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Zdjęcie piękne. Hasła chujowe. Nie moje - ani zdjęcie, ani hasła #warsaw #independenceday #poland

Like father like daughters, so proud of you my angels, my champs
Emma got first place and Gaia second place in 80 meters run race
#runforlife #race #school #independenceday #myangels #champs #likefatherlikedaughter

Regresemos a 2008 pleas cuando usaba ese uniforme bónito😭🦁🇸🇻💙. #2008 #independenceday

Although I prefer to keep politics off this page, the continuance of ridiculous headlines in the news today has compelled me to share my 2c on the recent independence march in Warsaw.
Judging by some of the latest headlines you’d think this was the rise of the Fourth Reich. The NY Times ran with ‘Poles Cry for ‘Pure Blood’ Again’. ThinkProgress declared that ‘60,000 people march in massive Nazi rally in Poland’. And of course Kremlin mouthpiece RT had to go full retard with ‘60,000 neo-Nazis, fascists, white supremacists, far-right nationalists, anti-Semites & religious fanatics marched openly in Poland’.
Let me clear: no level-headed person wants to see a return of hypernationalism to Europe. It’s a fast-track to bigotry, hatred & conflict, and would undo much of the intra-European cooperation & reconciliation of recent decades. But to characterise an annual national holiday as some sort of far-Right apocalypse says far more about the paranoid, politically correct nature of discourse in the West than it does about the collective values of the Varsovians who took part.
As journalist Onar Åm put it, “Poland has a long & bloody history of being occupied & enslaved by other nations... And more importantly: a large part of the population who experienced this is still alive. They maintain the memory of the dark times as an active part of their cultural heritage...
By contrast, Western countries have experienced six decades of peace, freedom, & sloth. Almost no-one remembers being in a war. Virtually none have experienced true tyranny. It’s fair to say that most of us are spoiled.”
Unfortunately this is at the heart of these headlines: liberal journalists with no appreciation of the historical context of last weekend’s events, judging a crowd because they’re waving flags instead of burning them and, in isolated cases, displaying symbols of the Right (i.e. the falanga) instead of hammer & sickles. Were there extremist elements present? Sure. But overall the event was a powerful & positive demonstration of patriotism – one that vehemently rejects Nazism & reveres freedom, cultural integrity & yes, a good ol’-fashioned spectacle ✊🔥🇵🇱


November 18th, 1918, Latvia declares its independence from Russia.
🇱🇻 Latvia, 5 Lati, 1929

#coinoftheday #numismatics #numismatic #numismatica #coins #coin #coincollecting #latvia #independence #independenceday #numista

Cienījamie viesi! Sveicam Jūs no sirds Latvijas Neatkarības proklamēšanas 99. gadadienā! #latvija #latvia #freedom #independenceday

Cienījamie viesi! Sveicam Jūs no sirds Latvijas Neatkarības proklamēšanas 99. gadadienā! #latvija #latvia #freedom #independenceday

كل عام و بلدي حر مستقل و آمن. اللهم احفظ المغرب من كل شر.
الله الوطن الملك

#Zimbabwe I am so fucking proud to be Zimbabwean today. #unity #independenceday

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Naabrid hoiavad naabreid.
Head iseseisvuspäeva, Läti! 🇱🇻
PS! Pildil on Läti popmuusik Markus Riva, kes oli ühtlasi ka üks selle aasta Reebok Fitness Festivali õhtujuhtidest.
#rademar #latvia #independenceday #markusriva #fitness #motivation #weekendvibes

On November 18, 1860 in Kuryłówka in Podolia, in the then Russian partition he was born Ignacy Jan Paderewski, pianist, composer, social activist and statesman who, in the name of Poland, the Treaty of Versailles. He has performed in many countries around the world. He wrote, among others, the symphony in B minor "Polonia" (1907), which was created as a "patriotic homage to the homeland". On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, Paderewski founded the Grunwald Monument in Cracow. After World War I, he became involved in socio-political activities. In February 1915 he went to the United States and actively supported various initiatives for independent Poland. Paderewski personally reached out to President Thomas Woodrow Wilson, convincing him to support the Polish cause. He contributed to the fact that in January 8, 1918, the message of the President of the United States to the Congress included a point concerning the reconstruction of independent Poland. Paderewski also played an important role in the adoption of the June 3, 1918 declaration in which Britain, France and Italy recognized the emergence of a united and free Poland as a condition for a just and lasting peace in Europe. December 26, 1918 he arrived in Poznan. His visit triggered a great patriotic manifestation in the city, contributing to the outbreak of the Wielkopolska Uprising. January 16, 1919 Head of State Józef Piłsudski appointed Ignacy Paderwski as President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Polish delegate to the Paris Peace Conference. June 28, 1919 Paderewski signed the Treaty of Versailles on behalf of Poland. He resigned as Prime Minister on December 9, 1919. In January 1920 he went to Switzerland. After the outbreak of World War II, he took over the chairmanship of the National Council of France in December 1939. In August 1940 Paderewski went to the United States to seek help again for Poland. Ignacy Jan Paderewski died on June 29, 1941 in New York. He was buried at the Arlington Military Cemetery in Washington. In 1992 his ashes were brought to Poland and deposited in the Arch. John in Warsaw.

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The Freedom Monument - a memorial, honouring soldiers killed during Latvian War of Independence (1918-1920) 🙏
Thanks to them today my country #Latvia is celebrating its 99th Independence Day! 🇱🇻 #independenceday #freedom #99thbirthday #latvia #riga #freedommonument #staroriga2017 #lightfestival #sonya7sii

Saulriets Kalifornijā nozīmē saullēkts Latvijā 🌃🌅 un 99 neatkarības dienu! 🇱🇻
Dīvaini būt citā valstī, bet svētku sajūta nepazūd #18novembris #neatkaribasdiena #independenceday

Daudz laimes Latvija 99. gadadienā! 🇱🇻
#Proud #Country #Latvia #Latvija100 #LV100 #IndependenceDay

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