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Happy Birthday Momma, in your honor I enjoyed yellowtail for you. You would have been 59 years old today. I always remember you and Dr. King shared a birthday. Two very influential people in my life in very different ways. Thank you 🙏🏽 ❤️ #happybirthdaymomma #mlkday #influential #inyourhonor and hbd shouts to @super_teebee ! I’m glad you had a great one bro👍🏽

Only the dead have seen the end of war. #tattoo #sleevetattoo #inyourhonor

The Time is always right to do what is #right . @betterflystyle The perfect time to do what is right. #inyourhonor #martinlutherkingjr #homeofthebraves #tamiaeventshairstyling #washingtondc

May his legacy continue to inspire millions to Dream. ✨

The road to Progress is always under construction. #mlkday is an opportunity for us to reflect on the past with our eyes toward the future. This photo was taken in Sao Paulo last year when I met up with a group of Black Activist and intellectuals to discuss Black empowerment and liberation through the African diaspora. We spoke in a park until the sun went down about Marcus Garvey & Garveyism, capitalism, love, family, white supremacy, literature, and our common ancestry. We didn't allow language to limit our conversation or connection. As the only American (U.S.) they asked me about things like #blacklivesmatter, black civil organization, Obama, Kobe Bryant, and literature that they could read to get a better understanding of life for a Black American in the U.S.. I asked them how about the ways they've resisted subversive and omniscient white supremacy and shifting black identity in the Brazilian social landscape. We learned from each other, we laughed, and we didn't even scratch the surface. The wholeness of us stretches universes. One of the highlights of my 2017 was this dialogue and I'm eagerly awaiting many more to come in 2018. #inyourhonor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thank you, for us.
A estrada para o progresso está sempre em construção. #mlkday é uma oportunidade para refletir sobre o passado com nossos olhos para o futuro. Esta foto foi tirada em São Paulo no ano passado, quando conheci um grupo de activistas e intelectuais negros para discutir o empoderamento e a libertação dos negros através da diáspora africana. Nós falamos em um parque até o sol ter caído sobre Marcus Garvey e Garveyism, capitalismo, amor, família, supremacia branca, literatura e nossa ascendência comum. Não permitimos que o idioma limite nossa conversa ou conexão. Como os únicos americanos (EUA), eles me perguntaram sobre coisas como #blacklivesmatter, organização civil negra, Obama, Kobe Bryant e literatura que poderiam ler para obter uma melhor compreensão da vida para um americano negro nos EUA. Perguntei-lhes como sobre as formas em que resistiram à supremacia branca subversiva e onisciente e à mudança da identidade negra na paisagem social brasileira. Aprendemos um do out

Anyone for a Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters hat trick? Here you go, the Foo-Fest. Starring our beloved protagonist, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Support for this show provided by Treble Charger, Rusty and Talk Show (¾ of Stone Temple Pilots). October 11, 1997 at Arrow Hall, Mississauga, ON. The Foo’s were out on the road in support of The Colour and the Shape; this is their second album and is actually the debut of the band as a group, as the band's previous record, Foo Fighters (1995), was primarily recorded by Dave Grohl.

The album contains the singles "Monkey Wrench", "Everlong" and "My Hero" and after over 20 years, these songs are still included in the Foo's set list. According to Wikipedia, The Colour and the Shape is the Foo Fighters' biggest U.S. seller, having sold over two million copies.

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