Fall flowers!!!! My second fave season!!!!! Felt sassy wearing @fashionnova 😀 #camoflauge #novababe 💫

Get it while its hot! The @friedchcknfest is serving up the best of the best today at Woldenberg Park. Grab a plate, listen to some music, and join the party at this free, family-friendly event. #OneTimeInNOLA

may i share this with the world?

Ready to kick off Oktoberfest? Then head to @nolaontap, the largest beer festival in the region happening right now. 400 delicious breweries have set up shop in @neworleanscitypark with their best ales ready for you to enjoy. Sample some drafts, taste the flavors, and wash it all down with a full lineup of live music like @chawaband with Spy Boy Jwan Boudreaux of the Golden Eagles and great food vendors.

meet my big bro 🍂

NO, I’M NOT ABOUT TO MURDER YOU...I’m just chopping veggies! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I learned what it takes to be a chef at a Michelin Star restaurant in New York City (everyone must eat at @nixny — it’s the only veggie restaurant with a Michelin Star in the United States) ⭐️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #LucieforHire // shoutout to sous chef @jmejaime for teaching me what you do and ensuring that I don’t singe my eyebrows off at the 700-degree tandoor oven! 😅 VIDEO LINK IN BIO! 📽/📸: @dudesarecool5

Continuing the home project marathon this week and installing our new @nest cameras! Here’s to hoping we only ever need them to spy on the pups! 🔍🐶

#NoteToSelf. There’s no shame in celebrating your wins.
#InsideR29: @mariajialingpitt

29Pictures for @29rooms is a personal photo project I started doing after I began working with @refinery29 almost 3 years ago. By bringing immersive art to our audience, we are elevating minds and expanding realities to new imaginative heights. Thank you @pieraluisa and @albie_alexander for spearheading this wonderful artistic experiment and for giving me the chance to be a part of it. Art is messy, art is challenging but it’s also revelatory in its wonder and best shared with friends and family. #29rooms #insider29

wearing white after labor day, let’s fight about it 👊🏾

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Moo Moo sleeps tonight 🎶🦁💤 #FrenchiesOfInstagram #InsideR29

New Orleans’ most risqué festival is finally here. Experience the culture that made Bourbon Street famous at the 10th annual @burlesquefest, a four-day celebration of artfully adult entertainment. Don’t miss the glitz and glamour as dancers from far and wide bring their talents to the stage.

This year’s “Dream Doorways” @29rooms experience was one of my favorites. I’ve always been a believer that dreams are so much more than an assortment of images flashing through the brain at random, as science would tell us. I began lucid dreaming as young as 12, and only came to study it recently, practicing journaling and recall techniques during sleep to further consciousness within dream cycles. Yes, very inception-like I’m aware! Sometimes when I wake up it feels like I’ve been vividly dreaming for weeks. Sometimes I’m exhausted when I should be rested. Sometimes it’s euphoric and sometimes memories and trauma you think you’ve dealt with IRL creep up in the dream state to remind you of the power of the subconscious. My fascination with the surreal and otherworldly knows no depth, and I LOVE the #dreamteam + @kaliuchis for bringing this homage of alternate reality to life. 💤🙏🏼🔮☁️ #29Rooms

#Repost @badfatblackgirl ・・・
"Now she said she gon do what to who? Let's find out and see..." #29rooms #insider29

Late summer #ootd love ☀️ Because yes, it is still blazing hot here in Nashville! @madewell @nisoloshoes + @mejuri

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