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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was just too much tonight. #bringinghomebabyslott #ivf #ivfsuccess

Memiliki seorang anak dalam rumah tangga sangatlah di butuhkan karena dia yang melangkapi kebahagian dalam rumah tangga dan bisa memberikan suasana baru. Akan tetapi terkadang ada penghalang sehingga bisa menghambat kehamilan seperti:
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Jika para bunda mengalami masalah tersebut kami akan membantu memberikan solusi agar bisa tertuntaskan, dalam waktu yang relatif singkat dengan tingkat keberhasilan 95%


WA: 085850758961
WA: 085850758961

For #NationalPuppyDay I wanted to share a video of the pups we saved in 2017. These 14 cuties gave us so much happiness + meaning. Let alone, helped mask the sadness of infertility. If you haven’t fostered, I’d highly recommend it as a form of therapy. No, you won’t want to keep every one. We’ve fostered 15 without a “foster fail.” 🐶 #infertilitysucks #ttc #adoptdontshop #ivf #ttcsisters #therapy

You guys are incredible! I only had one person ask for a refund due to the delayed shipping and I completely understand (as IVF is not usually on our watch once we start). I’m spending my Friday night packaging EVERY order I missed. Again, thanks!
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Best #BlueSteel pose we have seen this year. #bravo #adorable #baby #blueeyes #ivf #success

Gearing up for #ivf round ✌🏼. It’s easy to let fear control your mind after failing an IVF cycle. All hope is gone. You’re broken down, wondering how you’ll get through another cycle knowing the same thing could happen again.
But I’ll tell y’all how I’m going to get through it — taking one day at a time, relying on my husband, friends and family for support, remembering to take deep breaths, and ultimately choosing to stay positive through this process. Infertility does not define me, it’s just part of my story.
#ivfjourney #infertility #infertilitysucks #ttc #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #round2 #icsi #eggretrieval #faithoverfear #staypositive

The main reason I am still here today - is the thought of having a family. Creating my own little babies like any other woman can, but I can’t. I found out from a recent procedure called a #hycosy that my tubes are completely blocked. From what research I have done I now have 2 choices...... an IUI or IVF - why the fuck can nothing just run smoothly for once. Some good news,luck or karma thrown my way. I feel like I’m fighting a lost battle. I’m surrounded by children that I love, but they aren’t mine. I NEED to be a mum- I feel it everyday - I have done for years. :,( #pcos #pcosfighter #hycosyexperience #blockedtubes #iui #ivf #infertility #infertilitysucks #upset #mentalhealth #mentalillness #bleh #iwantababy

Cerclage is done! Feeling crampy, cranky and gross but so glad the surgery went well and the baby is doing great. Makena/progesterone shots start in two weeks. Praying so hard that everything works out this time. Stay in there little one! 👶🏼

Birthdays are tough for me...it’s the hubby’s today! They are this underlying constant reminder that we haven’t done something or accomplished our goals before that new age comes. Does anyone else struggle with these like me? Sometimes I feel crazy...well let’s be honest a lot of these fertility drugs make me feel crazy too.
It’s like time keeps moving forward but my plans and ideas about where I’d be at this point in my life are at a standstill. And it sucks because I don’t have control over either side of the equation.
Now I know everyone has a different timeline in life and some of us want things fast and others want to savor the time before starting things but when you’ve been waiting a long time for something to happen, birthdays kind of blow...
#infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilityjourney #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfcommunity #secondaryinfertility #secondaryinfertilitysucks #secondaryinfertilityawareness

It’s amazing what 🥑 toast can do for your body and spirit. Going through another stim cycle and hopefully at the end of this, an embryo 🥚 transfer. Definitely fewer follicles than even 6 months ago, but it only takes one! Please send us some good luck 🍀 I really need our luck to turn around!! .
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Semoga yang like dan komen amin bulan ini bisa cepat mempunyai momongan.,. Amiinn
. . . . .
Yuk cek IG kami seputar program kehamilan dengan tingkat keberhasilannya 95% , ayo tunggu apalagi sudah banyak yang berhasil mengikuti promil kami.

🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil & hiburan bayi
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Es un privilegio poder ver los primeros días de desarrollo de un #embrión. Gracias al #timelapse hemos aprendido tanto que cada día nos sentimos más apasionados por lo que hacemos: ayudar a que las personas cumplan su sueño de tener un #bebé.
#imaginalograrlo #ivf #fiv #amazinglife

Well hello there Surrogacy Page 👋🏼 It’s so amazing to be back and see all the beautiful new babies you have welcomed into the world.

