All I ever wanted to be was happy. I spent so long as a social chameleon, trying to fit it and to adjust my behaviour to fit other people's perspective of me. . . .
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“I am rarely bored alone; I am often bored in groups and crowds.” ~ Laurie Helgoe

On a hiatus currently 👍🏾
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What is your style? You can call it the art of fighting, without fighting, show me some 🤚 ~ Enter the dragon

My job has a few toxic people we have to work with out east and they keep chasing away awesome people I adore and tormenting the rest of us who stay. I honestly hate having to go into work now but fortunately I absolutely love all my coworkers here. I keep waking up in anxiety-fueled obsessive thinking playing out work scenarios that either will never happen or re-writing the scripts to ones that already did. I wish I could be as kickass in real life and tell people to stop being jerkface bullies. Anxiety 1/ Me 0. Also, it turns out Quasimodo snores which is so fucking adorable and a silver lining for being awake rn. #shutupanxiety #toxicpeople #hostileworkenvironment #badleadership #infjproblems

Do not let the opinion of others change your dreams. Aim high. Don't stop. Rise up and meet your higher self 🌺

Oh the tangled web they weave,when they choose to deceive. Narcissistic abuse is a pandemic. 👊
The nature of the abuse is unseen, unheard and disregarded as the victim is attacked and dehumanised by the narc and their entourage. Always use your intelligence not your wrath, act stupid, let them think they have it in the bag. Then Boom rug rip them fuckers with your own artillery of, screenshots of abuse dating back until the end of time.you have to educate yourself to think like them when planning your escape. The only thing these fuckers are scared of is exposure. Their carefully concocted fake life crumbling to the ground. When done in a legal manner the level of abuse is mind blowing to the criminal justice system, they are well read and we'll experienced with those without conscience. What's even more satisfying is the only other thing they fear is prison. They would be eaten alive by the tiny little world full of danger and those who have ended up there often as a result of being abused. The predator becomes the PREY. Box clever. Act stupid. It's their arrogance that allows you this privilege. Narcissistic abuse is far more painfull than physical violence. To catch the squirrel you must become it✍️

The victim mentality. Narcissistic females play this role to its maximum impact. Playing with gender roles, maternal expectations and mimicry. .
They're are always sick, or their children are. They create situations to glean attention. They use sexualtly to lure in their entourage and put in place secrets and lies to trauma bond their conquests often their husbands family members. So guilty do these unwitting victims feel they will defend the narcissist at any cost to deflect their wrong doing. These people are a danger to society. These people cannot be cured with no amount of love it therapy. Why? Because they enjoy what they do, every single second if the pain they cause. Because of course to feel wicked and powerful is far better than what they really are. Devoid of soul, devoid of true emotion, devoid of joy and the absolute inability to be connected to anything but their own reflection. Education is key

The one defining factor for me when getting to know someone is this.👇
A narcissistic person will have no friends, not in the true sense of the word rather they will acquire people along the way to do their dirty work. These freind are usually only in the capacity of social media whereas they don't actually know them in real time rather they are freinds with their carefully planned out cameo role in their fake melodrama. Complete with cute picture, gushing replies all used to lure in the unwitting victim. They will triangulate usually with three or more people to cause mistrust, gossip and blatent downright lies to harm their supoky. Their biggest Allie is their fake persona. A narcissistic individual is utterly biologically incapable of forming true attachments with another. Each person is an item in their very own game. When the narcissistic individual becomes parent they then have their fake freind for life, as the child is merely an extension of their ego. Be vigilant these people are a true danger to humanity and cause utter distruction to all involved. Once the mask is off, it's too late.

Imagine if you will as a rounded adult with healthy emotions and healthy expectations on others , imagine pretending to be evil all day long day in day out, only taking off your evil in moments alone. It would be nigh on impossible for we have no gain in such behaviour. Imagine that, then imagine this. A narcissist is clinically incapable of being kind, understanding, maternal or happy, they too have to pretend day in day out to be nice. Imagine how exhausting this must be. Eventually the mask slips. Get to know your significant other/freind/coworker before you reveal your emotional hand. A stitch in time saves 9. Stop narcissistic abuse in its tracks. No contact. And don't hate them......... Nothing them. .
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The jezabel roughly translated this is the devil with tits. 🚫🐍
These narcissistic females will fuck, seduce, compell and trauma bond her way through life. It's worked for years, she always gets her way, along with a good few STDs and terminations she uses as contraception. Role forward the jezabel in later life and by later life I mean early 30's the female narc starts to lose her allure, her face will look like what she is, no amount of makeup can cover the aging female narc the evil truly shows on the face. Their time is limited. These are the neighbours you often find living on their own screaming at kids for playing ball and never getting a single visitor. You may feel so sorry for them all alone. Remember no one ends up all alone unless they are a well seasoned cunt. That dangerously intoxicating female you just fucked? The one who came with a coat on with nothing else to surprise you. She has a tail and horns. Good luck y'all Gona need it✌️

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