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I hope you are having a magical Sunday ✨ I started mine with meditation, dry skin brushing, a cold shower, oil pulling, jasmine incense calm yoga, journaling, visualizing and fruit 🍉🍑🍓 Back in bed with good books, my diary and chill music. I'm longing for sunshine but trying to make the best of this cold & grey weather... ☁️ what are your plans? .
Thinking back to last year when I spent my weekends going out... I love vibrant streets by night, being the last one on a dance flor, getting lost in my fave tunes, sweat on my skin, rosy cheeks and glittery eyes, I love people, public transportation, colorful lights, surrounded by voices, sirens and elbows. And I love nature, birds and wind or waves being the only sound I hear, I love waking up with the sun, starting with yoga and meditation, diving deeper into spirituality, further down the rabbit hole and absorbing ancient wisdom. How many layers we have, how beautiful to realize we are so much more than what we think. That labels only hold us back and that we don't lose anything when we change. That we can be everything. And every day we get to explore and discover new depths of our being, new experiences taking us on journeys within. It's okay to not know sometimes, maybe it's exactly what you need 🌚 .
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Happy New Moon Friends! It's time for us to drop our guard and step past self nailed and hammered fences with our hearts bursting open. Leo is here to remind us to love. To love our current state of being; from our light to our shadowing. To love ourselves so completely that we can't help but want to share our individual zing and awe of this earthy journey with others. Over the next cycle of moons let your shiny, sparkly self shine through in creation, and play -whatever that may mean for you. Share your magic with the world. You are appreciated and worthy of joy. •••••••
I am in a constant state of unfolding, deepening, and expanding. I am content with where I am and with gratitude allow myself to step towards the gift of what's to come.
I am open to receive. I am divinely protected and connected. •

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I am unable to sleep tsala.. I am wondering if you are OK wherever you are. I'm hurt, very hurt, tsala ous Nkele and I watched you take your last breath 😢😢😢. I was looking forward to growing old with you more than anything.. looking forward to #IAM.. looking forward to #TMS.. looking forward to so much. The little time God gave me to be be with you, break bread together, celebrate together, cry together, laugh together, learn together, I am extremely grateful for.. whose going to bug me about my sense of style? Who is going to do my makeup. Who's going to be sitting on my left in the car? Who's going to my partner in crime? Who's going to give me advice at 2am??? Who Iko who? Who is going to help me with my scripts tsala..??? I have to believe that you're in a better place friendship. See you on the flip side.. #AuntyIko

#iAM a vibe ✨


Всем привет! Итак, давайте вспомним все ништяки клиентов и подумаем над новыми👌🏿
✅Помощь в позировании
✅Быстрая отдача материала
А вот интересно, все люди любят видеть себя такими на фотографии, какими они и являются?
Такими живыми, веселыми или наоборот строгими? Или все таки любите перевоплощаться?💃🏽Или любите безобъемную маску на лице в виде худой ретуши? ✅ЦЕНИТЕ ФОТОГРАФОВ, КОТОРЫЕ ВИДЯТ ВАС ТАКИМИ, КАКИЕ ВЫ ЕСТЬ
Да, мне нравится дурачиться и получать живые фото, да я люблю перевоплощаться и рисовать себе черные тени над и под глазами... Но и мне нравится оказываться самой собой на фото! Без килограмма ретуши и пластикового лица, в одежде, в которой мне комфортно, в которой я хожу каждый день, а не покупаю лишь для одной съемки, в комфортной локации и прочее прочее...
Именно поэтому я отказалась от журнальной ретуши фотографий(если это не под заказ, конечно)🌷
Учитесь видеть, а не смотреть. Подбирайте фотографов-мастеров своего дела(кстати об этом я уже писала ранее), чтобы потом не плакать над своими испорченными фотографиями. Выбирайте лучших😘
Фотограф @kraskovskaya_nastya

Shops at Ceaser's Palace!
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The only thing I love as much as good book is a nice cup of coffee in a cute mug to drink with it ☕️ #booklover #bookstagram #kiss #me #iam #caffeeinated

I love this. Today, if things get hard in our lives we tend to just give up and move to something else. We try the next quick fix and fin that doesn't work so we go onto the next.
Then, we find something that may work but it's hard work and who wants to do the work to see results? I know I used to not want to.
But let me tell you a little seceret... ** that hard work that you put in, little by little each day, changes you in the most dramatic way possible. You may not see it at first, however, that hard work adds up and you will thank yourself for just choosing to say yes.

So next time you see a quick fix pill that seems too good to be true, remind yourself that, it is probably too good to be true.
I know exercising for 30 minutes or more a day takes time out of your day and it may be challenging. But just think of all that you're able to do throughout your day because of those 30 minutes of hard work you put in.
Keep thinking, it doesn't matter how slow you go at it, just don't stop! Keep going, push play! You won't regret it I promise.

Part 2💀😂😂😂😂😂👌#iam rolling

Ready for the #IAM...MERAAS private event in #lapitahoteldubai !! #music #djlife #residentdj #privateparty #iammeraas #dxb

#ไม่ใช่เพราะใคร - ICE (ไอซ์ ธมลวรรณ) Single ที่ 7
ใน Project 'Love Status : เพลงรัก...ที่ไม่รัก

📍02.08.17 ที่ TrueID Music App.

#LoveStatusเพลงรักที่ไม่รัก #ไม่ใช่เพราะใคร #ICE #ไอซ์ธมลวรรณ #IAM #TrueFantasia

Resting in I AM is a natural thoughtless state. A silence arises within as thought is absent and deep joy is present. This silence does not offer a life force to engage with gossip or idle chatter; it does not find words to tell stories of insignificant experiences and opinions that even most subtly serve to reinforce a personal “I.” Inner peace and a natural calm prevail. All appears as normal on the outside, but within you are empty, happy and silent. ~ Jac O'Keeffe

Life is happening THROUGH you not TO you. A winning formula starts with owing your power to change your life. Or you can spend your energy whining about it. Today, my affirmation is: I have the power to change my life, dagnabit!!! Who wit' me???!!! #theinspirationexpert #dramafreedramacoach #thecolorofinspiration #iamnevaina #blackgirlmagic #shejourney #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #iam #myblackisbeautiful #essencefest

Masih Ragukah anda utk menjadi Partner atau Customer Perusahaan Kami..... Keadaaan2 yang terjadi di lapangan... yang sering muncul mendiskriminasikan Prudential... Hanyalah sebagian kecil dari ketidak pahaman Agen yg tidak mau ikut system... Atau politik menjatuhkan dari pesaing yg tidak bisa menyamai Perusahaan kami... FAKTA YANG BERBICARA... #iam prudential#
#we are the best#
#wr are number one#

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Good Morning all. This beautiful #butterfly came to visit me in my garden today.💛🤗😆 With this super #newmoon in #Leo I am feeling the changes unfold. #Iam embracing #metamorphosis.


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