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Quick rant time...so recently IGs been kinda lit with some juicy gossip. And a word I been seeing thrown out a lot is “hate” People are so quick to label someone else’s opinion or critique as “hating” just because it doesn’t coincide with their own opinions of themselves. It’s usually the people with the high but fragile ego that are so used to being praised and “shown love” that when they get a reality check they can’t take it. Then they do the typical “respect all builds” or “it’s my build” BUT here’s the thing it’s social media! You post in hopes to get others attention whether it be good or bad. So just take it as it comes use it as motivation for innovation or if you can’t take a difference in opinion build a car for your own....but where’s the fun in that right 😉. Generally speaking ofcourse hope no one gets offended

The Smashed Avocado from @ciccobarhurstville is sooooo filling and absolutely delicious! #thyme4brunch

Headed no where
#perspective #wall

Meanwhile my dad just thinks I’m lesbian cause I have 4000 pictures of Korean women on my phone

This is not what I want
This is not what I planned
And I just got to say
I do not understand


Comment below and tell me your favorite wing spot!

Smoked 🍗 Wings w/ fresh grated wasabi | Pork Belly Bao buns | Chinese Sausage spring rolls

There’s a new wing in town. You know Gaijin for their ramen and buns but their smoked chicken wings with grated wasabi were the true showstopper. Crispy, smokey, and tender. If you go there be sure to give those wings a try. Stay hungry my friends.

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