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T H E B L O C K (rant be warned)
I bite my tongue year after year after this show. I don't watch it for this reason but for industry reasons I occasionally check it out when Mikes not in the room because he hates it more than me. Tonight I catch a segment where a pair of contestants/"designers" complain about their builder and their tap height failure. They write him off and blame him and the plumber when really they only have themselves to blame for they are the designer, they dictate plumbing locations etc not the builder or the plumber or the tiler!
You might think DIY is easy but knowledge and competence of your designer is everything and worth every cent. A good designer will pay for themselves in savings on labour costs because they know what they are doing and understand the construction process. In this case the designer has blown out the costs because their mistake because they are not qualified.
A good builder mind you would also in this instance knock off a tile and relocate pipes or drop your vanity.... But at a cost.
By all means have a go at DIY but when mistakes happen don't point the finger at the qualified professionals working under your direction.
It's not the builders or the plumbers job to understand your concept and wish list.
There is a reason why designers go to university or college it's as much a qualified trade as a builder or plumber.
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