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You girls made me get emotional. So much love and support 😭 #girlpower💪 #internationalwomensday2017

Late #internationalwomensday2017 post, sry, but here is me yesterday going to work with my red sneakers and listening to a Badass Women playlist ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 here's to all women, the fighters and silenced and erased and forgotten and ignored and passed over, those who are told their womanhood isn't valid or enough or real: ALL women. To all the women in my life, who support me and love me and lift me up and keep me grounded and inspire me and check me and fight for me. To all women, no matter how you are a woman or what that means to you: I see you, and I love you. ❤❤️❤️

super thankful for these women in my life who made me who i am today🐝❤❤
these bunch of inspiring, strong, beautiful ladies and i've been honored to be your friends❤
ps. sorry for the lack of photos :( .
. #internationalwomensday2017 #womensday #kindalatebutitsok

2 days ago I attended the 6th Annual International Women's Day Awards by Sukhchan Wellness. I'm so honoured to have won "the most dynamic woman" award!! I dedicate it to my beautiful mum for making me the person I am today. She taught me how to live in a mans world, and not to just merely survive but to thrive! And to do it with passion! I dedicate this to her and to all you fearless women out there ❤️ #internationalwomensday2017

Such an empowering woman! Her ambition, strength, and compassion continue to inspire many women, including myself ❤ #shesthefirst #internationalwomensday2017

When you love your job it feels like a vacation.... #womenpower #GG #staytuned #internationalwomensday2017

It was International Women's Day yesterday, and still to this day - Women have not got all of the equal rights as others. Sexism still goes on... Some classic examples:
.Certain jobs in the military are still for men only
.Men can walk around a street topless, but if a women was to do it - we'd more than likely be arrested .If a man sleeps around, he's called a "lad" ...whereas if a girl does it- she's a hoe. (^Just for your information people, I am not one of those)
Well, I thought I'd post this to instagram as this is an important message to spread to the world. At the end of the day, the daily struggles people have to face on a daily basis are beyond a joke, but for IWD - 💪🏼we do it for the women. 🙏🏼Amen. #BeBoldBeYou (Thought the bra was quite bold?) 🌷 << oh and my predictive text turned the word 'Bra' into "Brad"! I clearly talk about Mr Simpson far too much. 🙊👀 #internationalwomensday2017


Play woman play

REMIX!! In the middle of changing into my next outfit, I pulled down my dress and thought it made a cool skirt 💁🏽and wore it with the top of my next outfit and whala!! LINK IN BIO have a great weekend guys! 🌸💕🌸

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Greeenboro Grassroots history through Flyers

Feel free to comment about your experience with this event, tag people who where there and/or share a story.
if have any old flyers bring them by or mail them to #sensuousscents.us address 1401 East Bessemer ave. Greensboro NC 27405

#history #sogso #gatecity #activism #greensboro #pride #cityofgreensboro #movement #flyers #event #history #grassroots

Growing in confidence hasn't been easy. It's something that has taken years. The same forms of beauty are constantly upheld as the ultimate form. There is no one form of beauty. Nope. Beauty is diverse, unique and all types should be celebrated. So when I post it's not just for me it's for the women who don't see themselves on these platforms who are only told one narrative. Don't believe a lie and start accepting your beauty which is your truth your narrative. This is for you! QUEENS 🌸✨💕

‪LOVE this dress from @asos @asos_loves_curve (ASOS curve) it's bold and vibrant, compliments my figure (incl my arms lol) and can be worn anywhere tbh 🌸🌸🌸‬📷 @ubuntugraphy

Celebrating #internationalwomensday2017 Youth Day

My wardrobe - prints upon prints forever - inspo

The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you're very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble. - Serena Williams

Happy Women's Day to each and every mom, daughter, sister, friend and colleague - have a wonderful day!

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Here's to string women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them. #womensday2017 #internationalwomensday2017 #winningatlife #allwomenarebeautiful #women #boss

"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Here is to Women's Day Girls! .
#BeBoldForChange #InternationalWorkingWomensDay #InternationalWomensDay2017 #womensrights #intelligence #smartwomen #marriage #growth #empoweringwomen #workingwoman #balance

"i see so many girls and there’s so many different types of pretty… there’s like the honey, green tea pretty girls that like sitting outside and soaking up the sun…. the dark pretty with black eye make up and wild hair and piercings… the bad bitch pretty with killer highlight and striking style….. the lazy pretty girls with snapbacks and sneakers…. the bookish girls with glasses and sweaters that make your heart melt…. the soft Angel pretty girls who just look as sweet as a peach with soulful eyes…. the cute girls with chubby cheeks and messy hair and it seems like warmth emits from them... girls are so fucking beautiful."
- Bruna"

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