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Training for my first Ironman, a teammate suggested I create a motto for myself. Through the long hours of training, I contemplated what words spoke to me and helped pushed me to keep training.
What came to mind: I Can, I Will
Just finishing my biggest training weekend leading up to #IMSantaRosa these words still resonate. Repeating these words pedal after pedal and step after step. Find what keeps you going and chase it. #19days

#icaniwill #motivationmonday #ironman

Number 4 on a brutally fun day throughout scenic NorCal, leaving it all out there. Big thanks to all for the amazing support and cheers! Happy with a solid PR, 9:47.
#imsantarosa #skratchthesummit #timetofly #croptopwar

‪Got announced by Mike Reilly Mike Reilly as the youngest racer here at #IMSantaRosa #ironmantri at 18 years old‬

Recovery Day 2 - Part 1. Dreams do come true. VIP private tour @lagunitasbeer #swimbikerunbeer #imsantarosa

A few scenes from #IMSantaRosa 📷: @sgodwinfilms

Hot, hilly but beautiful up here 🍇 . All things checked in 👍🏼. Thanks to the hubby for fixing up my bike and lending me his race wheels! You can track me with the new Ironman Track app. Bib 289. One more sleep. Ready, set... #IMSantaRosa #coeursports #argon18 #empiretri #workharddreambig

👀 That time when I was practicing my open water 🏊🏻 pre-race at Lake Sonoma 🙌🏻🇺🇸 #lifedoesnotsuckatall

Ironman #5 in the books! #IMSantaRosa #triathlon #trilife #RocktheW

Crushing 🍇 and 140.6 miles. Beautiful day at #imsantarosa. Always inspired by this community of athletes. #respectthedistance #ironman #triathlon


Absolutely beautiful morning for a run....BUT it's not a run day, it's a gym day.

I love feeling like my training was more than just a run, or bike, or swim. Today's goal was met and it felt amazing. Taking the time to educate myself on what I thought I already knew but just wasn't implementing is important. Knowledge is only useful when it is used. It's not just about run/bike/swim, it's much, much more. Sleep, nutrition, recovery, stress, everything plays a role in a successful event (race). If the CIM was this Sunday, I'd be ready, that's where I'm at right now. These next 9 days and 4 runs are going to just prepare more physically, because mentally I am there.
106.7/ 135

My goal was 6 miles @9:00 pace, it's hard pacing yourself, but I did a fine job today. My official mile pace was 8:56 per mile, and it felt amazing. CIM IS just 10 days away, and everything is starting to click. I stepped down the mileage from my original plan and could not be happier. Training without proper recovery accomplishes nothing but tearing down the body. My recovery from run to run has been much better. ***
#IMSantaRosa #IRONMANSantaRosa
#CrushItZone #triathlon #triathlontraining
#swimming #biking #running #determined #IGotThis #progress #marathontraining #IRONMANtraining #tri365 #TEAMTRI365 #WeLoveTri

Great view for thanksgiving! Love Texas basically perfect weather!! And since it was a paid holiday I was basically a pro today love when I get paid to ride my bike! #triathlontraining #trilife #ironmantraining #ironman #swimbikerun #neverquit #fitlife #texas703 #imsantarosa #cycling #proforaday

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you get to eat plenty, watch some football or the dog show, and have some laughter & love in your hearts today.

I have so much to be thankful for this year but as always I’m thankful for this pretty lady by my side. She has been doing such a great job with learning how to run and most importantly to find enjoyment in it. Today she completed her first 5k ever and I couldn’t be prouder of her!

There might be another 5k soon for us but we’re happy to say that we will be running the @hotchocolate15k race together as a couple on January 7th! I can’t wait to share a cup of hot cocoa with her! 🍫❤️

#Road2IMSR #FleetFeetSR #GobbleWobble5k2017 #HotChocolateRun #MarriageRun

Shout to the boys @seriouscycles for the rush chain/cassette job! It’s riding awesome and it’s so quiet!!! 😁 #ironmantraining #imsantarosa #triathlete #triathlon #irnlfe #speedycheese #seriouscycles

CONFESSION: I absolutely hate this picture. I’ve had several pictures like this over the last couple weeks I wanted to post but I haven’t because I’ve been too embarrassed for you to see what my average pace is. I went from running a 9:24 pace during my full IronMan in August to now struggling to run an 11 minute mile. That is a hard pill to swallow but the fact of the matter is it’s just life. Shortly after Ironman my husband went away for work and was 1000 miles away from home. I suddenly became mom 24/7 with little help. On top of that with my kids being in school I came down with two different colds that kept me down for 4 to 5 weeks. I’ve been here before. I’ve struggled to get below a 10 min pace but I did and got down to a 7:30 mile this past season. I want to be a better, stronger, faster athlete for you all to be proud of. I want to show you greatness all the time but I️ also want to show you real life struggles from someone that has to work her butt off to earn every victory. Join me on my journey as I get my endurance and speed back and bring everything I have to IM Santa Rosa in May!
#imsantarosa #ironmantraining #ironmantri #momswhotri #fitmoms #fitness #fitmommy #garminfenix3

Post holiday motivation! Wasn't hard to get Bob on board when it is in wine country! #ironman #triathlon #imsantarosa #whowantstodrinkwineandwatchironman

Another great training run. Nine days ago I felt like I regressed when I couldn't finish the 20 mile run how I wanted to. But failure is inevitable before success. Every successful person has failed, but never gave up.
*** #IMSantaRosa #IRONMANSantaRosa
#CrushItZone #triathlon #triathlontraining
#swimming #biking #running #determined #IGotThis #progress #marathontraining #IRONMANtraining #tri365 #TEAMTRI365 #WeLoveTri

Starting back up on the bike! #imtraining #imsantarosa

So I get asked by my friends what I do at the gym. As a triathlete I no longer do a leg day, chest day, back day, or arm day. I do an overall body workout. I design my own workouts using this book as a guide and have had great results. As a triathlete doing a day per body part has little to no benefit considering when I'm running, swimming, or biking I'm definitely using more than one muscle group. **
I'm not a personal training by any means but at 40 I'm in much better shape than I was when I was 25. As I grow older I learn more about myself and how my body reacts to diet and exercise. **
I love helping others learn and grow so please feel free to ask me any questions.

Sorry for the late #weekend #update. Well another #crosstraining #workout yesterday that wasn’t in the schedule. Hey Taren how would you quantify 4 hours at scene #firefighting and #overhaul into #hours for #triathlontraining #lol ? Anyways this week had 12 #swimming #biking #running activities for a total of 80 miles over 12 hours. I skipped my workout today and took it as a #restday instead. Little #sore today. Here is some of my #gopro #helmetcam footage from yesterday that I clipped out of our dept video. Enjoy. #triathlon #imsantarosa #swimbikerun #ironman #smile #firefighter #truckwork #thankafirefighter #backtheblue @gopro @skratchlabs @sportsbasement @catriathlon @trailtruffles @reynoldscycling @babobotanicals @jaybirdsport @a2.bikes @triathlontaren @trainyourprobie @chief_miller

Watching IM Arizona and two of my friends are running strong. I am thinking they are crossing together and he has something special planned, this is just a prediction.

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