Congratulations little sister! @suly_rosales
Orgullosa de mis raíces, gracias al los sacrificios de mis padres. Esto es solo el principio, es por ustedes y para ustedes!! Gracias Papi y Mami 💕❤️🇲🇽🎓 Dr. Rosales Moreno in the making 👩‍⚕️ #2017PDXGrad #ImmiGrad #HereToStay #latinxgrads #classof2017 #latinxgrad #undocumentedandeducated #sisepudo #Guerrera #undocugrad #educatedwoman #educatedlatina #KDCHI #chicapride

Congratulations little sister! @ag_brenes
It’s never too late for some graduation pictures!
My time at KU has been full of ups and downs, but I would do it all over again. I found sisterhood and met incredible people that have truly changed my life 💖 You can say that the odds were against us but we did it! No matter how long the commute was or the endless busses (quick quinceañera moment for the pic). Lo logramos!!! Now it’s time to continue with the fight 🦋 #heretostay #immigrad #undocugrad #chicapride

Congratulations little sister! @defineamerican
Good luck in graduate school @pizzatariana! To submit your #ImmiGrad story, visit the link in our bio, DefineAmerican.com/immigrad and share your story with a wider audience! #Repost via @pizzatariana: Por fin me gradué! 👩🏽‍🎓
Today I celebrated with all my family and friends that I finally graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services, and that I got accepted to graduate school! I will be starting my Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling this coming fall!
#undocugrad #immigrad #BS #rehab #icanandiwill #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #makeamericagreatagain #immigration #defineamerican #chicapride

Congratulations little sister! @bdgtz
#tbt to 2011 MBA graduation, never got to post this to the gram. Also- que he hecho con mi vida?!!! 😮 but more importantly what has congress done?! Still waiting for the dream act and immigration reform 🤷🏽‍♀️ #undocugrad #immigrad #chicapride

#Repost @defineamerican
After giving a shout out to #immigrads at @rutgersu, @queenlatifah shared what she believes are the traits of a good citizen today. A much needed perspective! #drqueenlatifah #queenlatifah #defineamerican #immigrants #immigrad

If you are in college, about to graduate or most of all a new college graduate this free online video course is for you. In it you will Learn 11 principles to start doing now and after graduating college.

They are not spoken enough about in our education system. You may already know about them, however it's one thing to know and another to understand and apply.

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In case you can’t tell we are excited about everything that’s happening this summer. Now it’s your turn to get in on the action!
Our summer tours start 7/30 don’t miss out!

#summer #lideres #immigrad #latinosinstem #artivism #studentcenteredlearning #bettermakeroom #bostonpublicschools #youthentrepreneur

You're welcome :) 💙🌵✊ man, oh man, I miss volunteering. #terplife #volunteerism #bilingualasfuck #linguistichumanrights #depaulu #immigrad #TICdepaul

Congratulations little sister! @defineamerican
Repost via @camilaronipizza, Photo by @josejacobphotography.
Thank you! For sharing your PROUD #ImmiGrad Story.
Undocumented. Immigrant. Latina. Queer. Woman. Low income. First-gen. Anxiety.
All these salient identities and labels used to be barriers that I thought for sure would keep me from reaching my goals. All of these were reasons society told me I would not be as successful as my peers.
College graduate.
This identity would not have been possible without the fuel of my marginalized identities. The multiple systemic and overt obstacles in my way only served as even more reasons why I needed to achieve my dreams. This diploma I’m about to receive is a privilege and an honor and it’s a testimony to the hard work of my parents and mentors, not just myself.
This one is for my family and for the millions of other folks who hold my same identities that can’t quite yet strive for their dreams.

Tomorrow will forever be the day that I reclaimed my narrative and proved myself wrong. Yo soy fuerte, yo soy capaz, yo soy invincible, yo soy mujer. 👩🏻‍🎓🦋
#undocugrad #immigrad #graduation #classof2018 #heretostay #heretoslay #makeamericagreatagain #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #undocumented #undocumentedandunafraid #defineamerican #grad #internationalstudents #internationalstudent #immigrant #american #murica #lgbtq #lgbtqgrad #mentalhealth #shero #college #collegegraduation #collegegrad #university #education #chicapride

Congratulations little sister! @phdreamers
READ. HER. LIPS. #WeDidIt #YouDidIt
4 years ago, You've met them in our "Dreamers to Doctors" short, now witness a momentous milestone as they become Doctoras Carol's Belsai Montes, MD and Aimé Castillo Manzatini, MD! .
🎓🦋🎓Dreamers 👏🏽 to 👏🏽 Do-ers 👏🏽 to 👏🏽 Doctors 👩🏽‍⚕️🦋👩🏽‍⚕️
#Immigrad #Undocugrad #Dreamers2Doctors #PHDreamers @undocumedia @defineamerican @unitedwedream @ucdavismedschool #chicapride

Congratulations little sister! @anakarenphotography1
Not photography related...
A HUGE HUG AND CONGRATS to my little sister for graduating from University of Washington...!! Yes, those institutions are not meant for us, yet you managed to make it against all odds... You learned where you come from, (hence the huaraches) and continue to fight for your community... You make me the proudest big sister ever... and not to steal your shine... pero hay vamos yo y kukka... 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 👩🏽‍🎓👨🏻❤️ #Photography #AnaKarenPhotography1 #Undocugrad #Immigrad #UniversityOfWashington #chicapride

Congratulations little sister! @irrmmmaaa
Graduating with a B.S. in Public Relations from San José State University wouldn't have been possible without the support of my parents, family and friends.
Thank you to -- My parents, Pedro and Josefina Guardado... although I was the one who navigated through the educational system, attended lecture, worked in group projects and took mid-terms and final exams as a first generation college student it wouldn't have been possible without their support. My parents sacrificed and worked so much to come to the United States as teens to watch me cross the stage. My degree is also theirs.

