e lá vai corona. -Messalina, corajosa, do lar e chorona.

Faz tudo quando quer
Eita, mulher durona!

#ireallydontcare #bewhateveryouwant 👱🏻‍♀️💖🔆🌸👊🏻


I can clean up if you ask me to, but I can only get so fancy… #uglychristmassweater #nopartyneeded #justlikethat #noreason #itsmyforte #iaintacting #ireallydontcare

Life goes on, with or without you//
#ireallydontcare #ineedabreak

#ireallydontcare 💁🏼‍♀️🖕🏽

When someone said ur bad at everything #christmasconcert #idc #ireallydontcare #me #fff #lfl

Omg, another post-workout sports bra selfie on Instagram! Ugh. Why?
First of all because I can. So there.
Also, I'm proud of my body and its ability to give birth twice in 3 years, breastfeed both of my boys for almost 2 years strong apiece and for not zonking out on me because I am a former pack a day smoker(for 8 years!) I turn 32 at the end of the month and all I want for my birthday is to feel positive about my body at all times. No comparing, no shaming. Just love.
#annoyingselfie #postworkoutselfie #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #dontlikeitdontlook #ireallydontcare #trylove #tryacceptance #trypositivity #greenismyfavoritecolor #random

Tengo una pregunta que a veces me tortura:
¿estoy loco o los locos son los demás?

👑🛇Who said I can't wear my converse with my dress?... Fuck you and your opinion. I really don't care🛇👑

#loveyourself #lovemyself #girl #army #ireallydontcare #bts

"Se voce nao mudar esse seu jeito muita gente vai sair da sua vida..." #goodbye #xoxo #byebye #ireallydontcare

Don't need permission, made my decision to test my limits!
Something 'bout you...
Makes me feel like a #DangerousWoman
Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't ☡♀🎶 #SweetDisaster #IReallyDontCare #SimplyComplicated #TroubleMakerGirl
#StayStrong #Always 🐯
#photography #picsart 📷

For mama bear, I’ll do any thing, anywhere. Sometimes our pain is difficult to bare. I’m reciprocal to the one sitting over there. Mama bear taught me well, so I’ll stand and let the lady take the chair.
Life ain’t a coin toss, its never fair. To survive you have to not give a shit but also care. So it’s not eye for eye. Now it’s 4 eyes for no eyes. As I walk by, I’m breaking necks as I catch dimes staring at me. Surprised, noticing I’m the real deal with really small eyes. I’m the Corean that realize those that fakes. Not paranoid or scared but always stay low from Jakes.
It’s hard to stay calm when someone talks reckless to your mom. Fuck it. Call me, Kim Jung Un but I’m the nuclear bomb. Mess with her and I’ll make you drink Sulfuric Acid through a new beer bong. I ain’t from Corea or Hong Kong. Corea Was with a “C”. Go check, if you think I’m wrong. Take it slow and life will be long. Saying that it’s too short, gtfo and go sing to the “cry me a river” song.
Just remember, I’ll sell your kidneys and liver. I’ll have you shook and shiver. I’ll let you choose which hand and finger. Then feed it to your pet for your holiday dinner. Lord knows I’m a winner. Don’t cross the line, lately my fuse got short and thinner.
I’ll school you then ruin your day like you’re Bart and i’m Principle Skinners.
#MamaBear #BabyBear #WhoIsPapaBear #iReallyDontCare

But even if the stars and moon collide
I never want you back into my life
You can take your words and all your lies
Oh oh oh I really don't care ⠀

~ Demi Lovato

The year 2015 Honestly it been forever since I took this photo. today’s song of inspiration: when we - Tank
#whenwe #tank #poolnight #sexy #wettshirt #throwback #ireallydontcare #ireallyshouldnt #yum #latenight #braids #blackandwhiteonly

When it's cold but you don't care. #red #nightout #boybye #ireallydontcare #sorrynotsorry #iaintsorry

my face when mom told me that she wrote a ten page Spanish paper about dogs and she got the highest grade #ireallydontcare

#IReallyDontCare 🐰😪😴

W H A T E V E R !🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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