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Let's glow, girl!
Xoxo Rach ✌💓✨

I agree! The choice is always ours and I feel that in no shape or form are we to judge any one else for what they eat. As long as we are doing the work to keep healthy, it doesn't matter what measures you take to get there. Do what works for you. If we inspire others a long the way, fantastic. If we don't, that is ok, too. We're here to support each other, regardless of what we eat. Live and let live. 💜
#repost #mummacancook #eatwhatisbestforyou #food #eatwhatisbestforyou #doyou #stopjudging #liveandletlive #iwontjudgeyou #youdontjudgeme #simplelogic #foodislife #eathealthy #doityourway #eatforyourbodymindandsoul

Keep on fighting, ignore what people say

So much on your mind? And there is no one to listen. If you need me I'm here, if you don't I'm still here. Tell me your story, I won't judge you because I don't know you.

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Today, I buried a 15 year old gangster named Brandon. Sad. I cried, a lot.
As I recited the eulogy, I thought of some of my family members & friends that are not here; but in a grave awaiting the soon return of our crucified, yet risen King. I also thought of us that remain alive. & I cried some more. We’re walking around like we are bullet proof; like we are immortal. We are not. We all come face to face with death. But, we all CAN HAVE everlasting life. Let’s repent of our sins, brethren. Let’s start over. Start new. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Today is the day of salvation. *Rest in peace, young prince. I’ll wake you up when HE gets here.

#hope #Jesus #Life #ourkingdomawaits #gangster #thuglife #Jesuslovesyousomuch #Imhereforyoutoo #Iunderstandyou #Iwontjudgeyou #Muchlove

#WordsOFWisdom 🌱What is necessary to change a person is to change the awareness of themselves. It isn’t just betting on your strengths, but accepting your shortcomings.  If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, If you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, If you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.  It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are….. Who you are truly meant to be. Yes love yourself.... But be accountable and welcome the growing pains #BeIntentionalWithChange #DoYouReallyWantIt
#JustBE #WhatWillBeWillBE #ForNowJustDoMe #CountYourBlessings #PracticeKindness #LetGoOfWhatYouCantControl #ListenToYourHeart #BeProductive #BeCalm #JustBreathe #wiseWordsWisdom #WiseWoman #SelfAwareness #Growth #Humility #DontJudgeMe #IWontJudgeYou

Oh snap!!!! 🙌🙌🙌YES! I try not to judge others, but I am human...so I probably fall short on those ethics from time to time.💔 What I sincerely have an issue with (especially lately) is being treated differently because of misplaced jealousy, fear, and lack of knowledge about me. Trust me when I say there is enough room for all of us to rock this journey called life. I know this much....I don't want your spotlight, because I'm too busy trying to create my own DAMN sunshine! 😜😁❤️☀️ #SupportEachOther #womanup #dontJudgeME and #IwontJudgeYOU

Sometimes you just need to let it out.. #illlistentoyou #iwontjudgeyou #justtalk #letitout #pennyforyourthoughts

I wish you could smell my home right now! Roasted garlic, rich tomatoes 🍅 , fresh basil 🌿 and Parmigiano….this recipe is one of my most popular, check it out #ontheblog, just search “Spaghetti Sauce” on www.thefreshcooky.com.
On my stories today are a few tantalizing pictures of the making of my Grandfather’s Famous Spaghetti sauce. He owned 3 Italian restaurants in the Denver area and I have the great pleasure of sharing his recipe. It’s still simmering away, I’m old school and think it should simmer all day on the stove and then be eaten (or frozen for other uses) the next day!
There are so many uses for this sauce, like my easy homemade Calzone’s (also on the blog), over pasta, simmered with meatballs, meatball subs, sausage, peppers & onions, base for lasagna, gift giving (I jarred up mason jars for Christmas gifts last year and gave to neighbors with artisan pasta and a loaf of good Italian Bread). Or simply spoon yourself up a little bowl, grab some hearty bread, slather a little butter on it and sop away! #dontjudgeme #iwontjudgeyou #thefreshcooky

Day 26:

So now that I’m back from vacation I want to share something really important.

Things happen. There’s no way to predict what people will do or how people will act. I work really hard to try not to expect things from people for this reason.

It doesn’t mean it always works. I’m naturally a hopeful person and tend to hope for things to work out so I still get hurt sometimes.
Expectations ruin relationships. Assumptions ruin relationships but most of all it can hurt you. And others. I wouldn’t want people to assume or expect things of me so why would I?
#daytwentysix #thebeautifultruthchallenge #dontjudgeme #iwontjudgeyou #noonesperfect #wildflower #dramahappensbutyoucanavoidit

Singing and Dancing always bring up emotions. Good Bad or Indifferent. #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #family #sundayfunday #beingsilly #dontjudgeme #iwontjudgeyou

As over the last month I’ve been bugged about losing weight and getting skinnier... people don’t understand the life I live. I don’t choose to be the size I am, it’s more of a struggle than a blessing most of the time as I have people stare at me and judge me. This is the last two weeks, working most of the days, but two of the days this week I barely even had my Fitbit on. I run my ass off and am constantly moving. So don’t judge me for the way I look and be jealous because it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, stress and lack of energy does a lot to a person. #dontjudgeme #iwontjudgeyou #workworkwork #workisallidothesedays

Happy Birthday to my American sister @allove1316 ❤️ thank you for your advice, your support, your sarcastic sense of humour, your wine, your snacks, your ability to make people feel so special and of course your sense of style (handmedowns are my wardrobe) Your always there to listen to me and I appreciate it! You are an amazing mom, wife, dogmom, and sister and to top it off you are so career driven and successful. Have a wonderful week full of celebrations, you deserve it! #superwoman #weneedmorephotostogether #iwontjudgeyou

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