Being weird while i wait for dinner. 👌🏼 .
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The power of your thoughts 💭
A challenge for you — your mission, if you choose to accept it, is for a whole day, not to moan, not to gossip, not to think or act negatively. If you have nothing positive to say, well then don’t say anything at all. Now how many, when faced with this challenge, will have their first thought as a negative one? Thinking, ‘I could never do that.’ ‘What a load of rubbish.’ ‘Well, that’s easy to say, have you tried living my life?’ – All negative, all creative and all reproducing the same patterns of undesirable experience. So meet your life on the up – Yes you can, yes you will and yes it will, if only for a day, bring a sense of positivity into your life 💖
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How fast @official_janina is from 1 to @6ix9ine 🤣. ❤DOUBLE TAP
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💥💥💥 Time to get back on track💥💥💥 💥To many drinks over the summer 💥To many BBQ’s 💥Have you fallen off the wagon and need help getting back on? I’m here to help you my next challenge group will be staring September 4th These groups are amazing they provide you with daily support and motivation yummy recipes and meal plans.But I think the best part of these groups is the life long friendships you will make❤️ Let’s get you back on track!! Comment a ❤️ below to secure your spot 😍

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🛑Okey name this challenge. First 50 comment, i choose 3 account to feature on the next viral post . 🚘GO GO GO
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Bener gak kya gini? 😂

Challenge tuh kaya gini nihh.. wkwkwk 😅


Coba kalo bisa.. tag @hotmedsos

YOU donate, I donate.
all of September. Start saving now. For every purchase of nourish any of my customers or promoters make, I will also make one. #bethechange #thriveagainsthunger #nourish #letsdothis #donate #lvlife #challenge #ichallengeyou #letsgo #thrivelife #ask #giveback [all of my commissions made in September will go back into purchasing nourish and making a difference, are you up for the challenge?]

Awalnya inituh kmrn si @kharismalimbong lagi liatin hp sambil belit-belit tangan gitu, trus dia tanya "re bisa gini ga?". Pas ku liat, di lagi lihat fotonya ka @shandrabahari
Oemji belibet bgt yak wkwk biasanya aku klo ada challenge gitu ga tertarik sih, tapi gatau liat yg satu ini merasa tertantang dan ternyata emang struggle sampe jari rasanya keriting. Tapi aku jadiin topeng asa jadi uchul gitchu HEHEHEHE
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