Here is my It remake neca figure, Pennywise in the remake who is portrayed by Bill Skarsgard. I don't think this remake surpasses the original, and I don't prefer Bill's performance over Tim's but I still think it was a great movie with a great Pennywise performance. The remake hasn't been out for to long but it's already one of my favourite horror flicks, I just hope it will stand the test of time for me just like the original has. These Neca figures are great, they are perfectly made with the attention to detail being done masterfully, I'm enjoying collecting horror icons through Neca's range of figures. Another thing I really appreciate about Bill's performance as Pennywise is that he made it his own, there may have been temptation to try and make it like Tim's Pennywise but Bill grabbed the role and made it his own and that's what any great actor does.

Friday the 13th is my favourite horror franchise, there are certain instalments within the franchise that I can watch on boring nights and automatically lift my mood, unfortunately Friday the 13th part 7 The new blood is not one of those instalments. I've noticed part 7 is pretty popular amongst the horror community, whilst I can understand that viewpoint I do not share it. In fairness it's not completely the movie's fault, this movie was butchered by unnecessary censorship, a movie like this shouldn't be censored because the violence is not real, it's an art form and the violence is created through special effects, acting and camera techniques, therefore I think the censoring of this movie is bullshit and people who used to protest these movies back in the day needed to get a life and realise real life is so much more harsh and brutal and maybe use their time helping to solve real problems instead of censoring fake slasher movies. With the rant aside, there were problems with this film that are hard for me to justify therefore making this instalment low on the totem poll for me. Tina having psychic powers is so lame to me, it works within the confines of Carrie but not within the confines of a Friday the 13th film. Tina's zombie dad rising at the end to drag Jason down into the lake is the number one most pathetic thing to me in this entire franchise, and that's saying a lot because there were lots of pathetic things in 80's slasher movies. I know there are lots of fans of this flick and I do agree that the Jason look is arguably the best of the franchise and this movie has great special effects with some cool fight sequences, unfortunately to me personally the positive didn't outweigh the negative and this is one of my least liked Friday the 13th films. If you're a big fan of this film that's cool, not everyone can like the same movies and everyone has a different perspective and point of view.

I'm a big fan of the original Halloween film, it's a masterpiece and its in my top ten horror movies of all time. With that being said I'm not a big fan the Halloween franchise in general, there are two major contributing factors to this, the curse of thorn and the different timelines. Halloween 4, 5 and 6 are sometimes referred to as the thorn trilogy, this is because we are informed that Michael Myers is actually cursed by a cult and his evil doing is attributed to them, In my opinion this kills Michael Myers and any mysterious scare factor he had. Michael Myers has been reduced to a delivery boy with the cult pulling the strings and calling the shots, this isn't the shape, this isn't the stealthy boogeyman who can move around in the dark undetected, this isn't the icon who scared an entire generation. I don't entirely dislike these films though, I quite enjoy part 4 and these movie do provide some entertainment factor but they're a mere shadow of the original Halloween and a mere shadow of the characterisation of Michael Myers. I know there are lots of fans of these three films out there and that's great, I'm a big believer of people enjoying what they like and not letting others sway their opinion to much, but I'm always going to be honest on my opinions of films and I'm not going to decide to like them because they're called Halloween and have Michael Myers in them.

The Dead trilogy and their remakes, I'm not going to say anything ridiculous like the remakes are better because that's not true, But I do believe the Night of the living dead remake and the Dawn of the dead remake are solid and worth the time to take a watch.
Night of the living dead is the single most important and influential horror film in my opinion, there was no way the remake could ever top that but with Tom Savini at the helm he tweaked a few things and made the remake a highly respectable stand alone film. Tony Todd's performance as Ben and a more capable Barbra character are some great elements of this film. Savini managed to capture the claustrophobia of the situation and I love how he pointed out that the zombies were easy enough to get around but human structure breaks down quite easily and simple goals aren't reached due to ego and fighting.
The Dawn of the dead remake is a movie that in all honesty I've grown less fond of over time, I'm not a fan of the fast moving zombies and I feel at times this movie is rushed and forgets the point of what it's trying to accomplish. This movie does have some great character development though, especially C.J. His intentions at the start were honourable yet selfish, not willing to help other people in an effort to keep him and his group of friends safe, as the movie develops C.J becomes one of the most capable team players and does his best to help the group and their survival intentions, he is the most well rounded character and is a big part of why I like this movie.
The original Day of the dead is the strongest within the trilogy, it captures the grit and desperation of human survival and perfectly illustrates the fact that human ego and pettiness always stands in the way of survival, unfortunately I have nothing else positive to say about the remake, zombies that can crawl on roofs hold no place for me, this movie is a wreck and I'm sorry if there are fans of it it's just my opinion.

Neca has killed it once again with their Herbert west figure, the doctor of the macabre is back once again and you can be sure he has his re- agent somewhere close by. Jeffrey Combs's performance of Dr Herbert west is one of my favourite in all of horror, his straight faced performance is the perfect contrast against some of the outlandish things occurring around him, the contrast between the two make the humour that much better. Jeffrey delivers a serious yet charismatic performance which I believed helped the movie achieve cult status. I also believe Re- Animator is underrated amongst the zombie genre, I don't think it's considered amongst the top zombie films but that's where I rank it. Re- Animator is a horror classic and it's essential viewing for any horror fan.

Psycho is one of the grand daddies of the horror genre, especially the horror sub genre known as Slasher. It introduced so many things to modern cinema and broke many taboos', this was unheard of before this film. Psycho at times might be a tad boring but it's a staple of cinema, it wasn't just important for horror but it was important for filmmaking in general. Psycho 2 is surprisingly solid sequel, it picks up two decades after the original with Anthony Perkins reprising his role as Norman bates, Perkins performance was very important for the sequel being good. If you'd like to watch a double feature that spans decades and illustrates the evolution of filmmaking then look no further than these films.

There's a nude wasp headed Italian woman standing in my bathroom. If I'm saying that obviously I could only be talking about Lamberto Bava's 1987 classic Neo giallo delirium. This is one of those movies that I don't necessarily think it's fantastic but I absolutely love. It has so much going for it. Besides for having the time and resources that Bava wanted, this movie also shows very little creative restraint and serves as an expressionic peace about how stagnat the genre had become.
But enough of that nerdy bullshit.
Let's get to the Dolly Parton of Italy. Yeah. Seriously. That's her nickname. Serena Grande is her real name. She's the lead of this film, cast only for her curves. However, the rest of the cast has certifiable Legends in it. Daria Nicolodi and George Eastman to be more specific. A game David Brandon (stage fright 1987) rounds out the cast. The plot is expectedly thin. Basically Dolly Parton runs around for an hour and a half trying to avoid a killer who loves elaborate set-pieces while simultaneously trying not to knock herself out.
What makes the movie truly interesting is the use of the Killer's POV. While almost a necessity in the genre, you never quite see it like this. Not only do you have his point of view but you share his mental state. The victims are uniformly deformed through his delusion. This is where Bava shines.
This falls into another one of those great 80s movies that shouldn't be reviewed, it should just be watched and enjoyed. I've said my peace. It's Sunday, crack a beer and watch something with Daria Nicolodi.
Until next time, watch weird shit - makes good people

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