Thank you Karen!

Head to toe donations for women!❤ #isupportthegirls #donations #essentials #stgcentralnorthnj

Warm smiles on a cold morning!❤ Yesterday, Nicole and her daughter dropped off donations for women in need. Thank you!

#isupportthegirls #donations #newjersey #stgcentralnorthnj

One of our faves. So true 💗.

Check out all the bras we donated to @isupportthegirls in November! I couldn’t do this without my amazing clients and friends bringing me their old bras. The bras you don’t love should find a new home-don’t you think? When you get fitted and purchase new bras, set then old ones aside. Together we can make a difference. .
#essentialbodywear #brafitter #projectuplift #isupportthegirls #iamenough #domesticviolence #homelessnessawareness

Providers Jessica Murphy and Rebecca Wenig receiving our amazing care kits from @isupportthegirls Thanks so much!! Interested in a kit or seeing our bilingual provider go to Juno4Me.org #isupportthegirls #contraceptionaccess #implanon #mybodymychoice #juno4me #juno4meprovider #powerful #iud #iud4me

Periods don’t stop for wildfires. Therefore, we made a promise this morning for #GivingTuesday and we are delighted to keep it. We exceeded our fundraising goal before the match, and money donated over $7,800 will be going to ship maxipads to the 7 requested shelters in California. There’s a huge request for pads to be sent to those affected by the wildfires. So we will ship as many as we can from your generous donations. Link in bio. For those left with nothing, helping restore dignity can be everything.

Still time to consider a donation. Please visit our Amazon wishlist to see what we are in need of to help the women and girls in our state......
https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2JEI5WE9LJY64 #givingtuesday #isupportthegirls

Buying a bra is something a lot of us do without thinking, but for many women, owning a bra that fits and functions is not a given.
On #GivingTuesday, we're asking you to post with a purpose. We will donate one bra to @ISupporttheGirls for every repost of this or of our IG story TODAY, Tuesday, November 27th! Just tag @wearlively so we don't miss any of them! .
We will also be donating one bra for every order placed today and one bra on behalf of every woman in our ambassador community... that means 55,000 bras will be directly donated to I Support the Girls. We love our crew and the impact of this incredible day of giving. Let's do this!

It's #GivingTuesday! For every bra ordered today on Natori.com, we'll donate one to @isupportthegirls, a charity committed to helping women. #Natori #NatoriBras

#Woolfer Non-Profit Spotlight
Dana Marlowe, I Support the Girls
Can you tell us what I Support The Girls is and how it works, how you support your population?
I Support the Girls is not your average charity that helps the homeless. In fact, our donations reach a unique population of women and girls who have a unique ask: a well-fitting bra and a stress-free period. We provide bras and menstrual products to women and girls in need who are typically homeless and low income, but we’ve recently expanded our reach to those who may be cancer patients, fleeing domestic violence situations, refugees, those in disaster relief shelters, inmates, and more.

Bras are expensive, and many times, our recipients face the choice of spending waning funds on a hot meal or a maxi pad. Women shouldn’t face that choice. We won’t be able to end homelessness, but we can help accommodate a marginalized population. Often, people want to look the other way when they think about poverty or ignore a disaster in an area that isn’t happening to them. We set out to prove that periods don’t just stop when you can’t afford them, and women and girls at any phase in their life deserve the dignity that a properly fitting bra and hygiene products provide.
Read more at www.thewoolfer.com
#nonprofit #philanthropy #charity #womenempowerment #isupportthegirls #dobetter #womenover40 #wwvwd #spotlight #community #children #girls

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU friends and coworkers for generously donating LOTS of bras for @isupportthegirls in #fortcollins! For those of you that haven’t heard of the organization, it provides bras and feminine hygiene products for women/children experiencing homelessness. Awesome cause! If you still have some you’d like to donate, let me know 😊 #supportthegirls #isupportthegirls #womenhelpingwomen #womensupportwomen

Thank you for your kindness! Your Sunday box is on its way!

Pay it forward- Every collection purchase you make, @sundaytosundaycollection pays it forward by donating a set to @isupportthegirls! Get 20% off using “BFCM” ❤️

You get, we give!
Every order you place, every collection you purchase, we pay it forward and donate to @isupportthegirls

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You for Giving!
For every collection purchase, we donate a set to @isupportthegirls on your behave!
#givethanks #giveback

Usually our deliveries include thousands of maxipads.
Operation Warm Heart requested just one box.

Sometimes, this is all it takes to make a difference.

#isupportthegirls #stgcentralnorthnj #operationwarmheart #grateful

We are so thankful for our community. Your generosity last month during our bra and feminine product drive for @isupportthegirls was inspiring! We donated over 70 bras to women in need throughout the Chicagoland area. And this box that is bursting with pads and tampons and deodorant and razors and toothbrushes is helping women in need right here in Oak Park. We ❤️ your kindness and are grateful to be surrounded by an amazing community! #isupportthegirls #supportthegirls #togetherstrong #womensupportingwomen #powHER #TBClove #TBCOP

Between mail-ins & this local collection, ~175 bras will go to women & girls in need via @isupportthegirls. This was the best bet I ever lost. Thanks to all who donated! #happythanksgiving
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