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It's all about the bottom line. Kids lives don't matter - only lining their pockets #icallbullshit #nrabullshit

Well I guess having armed Security at the school didn't do a damn thing. The "good guy" with the gun didn't do anything to help save those 17 lives. #icallbullshit #nrabullshit #neveragain @realdonaldtrump @thenorareport @occupydemocrats

Wowsa workout!

Beads of sweat and muscle fatigue. And I thought I couldn’t get a good workout at home.
I was wrong!

Baby girl was sick and on the couch in the next room.
I helped Keegan prepare for his spelling test and read a book.
And now a walked 5’ to my workout space and had my own time.
If you think you have absolutely no time to workout, I challenge you to write down what you do in a day.
Where can you reduce some non value added things to make room for something that will lengthen your ACTUAL life?? Do you think greys anatomy will make you live longer?? Just sayin. Mini challenge for you. Prove it to yourself. 💜💜💜
#notimetoworkout #icallbullshit ##maketime #whatsimportanttoyou #itsyourlife #bonjovirocks #itsmylife #truthbomb 😜#truthhurts

@rossignolskis - apparently this is fair wear and tear. Powder skis that fall apart on piste after 30 days use and your warranty team think this is acceptable?! #icallbullshit #ski #skis #skiing #donotbuy #poorquality #rossignol #rossignolfreeride @freerideworldtour #freeride

I posted this image by @riseupgoodwitch several months ago and as I read, “when they call you a terrorist: a black lives matter memoir” it feels like time for a repost.
This book is heart-wrenching, poetic, beautifully written, thought provoking and I can’t put it down.
And it reminds me that so much of what I have (a safe place to live) or don’t have (a police record, for example) has to do with privilege. I did not “manifest” or “attract” where I’m at physically/emotionally/financially. I had a major fucking advantage because I’m white (and cis and able-bodied).
I grew up relatively lower-income compared to most of my white peers, but I lived in a safe neighborhood, had a family that was able to be present in my life, had caring teachers, and when I got caught doing *the things* that teenagers do, all I received was a gentle slap on the hand by law enforcement and the court system.
I used to believe in “manifesting” and the Law of Attraction and now I see that kind of language and belief structure as creating more harm than being helpful. I used to promote “manifesting” and “attracting what you want” and see that what I was actually doing was perpetuating white supremacist thinking and upholding an ideology that oppresses anyone who isn’t white.
Because. It’s certainly easier for someone who is white, cis, straight, thin-bodied, and able-bodied to “manifest what they want.” The deck is stacked in their favor.
I call bullshit and can see the harm I may have caused others by promoting something that excludes (and hurts) so many. Doing my best to unlearn...
#loa #lawofattraction #manifesting #manifest #intersectionalfeminism #feminist #whitesupremacy #icallbullshit #whiteprivilege #unlearnandrelearn #wtcyat #blacklivesmatter #whiteness #whiteculture #spiritual #spiritualbypassing #spiritualwhitewomen

So will the teachers get raises and hazard pay when they add security guard to their job description? #icallbullshit 😡

Regrann from @theyspace - As a teacher, I don’t want to put my life on the line for your bullshit. But I’ll do whatever it takes for my students #icallbullshit #toxicmasculinity #endgunviolence

Artsy mattress anyone - can pick up on Spring x Greene 🛏 #icallbullshit #soho #manhattan #newyork #nyc #vintage #streetart #mattressart #itsathing #wouldyousleepwithemma

#emmagonzalez is a fucking leader. Our teens can and do have agency, let’s support them as they lead, esp as it affects their safety.

As a teacher, I don’t want to put my life on the line for your bullshit. But I’ll do whatever it takes for my students #icallbullshit #toxicmasculinity #endgunviolence

"The US president, holding a listening session at the White House with survivors of last week’s Florida school shooting and others affected by gun violence, claimed that allowing airline pilots to carry and conceal guns had demonstrated the measure could be a success." Nope. #icallbullshit #votethemout

Light thunderstorms and *snow*??? #icallbullshit #wtftexas

I can’t tell you how many of my students have recounted a time where they’ve either witnessed or have a family member/person they know be subjected to gun violence. Our youth becoming desensitized to gun violence is already a reality. This stuff is ugly #guncontrolnow #icallbullshit #demandmore 🙏

Like moron, like son😡 #icallbullshit #deplorable

C'MON HUCKLEBERRY!! #icallbullshit

Be careful what you read.
I was just informed by via a newsletter that was sent to my email that olive oil is extremely detrimental to health and cheese is as addictive as drugs....
Needless to say, I won't be breaking up with either of them.
#Keepitsimple, mostly #realfood, lots of #plants, not much #junk.
There are no #magic bullets which is what I keep reiterating this week it seems, its what you do most of the time that will get you the furthest....
If there was a #food / liquid or potion that could cure all we would know about it by now.
P.S. anyone else keen to run away to a deserted island with just a palm tree and a beach? #paradise #humpdayfeels #stressfulweek #holidayvibes #protectyourenergy

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