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W8W3. Shoulders are boulders. Disneyworld day 2. Y’all this has been such an amazing journey with you all. Thank you for all loving on me.
Abby Baker
Heather Nicole
Corky Thomas
Kendra LeFevre
Ashley Cardoza
Laura Bowden

I love all you Bish Besties. Get in those sweaty Selfies. Michelle Bishop you are an inspiration and a loving human being. Thank you for taking us on a journey with you. “First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” Walt Disney


"For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ." -1 Corinthians 3:11

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“A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.
Dalai Lama XIV”• •
I am loving my newest pair of @codefitmiami leggings! make sure to use the code LADIESCO for 15% off your order through February only! #codefitmiami #leggings #fitmom #iamcommitted #macromomdotcom

Sometimes it really sucks to workout but I know I will prevail. #transformation #iwiilnotgiveup #iamcommitted #igetresults #iearnrespect

Despite being a fitness expert I make a lot of mistakes with my own training
A lot of times my workout program falls by the wayside so that I can take care of others
In the past couple months I have neglected my warmups and cool downs
Stretching and recovery have been non existent and my body is really starting to feel the impact of it
This next week or so I will have to do some maintenance and really focus on recovery in order to get my body back into a healthy state
Do yourself a favor and make sure you make stretching a priority so that you don’t end up like myself!🤷🏼‍♂️
Comment with your favorite way to stretch and recover👌🏻
#recoveryisworthit #changethegame #fitnesstips

W8W1. Holy moly this post would not post on Monday. I’m so missing my ladies.
Abby Baker
Kendra LeFevre
Heather Nicole
Ashley Cardoza
Laura Bowden

Thank you for pushing me to be the Best Me yet. I like be you all and I’m super blessed to be apart of this amazing group “The way get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney. #theladiesedge #theladiesedgelifer #lifer #iamcommitted #iamfearless #lifeofalifer #iamdetermined

W8W2 in the books yesterday. We are back on US Soil and that was the 2nd and last Workout for me in The Bahamas. We had such a great relaxing time. On to bigger and better events. Disney World here we come. Be prepared for some fun pictures. Love you all. Where my Girls At
Kendra LeFevre
Heather Nicole
Abby Baker
Ashley Cardoza
Laura Bowden “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”- Steve Jobs #theladiesedge #theladiesedgelife #lifer #iamcommitted #iamfearless #iamtheladiesedge

This hit home today.... #iamcommitted

Day 29 of 30 (Day 29 of 300): #Powerful
Woke up at 6:15am
Work Out at 6:30am

One more day until completion of #MakeFatCryChallenge #30DayChallenge with @thebettyrocker for #300daysofexercise #goal 🤘 *original post didn't post...grrr...* Redo...
Today was definitely #powerYoga that made me #sweat and #pushMyself - I kept my #breathing in check with #balance and #focus in order to hold positions #strong. Wowza!

I felt the #sculpting and #stretch in every move. Lots of leg shaking happening, but I #stayFocused - I am #proudOfMyself for sure.
Lots to do today, so I wish you all a #HappyTuesday of #success 💜 Remember to #stayMotivated #stayPositive and #LoveThyself - we can all try to #believeInYourselfALittleMore 😉

Daily #Haiku #Reflection:
Feel my body burn.
As it grows and transforms more.
That means it's working.
[J.E.M.] #STOPDROPANDBETTYROCK #weightloss #beConsistent #IamCommitted #ICanDoThis #IAmWorthIt

#dropthemic #growthmindset #changethegame

I chose to sleep instead of workout this morning. So to keep me on track I had my super-shake for breakfast. Just another awesome way to start my day. 💗 Workout, I’m coming for you later!!!
—————————————————————- #nomorningworkout #formetoday #afterwork #workout #definitely #shakeologyforthesave #shakeologyonthedaily #sinceimsopicky #allthenutrition #alltheenergy #allthebest #gottagetdressed #timeforwork #monday #mealoftheday #breakfastcheck #kressonfitnessfoodandfun

Ha! I hate when this happens. 😆🦕
—————————————————————— #teacherproblems #excuseme #tryingtograde #gohome #dinosaur #teacherhumor #instateachers #teacherfun

This is the face of a teacher who is excited to get home for her workout. 💗🎉🤷🏼‍♀️ #callmecrazy