To my brother, Omar Guardado (not pictured)... I love you. I hope you are as proud as me as I am of you.

My grandparents, Enrique and Margarita Martinez who watched me graduate -- the first in the family. I hope I made you proud and I hope mis primos and primas follow in my footsteps.

My boyfriend, Juan Huerta... my unconditional friend at SJSU. We dance and studied together throughout the last three years at SJSU. You bring a smile to my face and inspire me... you are passionate about everything you do and I admire you for that and so much more.

My friend(s) Rafael Sario, my roommates -- Ana María Ferretiz, Bosy Rodriguez and Vannessa Plaza (who painted my beautiful cap) and all my other friends... thank you for being someone to talk to, share experiences and making me laugh.

Lastly, thank you @sjsu, my professors, mentors and peers... The last four years were a time for growth -- both professionally and as a person. I am confident in who I am and I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life at @usfca for grad school.
#SJSU #SJSUGrad #Classof2017 #firstgen #immigrad #latinxgrads #latinxgradcaps #UFS @latinarebels @undocumedia

This morning our rising 11th grade students from the Escalera: Taking Steps to Success summer program and the Academy of Latinos Achieving Success (ALAS) summer programs visited Harvard Medical School. Students were greeted by Sergio Núñez-Báez, a graduate student at HMS, and Dr. Sheila E. Nutt, Director of Educational Outreach Programs.

Escalera and ALAS students received a tour of the Warren Anatomical Museum, the Harvard Medical School campus, and attended a panel discussion comprised of diverse HMS students from Puerto Rico, Ghana, and the Ojibwe Nation. Panelists discussed the importance of taking responsibility for their choices, of seeking supportive mentors, of staying true to their culture, identity and roots, and of not letting other people's opinions define them or hold them back.

#immigrad #bettermakeroom #fortheculture #vivalacultura #representationmatters #highereducation

Thinking about completing year 11 & 12 in Australia? -
We can help you, enquire with us www.wsscollege.com.au
#enquirewithin #studymotivation

Congratulations little sister! @swankyyyy
YOU BET UR ASS I PUT PUPUSAS ON MY GRADUATION CAP🇸🇻🇸🇻🎓✌️❤️💛 #latinxgradcaps #latinxgrads #immigrad #chicapride

Make life long friends and receive a life long education. -
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#applynow #educationforlife

Congratulations little sister! @ashleyhrdz (@get_repost)
As I FINALLY get to lay down & have a minute to update on my emotional weekend...Thank you Comadres for always being there to help me with Adi, thank you Suegra for being the person Adi needs to have around, thank you Mom for reminding me everyday how I can do anything & for really being the one person I’ve always wanted to make proud, to show you that all your work & sacrifice wasn’t a waste. Thank you to my precious little baby girl for always staying up with me and keeping me entertained while I stayed up til 3-4am just to make sure I got my As, no matter how hard I would try to put you to bed, you always wanted to wait and be with mommy, we did this together. It means the world to me to have had all of yall’s complete support throughout my 5 years of college chaos. Thank you for being my support system, my encouragement, & my motivation. Thank you to my dear husband that as I write this makes me get teary-eyed, you really went above and beyond this weekend and I cannot express how truly grateful I am to have you. Thank you for always being my rock, my friend, my go-to, my HUSBAND. Even when I doubt myself, you are always there to make sure I pull through. I am absolutely blessed to have you in my life and now that we are at the right moment of our lives, thank you for giving us the opportunity to finally have the wedding that I have always dreamt of, I cannot wait to continue through our journey in life! & last but not least, thank you to my loving friends that helped my husband plan and put my surprise party together. I really wasn’t expecting any of it and I absolutely LOVED every single little detail! I just do not know how I will ever show how thankful I am for y’all! -loveeeeeee with all my heart, Ashley #educatedlatina #gradcap #dsc #immigrad #paralafamilia #okurrr #businessgirl #2019wedding #beready

Congratulations little sister! @rosaarevalo__ (@get_repost)
Today I graduated with my bachelors in business administration, I am the first in my family to graduate from a university. I still can’t believe this just happened. Thank you God for all your blessings👩🏽‍🎓🙌🏽❤️ #ClassOf2018 #BeautyAndBrains #Immigrad #EducatedLatina #Latina #FirstGenerationGraduate

It’s Monday, a new week and we’re ready to learn 🤓
Applications for our next VCAL intake are now open, apply here —-> www.wsscollege.com.au/how-to-apply/
#vcalenrolment #applynow

SORTEIO🍀 Foto NÃO Oficial 🍀
Preparei esse sorteio maravilhoso com o presente que eu recebi da @papelaria.concurseiros . Obrigada!!! A foto oficial está no @sos_resumos
Boa sorte 🍀🙋🏻💋
#phd #brasil #brazil #valedictorian #nyu #womeninscience #latin #stem #immigrad #firstgeneritaonamerican
#drafernandabrito #drfernandabrito #giveawaycontest #sorteio #sorteiotop #papelaria #stabilo

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