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Sometimes you gotta say fuck it and say what’s bothering you

Once you learn your worth, you’ll see a lot you didn’t before

How many people can you actually count on, if you needed them?

💬MONDAY THOUGHTS💭 life if full of choices, do I stay here today or move through the hard path to get where I want to go!?

🤔You ever just think about what could be? A better job, better lifestyle, improved health (physical & mental) and living out what you ‘envision’ SHOULD be happening but isn’t? 🤷‍♀️
🔴The major factors in that happening and not happening…ACTION & an incredibly rock solid MINDSET! Talk is cheap, motivation wears out, inspiration only takes you so far but to get there; put in a TON of continual effort and put in the work. ☑️
⤴️That’s the difference between those who DO and those who DON’T. Most of my life, I’ve been a Dont’er but with consistent habits & sound strategies; turning that into a DO’er! 🔂
What #DRIVES you to excel and reach beyond where you’re comfortable? •

Stay #DRIVEN and start the week off with incredible momentum, you’ll look back in months from now and be amazed at what can be with action, consistency and that rock solid mindset? •
Q’s on how to make it happen, toss ‘em below or DM me up anytime! •
Photo cred: @mebzy
Bag: @ryu_apparel
Base layer and everything else keeping me warm: @nike

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We might have different cars and different styles, but we all share the same passion 🏎🚗
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🙋‍♂️ Yo Canmore, it’s cold! But that’s not going to stop me from getting out, exploring and creating! Today I wasn’t that keen to head outside but hit up a hike this afternoon with @mebzy! Thanks for getting me outside, getting creative and I think I’m still thawing out my fingers! -
👉A couple Vlog’s in the pipe ahead! Stay tuned and Stay #DRIVEN! 💥
🦕Holiday Monday, take the opportunity to do something for your health! Start the week off strong, get that heart rate up; you’re worth it! 🤷‍♂️
#iamdriven #Canmore #AB #travelalberta #threesisters

Sweet rolling shot by @bich_lux_

Feeling great, mindset is good, and body is responding. STRENGTH is coming back finally too. Blasted chest this afternoon. Here’s my last set of machine incline presses with a dropset into single arm incline presses! Workout powered by the best energizer out:
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Nationals prep 2k18

Better to burnout than fade away

They say an open road helps you see where you’ve been and where you’re going

"People often ask "When is your Car ever going to be done?" Or "You're always making changes to your Car" Or "Buy a car that doesn't need modifying out of the box" etc. TRUTH is I ENJOY Fixing, Installing, Modifying, Driving and Improving my car - just like myself, I'm trying to always be a better version of me than yesterday. It brings me endless satisfaction and happiness that no other hobby can ever compare to. It provides me a way to escape my everyday problems. It helps keep me sane whilst keeping my creative side of my brain active - as I'm always constantly learning my way in, out and around a car. It helps keep me occupied especially through tough times. As I'm on this journey of my Pulsar NISMO build, it has helped me become a more hands on DIY'er and a 'give it a go and can do attitude' along with more confidence which I can apply to everyday life. The experiences (good and bad) and the countless friendships I've gained over the years by meeting fellow car enthusiasts who share the exact same passion as me is something I'll never regret doing in my life. Cars have saved my life. I am a Car Enthusiast." #IAMDRIVEN #carsforhope

Photographer 📸: @willpand4

Still the sunshine in the dark and rain...

Rayszzz 🤤 re30, what’s your favourite rim ? Comment below
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