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My Zoey is easily one of the coolest kids I have ever met!! She just hit the splits, the dab, and a peace sign on the trampoline!! #ILoveMyKids #ProudDad #HitTheDab #MyKidsAreSwaggedOut

{Cade here!👋🏻}These aren’t just crepes to our family. When carrian had been discharged from a hospital stay while battling #hyperemesisgravidarum when she was pregnant our girls started asking why mommy always had to be poked with needles, why they were always taking her blood and why there were always tubes all over. It was really hard on all of us to watch, but I explained to the girls that mommy was kind of like this crepe batter. At first it’s just a bowl of batter but when I turned on the heat and poured it into the pan it turned into something incredible that we could fill with Nutella and berries. But it took the heat to make it happen. Mommy was going through something hard but she would become something incredible because of it. I can’t believe I thought so quick on my feet but it’s all true and I do believe that we are put through a refiners fire that with our savior standing near can turn us into something wonderful. Now crepes are our Saturday morning tradition because of all that they remind us of, seeing the light in the darkness and becoming who we are meant to be. It’s not about the food for us, but the hands that create it and the memories made. .
#crepes #saturdaymorning #traditions #familytradition #saturday #crepesrecipe #family #ilovemykids #becauseofhim #sharegoodness #lds #hyperemesisgravidarum #hg #hyperemesis #pregnancy #highriskpregnancy

Zeit anzugeben 😉 Ich bin einfach so bewegt davon, was für tolle Kinder ich habe. Ich danke Gott so sehr dafür, dass er sie mit nicht nur gegeben hat, sondern sie auch so fantastisch geworden sind, obwohl ich bei weitem keine perfekte Mutter bin. Ich wünschte die Fotos könnten euch auch ihre innere Schönheit zeigen, denn die ist mindestens genauso atemberaubend wie sie äußere.

#ilovemykids #blessing #godisincharge #thankful

Photo: @juakali86 und @tommyfriesen

My mom likes to sneak in my class and film me........ #gonoodle #ilovemykids

R decided to be Cho Chang for Halloween. I finished making the robe a few nights ago and we made a wand today. She. is. in. heaven. She is running around the house and casting spells at family members... yes, including our dog. I love watching her being like this. Enjoy simple things in life everyday and don't grow up too soon. I love you!❤ #costume #halloween#harrypotter #ilovemykids #sewing

stay strong , stay calm , stay humble jona...😡
happy weekend semua..
smoga kita dlm rahmat Allah selalu... aminnn


Oh how I miss my little darling! I wish I lived next door instead of 3,000 miles away! #grandbaby #preciouschild #ilovemykids #familytime #beauty #babywearsbluejeans #fashionforbaby

You have no idea how much it fills heart to have both of my kids together. #godisgood #ilovemykids

Last night I went to a Moms Event at the local mega-church, I’ve felt overwhelmed and to be honest a little burdened with life lately, frustrated by the constant chores and needs around the house and my inability to complete any task well. The message hit me hard and I couldn’t have been more grateful for what felt like a huge punch in the gut. Motherhood is a treasure. An absolute gift. One that, while it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning, is the closest you’ll get to understanding God’s love here on earth. I needed that message last night and I’m taking it with me forward and am going to try to reset my mind on the hard days when the laundry doesn’t end and there are milk puddles on the floor. This is a treasured moment. And it made me think of the day I became a mom. This picture sums up what a treasure being my kiddos mother truly is. #creatinghappilyeverafter #motherhood #treasure #twins #twinsplusone #twinmom #ilovemykids #raisingthenextgeneration

Been shopping for Alina's birthday for next month, so fun to shop for all the girly stuff, she gets so excited about everything colorful and bright and it's so fun to see her reaction! And Stephen is our extrovert and a funny one! I love his his personality!


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