Time to be vulnerable for a minute! FEAR is scary, it can have real power over you if you let it! (Why it took me a month to finally write this post!!) But we can overcome fears and become better and stronger people! .
Some of you may have noticed that I fell off the posting bandwagon for a few months at the beginning of my pregnancy. I was letting fear govern my actions, I was afraid of what people would think, that I would let others down, that I wasn't keeping up with my own health how was I supposed to be an example to others. But those were all IN MY OWN HEAD!! .
I've been doing a lot of work on myself and am ready to help others again! One of my biggest FEARS sitting here writing this post is that I'm going to share that I'm ready to get serious about my coaching and you guys will think, "Oh here she goes again"! .
But here's the deal, when I first started coaching, I loved it and I still do, but I got pregnant and I wasn't ready for the hormones, colds, and how badly I would let my fears get into my own head! I fell short of the expectations I had set for myself and what I wanted to do with this business! .
But more and more over the last month, I have been drawn back to coaching, to the community of amazing supportive people, to the opportunity to serve others and to bless my own family and life! I know that this is something that I AM supposed to be doing!! Sharing my journey and inspiring other people is something I love and I'm making this step to really commit to it! .
So, I'm going to keep sharing my story with you guys as I go and I hope that it inspires You! That no matter what your dreams or goals are or how long it will take you, that if your heart is in it, YOU CAN DO IT!! .
So here is to a new day! To changing fear into Facing Everything and Rise!! .
P.s. thanks for being awesome and reading this whole post even though it was super long!! You're the best!! 👊

#facingfear #reflections #confession #iamcommitted #iamacoach #sharingmyjourney #thisisme

Well I made it through arms today.... with a screaming toddler 😆. Reminding myself that doing SOMETHING is always better than nothing. And my NUTRITION can be on point today to help fuel me towards my goals. Now off for a relaxing hike in the woods.. remember friends, our diet and what we fuel our bodies with has a huge effect on our physique. Progress and not perfection. Celebrating all the victories!
And of course rocking my @codefitmiami Leggings. I LOVE them! Use code: LADIESCO for 15% off Talk with you soon 😘 #iDidit #victory #iamcommitted #boymom #marchcommittedcrew #shreddyforsummer #letsgo.

Never knew what this meant until I actually opened my soul to You My Lord...
Thank You Lord...In Jesus Name...Amen!!
#iamgrateful #iamcommitted #trust #iamblessed #iamhenrie #divineblessings♥️ #godisawesome♥️🙌🏼

Day 28 of 30 (Day 28 of 300): Focus
Woke up at 5:48am
Work Out at 6:10am

Just two more days until I complete the #30daychallenge #MakeFatCryChallenge for the first time! With @thebettyrocker for my own #300DaysOfExercise #goal 🤘

Today's workout was slow and progressive. I definitely need to work on my #balance 😀
I am So close to my #accomplishment - there is something to be said for setting a goal for yourself and actually achieving it. Truthfully, if you make excuses or let other events deter you, you're only letting yourself down. I let myself down one too many times when it comes to #goalsetting - especially when it's with #exercise and #health. Not this time. 😉 #IAmWorthIt
I like knowing I can #followThrough and #pushMyself to #FeelBetter - I have to continually tell myself: #stayStrong #stayPositive #stayMotivated #IamCommitted #ICanDoThis. . . This is for my #healthyLife #healthyChoices #healthyHabits to #FEELGOOD and #LoveThyself 💜

#HappyMonday #Weightloss #beConsistent #believeInYourselfALittleMore
Daily #Haiku #Reflection:
You woke up today,
Habits are starting to form,
Second nature, now.

Meal prep done for the next couple of days ✅ #sundaysaretomealprep Even though I’m a full time stay at home mum, I like to be ahead of the game. I will NOT allow myself to fall into temptations bc of laziness or not having time #excuses
I prefer to be in the kitchen getting ready for an amazing week then sitting down watching tv #lifeisfullofchoices
My life is usually fast pace with my munchkins and it’s so easy to give in and grab “junk” food. #Iamcommitted
Results start in the kitchen. I hv learned in my journey that you can exercise all you want, but if you don’t hv a balanced nutrition the results inside and out will take a lot longer. As of matter of fact, I had to bump up my meal plan #morefood bc my metabolism has spiked up due to my workouts. The old Angie wouldn’t hv dared to do it, no way. She would of been afraid to gain weight. When you eat the proper superfoods and less processed foods your body automatically knows how to burn it then with time you start to see and feel the results; alive, energetic, weight loss, toned & leaner, and clothes fits better!
When you are ready to make a shift in your routine whether it’s on nutrition, workouts or supplements send me a message. I will be more than glad to help you 😉💦🍽🥛#lentils #chickenfajitas #nopaleswithmushrooms #nutrition #eat

My version of an iced vanilla latte🙌🏻💪🏻 Traditional Iced Vanilla Latte: 190 calories 30g carbs 4g fat and 7g of protein.... R2D Vanilla Iced Protein Latte: 140 calories 11g carbs 2.5g fat and 20g protein —— SOOOO GOOD😋 #healthyswap #fitnessjourney #iamcommitted

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