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Congratulations and best wishes to Amanda Bojorquez for her baby Levi Salvador Hernandez, who was born on Wednesday, August 1st. He is adorable!

Three seemingly short years ago, I hit the button and published my first ever blog post, and Stories About Autism was born... As I look back over what I wrote back then it’s amazing to see how much has changed for the boys, our family, and our lives as a whole.

Since 2015, Jude is in a much happier place. His meltdowns are way less frequent, much less intense. His body used to be covered in bruises and now is mainly bruise free!

School was a difficult place for Jude to be. Being so anxious around the other children and noise sensitive led to many challenging days. But for the last two years he has finally settled in, taking part more and more, and starting to interact with his classmates as well.

He is also melatonin free and sleeping through the night, which has made a huge difference to his mood. The sleepless nights we used to endure are a thing of the past, and we are all much happier because of it!! Back in 2015 Tommy was due to start school but we chose to defer for a year, give him more time to be ready. We had no idea where to send him, but the right option was under our nose the whole time, and two years ago he joined Jude at his school. Despite our fears he has loved it there since day one, and it’s a joy to see.

The words haven’t flowed yet like I thought they would for Tommy, but he is making progress, and developing in other ways each and every day.

Probably the biggest change since I started writing is the fact that me and their mum are no longer together. For over two years now we have been apart, which surprisingly has had a real positive effect on both Tommy and Jude.

Being apart means two houses, and we chose to look after one boy each, swapping every couple of days. Jude has always struggled being around Tommy, and both boys need 1-1 care. So it has actually made life easier for both of them (especially Jude) and I’m sure is one of the reasons they are both doing so well.

Personally it’s taken some getting used to. Being a full-time single parent whilst trying to juggle work and any attempt at a social life for me has been a real challenge, but has meant I’ve had to grow just as much as the boys have.


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Summer holidays Day 24.

It’s that time of the month again, where I bribe the girls to pose together for a #siblings photo! I couldn’t possibly say how much it cost this time... but as you can see, the girls were delighted about it 😄

I took a few snaps as per usual - funny face shots are much more fun of course!
Other than this, it’s actually been a pretty good day. We made it out to the shops this morning! Now that’s not a phrase that I thought I’d be typing. We went to the next town along, partly to make a return to Primark but also to see if there were any news clothes which Sasha would like. She’s been telling me for a while that she’s a bit bored of her wardrobe and doesn’t like much of it any more 🙄 We’ve had success in Primark before (ie this top she’s wearing in the photos here, she wears nearly every day!) so I figured it was worth a go again. First though, we popped into Debenhams and she tried 5 dresses on in there (luckily we were shown to a separate changing room for disabled people which really helped!). She wanted them all, even though she wasn’t sure they were comfy - ‘they feel a bit strange’ she said of the rara type skirt on the dress, ‘but I think I just need to get used to it’. So that was it, and by the time we got to Primark she was bored and had had enough 🙄 but was good about letting her big sis have a quick browse.

Then (I’d almost forgotten this bit!) we had another new experience, when Sasha suggested she would like to try Subway for lunch! This is a girl who has eaten the same dairylea sandwiches on white bread for about, ooh, 6 years at least. The difficult part came when she had to decide what she wanted and so it nearly didn’t happen.. but eventually she picked chicken and cheese, with lettuce, tomato and cucumber!
When we got home, she ate all the chicken straight away and declared it delicious, then she picked some holes in the bread and nibbles a tiny bit of the cheese but wasn’t such a big fan. The rest was left... but to me that’s still a huge achievement! 😍

Then this afternoon we had a classmate from Sasha’s new school over for a little play; they bounced then painted stones together. So a pretty exciting day! 🤩

Not all wins in journey are physically.
I’m so proud of me right now!! I went to Staples >>> by myself and faxed some insurance papers >>> BEFORE the deadline date ✊🏻 It’s kinda huge because I usual wait until last minute, then panic and then have a meltdown. Then I would probably have Stefan take me to Staples and walk me through everything- aka, pretty much do it for me 🤐 #embarrassing to admit that. Really all because I have never had to fax anything before and don’t know how to do it which freaks me out.
Not relying on others to do the things that make me feel uncomfortable and taking initiative to figure “it out” on my own is a HUGE part of my journey right now. So when you hear me say, “the trickle down effect” to working on our health and fitness...this is what I’m talking about! You WILL become better in other areas of your life 😉 Oh and today’s the last day to get into my August virtual health and fitness accountability group!! If you are like, 🤔 what’s that? DM and let’s chat!!

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