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I used to think New York would play a big role if I ever have to tell my story, then I visited once again to find that connection but the truth is New York was just a coincidence, #idon'tbelong

Hoy hemos estado revisando las fotos de familia todos juntos y siempre salgo haciendo el tonto, desde viajes, bautizos, bodas... Da igual, ahí estoy yo para joder la foto.
Muy proud de mi misma la verdad. #Nananananana #IDon'tWantToGrowUp

I'm better off without you

mana SAHABAT mana PENGKHIANAT mana PENJILAT semua sudah tertata rapi depan kita tanpa harus kita lihat , penuh dengan TOPENG dibalik nyaa👄

💞💕💖reading is optional😂😁.....okay,today is Sunday but it doesn't look like one 2 me 😩,diz is just like every oda day where I get 2 listen 2 d rantings nd gossips of u knw who🙍😕,,u knw d funniest thing is,they get 2 judge u nd make u feel like u re lesser dan u will eva be
😮😟,,,,yh yh,pple say I try to seek attention, I was even given a nickname "attention seeking babe"(fallen in love with it)😊😊, funny enuf,I wish I gv a dancing fuck😔😔😒 ,typing diz doesn't mean I do tho 😏,I just feel it's high time I gave out a piece of my mind😁😊☺,,,,,pple get attention even when they don't ask 4 it nd Beauty happens 2 be a member😄😃, nd km 2 think of it,how does my ability 2 seek attention nd successfully get it affect u 😨😰,as long as m not doing it 2 snatch bae or steal wateva 4rm u,den I think u should drink milk nd stay healthy 😃😄, yes you!!😁....anyways,I shine naturally nd differently💪💖, I don't force it👌,if I feel my outfit doesn't match like I heard dat buff beige nd mint green doesn't match, I change it or bring d best out of it nd if I take public pictures a lot nd pple tend 2 squeeze dia faces🙍🙅,I really don't stop, I just continue, m bad like dat 🙌....since I don't force myself 2 get attention(I don't even c myself getting any yet)🙍 nd I don't dress to oppress🙆🙌, m gud 2 go mehn!😅😆 M not a pple's person nd m too lazy 2 be😴,I cannot km nd start to change myself 4 nobody except if popman asks me to,nd u knw y,bkos he pays my bills😏😌....I slay soft👊, smile big😀, focus 🙅hard nd care less😍,,,,nd if u feel d epistle is anoda means of seeking attention 😞😒,den plz,be like Beauty nd care less😃😄,develop yr own girl power,shikena 😁😊#happy Sunday👍✌.....#sunday #beauty #girlpower #slayer #slayqueen #scrapbook #idon'tgiveaflyingfuck

#aboutthursdaynight @lauramgovan send me this pic - half of my head is cut off - but u can surely c my twins 😱😱- #mayweather 40th b day party #Roko #bridesmaids #IDON


Khoảng lặng =]]]
#idon'tlike #coffe

Mom stop taking pictures! 💜👩‍👧#idon'tcare #myprincess #violetta #10months



Emitiendo su calor!!!
#Thermodynamics #Basic #Burn #IDon'tDie