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Second attempt with watercolor. Yeah yeah i know.. Bleh bleh bleh 😇🔪

Weekends at 3am 💁🏻 #tb #ihaveinsomnia

Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise!!

Ceilings at the broad....skylight perfection. #ihaveinsomnia

We all need a hug sometimes 😌 #hugsomeone #ihaveinsomnia #mypostsgetweirdafter11pm

#ibeup #ihaveinsomnia I always wake up and can't go back to sleep 3or 4 um up everyday

💋. I live for nights like these #sleeptime #jk #ihaveinsomnia #cake


It's night like this when the world is at rest that I start to think deeply about the person I am. When the stars are spread across the sky and my eyes won't seem to close as my brain keeps spinning with the thoughts, wonders, worries of life. This journey is not an easy one and this path is hard. I can see now that I might not be able to reach certain heights I had held so dearly in my heart. With this I am focusing on learning to embrace both the warm, honey sweet parts of life while also learning to respect the bitterness that inevitably comes to balance it out. It is moments like this that serve as a heart wrenching lesson on the way to discovering myself as a whole. It is nights like this that leave me in wonder of how amazing and incredible it is to truly connect and love and how devastatingly hard it can be to let go. It is life like this that serves as a lesson to help me grow. To allow the wounds to heal and to let the light inside again. The moon will keep rising and the sun will always set. The sea, mountains and forests will forever stand strong. No matter how heart breakingly difficult this life is, the beauty of the world will still remain. It is seconds like this that keep me focused on discovering who I am as a woman. To keep moving with passion, love and intention and let myself be fiercely me. 🌩🌙☄ #ihaveinsomnia #selfdiscovery #mindfullness #selflove #lifeishard #sunset

Managed to fall asleep around 12:30am. Woke up at 3am and of course could not get back to sleep. My insomnia continues. Laid in bed thinking of Sebastian Stan on his birthday. I so loved what he posted on his Instagram account. Such a beautiful man. #dreamingofsebastianstan #happybirthdaysebastianstan #yourfansadoreyou #ihaveinsomnia #insomniaisnojoke #ithinkofsebastianstanwheniamawake #my3aminsomniaproject

3am... làm gì mà hai con mắt như hai cái đèn pha... 😓😓😓 thôi thì soạn bài mai dạy vậy... #3am #cannotsleep #ihaveinsomnia #awake #toprepare #lessonplans

Ppl with insomnia be like⬆️⬆️⬆️#IHaveInsomnia

‪Probably not the best idea to start a 1,000 piece puzzle at 12:30 in the morning. ‬#puzzle #ihaveinsomnia

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