Over 4 months ago now I took some time off from IVF, Surrogacy and also this Instagram page. Over 3 cycles, 2 years, 2 failed attempts and 1 miscarriage, my relationship, self worth and faith in the world we live in diminished. I simply couldn’t keep going. Now after some time to regain and regroup we are ready to tackle this roller coaster journey again. This time stronger.
As you may or may not know, in Australia Surrogacy is not assured with government funding or any assistance. Each cycle is over $20k Au and on top you have 2x legal expenses, multiple counselling sessions that are $$ plus medications. Luke and I have spent over $40k+ for the cycles and although this is still a big dream of ours we are needing help. We have set up a GoFund me page (something we would never normally do) and are asking for everyone to share. Not only will this help us with bringing our rainbow baby into the world, we are hoping this will raise awareness into exactly how hard Surrogacy is for Australian couples. I will post our link in my bio soon. Please. Share!! Xx L 💋

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The rainbow this morning was my sign!! Today we got our report back!!! To say we are elated is an understatement!! Now just a few more weeks to transfer!! #ivf #pgstesting #ttc #ttccommunity #ivfproccess #rainbowbabyhope #rainbowwasasign #ihavethebestsupportgroup #boys #girls #futurebabies #hope #pray #imsostinkinhappy

My Trio
And Xanax "I got this."-my daily mantra

Nearly every day this week I feel like I have gone to bed and woken up with an already empty bucket of patience, which kind of feels like a horrible way to start your day with three toddlers. I also haven't been sleeping great because my brain feels like it won't stop thinking. There are some things that I'm working through in my heart and there are also some incredibly exciting things happening that just have put my mind into whirlwind causing me to feel stressed and overwhelmed. I even got a cold sore. The lack of patience and exhaustion are the worst combination, and then add stress and I turn into a ticking time bomb. I think you could say this week I was an anxiety attack waiting to happen.
And it happened. Twice.
I haven't had an anxiety attack in 8 months and then all of the sudden I have 2 in one week. It feels frustrating.
These moments are hard. The moments where my body is suddenly heating up and my heart racing. The moments where panic begins to fuel my heart with fear. The moments where my husband is late for work because he can see the panic setting in. The moments where I know I need a xanax. The moments where my kids see me on the brink of losing it and the fear of what they think of me implodes my heart. Those are the hardest moments. It is amazing how much anxiety and fear can captivate your mind in those moments!! When I'm in the thick of an anxiety attack I have a very hard time seeing a brave, strong, great mom. And instead, I see weakness and disappointment.
Then after some time passes and my heart has calmed down the confident, continually growing me kicks into gear and I realize that the only way I'm going to do this mom job well, is with grace.
It is okay that I need to have xanax every now and then. It is okay that I need daily anxiety medication right now. It is okay to be open, honest, and vulnerable about this season. It is okay to focus a lot on self love and self care. "I got this" means waking up, knowing however the day turns out that you are a great Mom. It means choosing grace and self love. It means believing in yourself!

[jangan pernah menyerah]
Mungkin itu kalimat yang tepat untukku dan suami saat ini, jangan pernah menyerah, jangan pernah menyerah dalam keyakinan kita sama Tuhan dan ketulusan dalam berusaha
Jadi program yang ketiga ini aku dan suami banyak bersyukur, bersyukur aku pernah dinyatakan positif, tapi lebih tepatnya POSITIF RENDAH, menurut dokter ini menempel, tapi penempelannya tidak bagus
Tapi buat aku secara pribadi entah kenapa aku gak sedih, gak down, justru aku baca wa dokter klo aku positif aja aku udah merinding, bersyukur banget sambil terharu kayak gak percaya
Walaupun harus menerima kenyataan kalau saat ini BELUM SAATNYA tapi aku BERSYUKUR BANGET pernah positif, embrio yang ada di video yg aku posting ini sempet menempel di rahimku, terimakasih ya nak
Aku bersyukur aku pernah positif walau HANYA hitungan hari atau minggu pun tapi positif itu ada, aku bersyukur, itu mujizat. Terimakasih Tuhan Yesus atas kesempatannya, Terimakasih. Aku tau ini yang terbaik untukku dan suami saat ini, kami terima, kami tetep bersyukur
Tetep yakin dan percaya, tidak ada yang mustahil, Tuhan punya banyak cara menjawab doaku dan suami dan pasti ada pembelajaran yang sangat berharga di setiap kegagalan
Pastikan aku dan suami tetep berdoa dan yakin, tetep tulus dalam setiap usaha dan tetep berfikir positif 🙏🏻
Happy Weekend.....
#sharingiscaring #godbless #keepfaith #faithinchrist #bepatient #ivf #ivfsurvivor #curhatanmalam

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