Yes, it is not permanent and can be tweaked from time to time..... LinkedIn is one of the first places a hiring manager or recruiter visits when looking to hire. Over time, I have seen some candidates get passed over because of how they have positioned themselves on LinkedIn.

When hiring for an organisation, most hiring managers go on LinkedIn to source for someone in that specific job role in a company or similar industry. However, over time we have since realised that what company A calls a job role is different from what Company B calls it, so we begin to twist and turn words in the search engine to fish out potential candidates.
For example, when hiring for my organisation I would be more inclined to searching for candidates who are currently working or have worked in the non profit sector. If the role I am searching for is a finance manager, I would check for finance managers, assistant finance managers, senior finance officer, accountant, senior accountant etc.

So if you are a senior accountant and that's what company W calls finance manager, it means you fit the exact role as well but simply because the hiring manager for company W has only been searching for 'finance manager" he has been unable to find you.

What do I recommend?

1. Get a professional to write your LinkedIn page for you.

2. If you can do it yourself, then ensure you play with words intelligently so you are more visible to hiring managers.


Saudara... Hal ini mengingatkan kita bahwa untuk menjadi sukses butuh proses dan perjuangan yang tidak sebentar.

Untuk itu, janganlah menyerah ketika menemui kegagalan. Yakinlah dari kegagalan tersebut, kita akan menjadi lebih kuat dalam menghadapi hambatan di kemudian hari untuk mencapai tujuan dan bisa sukses.
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So everyone right now is banging on about personal branding. But what does that mean for you as a jobseeker?
Read the quote, and I’m sure you’ll be like ‘wtf, I don’t want to be a salesperson’.
The reality is you HAVE to be. You have to be capable of selling yourself. And that starts with all your online activity, cos as I’ve said before - we look at that stuff. It’s about having integrity, being confident in your own identity, and being consistent.
Likewise with your cover letters and resume. In your opening summary you want to show who you are, write from the heart creatively, not using generic statements you found online.
In your cover letters, be professional but conversational. There are a million and one people with your skill set. Make yourself be seen through your personality.
Same in interviews. You know those ‘tell me a time when...’ questions? Tell a story, and make it informative and engaging. Draw the listener into your world. It’s all about charisma. You can teach a skill but only you carry your own unique charm, and that’s what people want on their team.

May you always be fiery and passionate along the whole life path!😊 #sunset

Une belle journée à toutes et tous!!!
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“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates


Happy (belated 😉 ) EOFY! Over the weekend the Add Staff team celebrated the end of financial year in style with some bubbles on a boat ☺️⛵️ We would like to extend a special thank you to all our colleagues, clients and candidates for making last financial year so fabulous - looking forward to an even better 18/19 FY! .
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Our mind will believe whatever we tell it. We should feed our mind truth, faith and love. If not, we will worry and worrying doesn’t lead to solutions. .
Our greatest enemy is us because we believe what we tell ourselves. “I don’t want to make money doing this, it won’t be fun anymore.” That’s code for I don’t want to work hard! Stop it and go get what you want. Speak it into existence. .
Be positive my friends as all things are possible.

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Not sure if this statement surfaced from a memory or I have new found clarity?

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Untuk memantau pelaksanaan kerja profesi, Clara Moningka melakukan kunjungan ke PT Charlies Lestari Sentosa bagian Sumber Daya Manusia. Di organisasi ini, Sheila Salihatunnisa dan Anggraini Fajriati Syarif melakukan kerja magang dengan menginput berbagai data administrasi karyawan dari seluruh cabang CLS di Indonesia, membuat alur proses kerja dan terlibat dalam semua proses kerja yang dilakukan di SDM termasuk pemantauan dan evaluasi kinerja dan kedisiplinan. Umpan balik dari kegiatan ini berkontribusi pada pemuktahiran kurikulum PSI UPJ sehingga sesuai dengan perkembangan terkini terkait dengan kompetisi yang dibutuhkan oleh dunia kerja.
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Alika Siti Maulida, mahasiswi Psikologi 2015, saat ini sedang melakukan kerja profesi di PT Jaya Real Property Tbk di bagian SDM divisi pengembangan organisasi. Selama melakukan kerja profesi, pekerjaan yang dilakukan adalah menginput data pelatihan ke sistem basis HR, melakukan administrasi HR, merekap data peserta pelatihan, membuat forum usulan pelatihan, membuat form usulan pelatihan, menganalisa kasus yang ada di SDM dan sebagainya. Clara Moningka bertandang ke organisasi ini untuk memantau pelaksanaan kerja profesi sekaligus menjalin umpan balik dari para pengguna guna mendapatkan masukan demi pengayaan kurikulum.

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I am truly excited to become a certified practitioner for MBTI! Some people wake up say “This is going to be a great day!”
Others wake up and think, OMG what will happen today. MBTI will provide a look into who you are and why. .
MBTI can be related to career, relationships or simply provide a psychological introspection. If you are interested contact me for a consultation. MBTI can be used for business teams or families... .
When we step into our car and turn on key or press the button, we expect that it will turn on. We should look at life in that way each day. When our feet hit the floor, we should think that everything I encounter today will work and all will be well with the world!
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* Evaluaciones psicotécnicas individuales. -
* Administraciones grupales. -
* Assesment Center. -
* Evaluaciones de potencial (Promociones). -
* Selección de personal.

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Im humble to be presenting at The Work Culture Asia this coming July. This is a community project by WOBB in oder to build a sustainable company culture to attact and retain employees mainly the millennials.

So does culture really matters in your company?
Come hear from us
Date : July 25 2018
Time : 9.30 - 1.30pm
Location : WOBB
Tickets is limited so RSVP now, hope see you guys there.
For more details please click on the link below
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Worrying and stress can lead to all kinds of health problems. The fight or flight response in our bodies releases cortisol and sometimes we freeze. .
Or sometimes we make the wrong decision which then leads to doubting every decision. My husband always says on the golf course, if you shoot inadequately on one hole, you have to shake it off because the next hole is coming up and it has done nothing to you! 😉 Think about the next hole, the next round, the next decision as a brand new start...don’t doubt yourself and don’t live in the past. That time is gone and you can never get it back. .
Stay breezy my friends.
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It’s Wednesday, what is a mid-week practice you have for yourself to help give you energy for the rest of the week?
What do you eat to Nourish Your Life?
What do you think to Nourish Your Life?
Who do you surround yourself with that helps you to Nourish Your Life?
This is your Wednesday #wakeupcall.

Banyak orang yang ingin berbuat lebih dari yang bisa dicapai saat ini. Jika anda merasa belum menjadi diri anda yang ideal, anda memerlukan motivasi lebih. Motivasi tidak selalu harus berasal dari orang lain. Anda bisa memotivasi diri anda sendiri. Bagaimana cara memotivasi diri sendiri?
Berikut tips yang dapat anda ikuti. Let’s GO.. 1. Buat Alasan
Tanyakan pada diri anda mengapa anda menginginkan mencapai sesuatu? Jika anda tidak punya alasan yang kuat untuk mencapai sesuatu, anda tidak akan punya motivasi yang cukup.

2. Perluas Wawasan
Buat diri anda terinspirasi oleh dunia yang tak terbatas ini. Banyak membaca, kursus, bergaul, mengikuti seminar, berdiskusi, bergabung dalam komunitas, dan aktivitas lainnya yang menambah wawasan akan membantu anda memotivasi diri.

3. Pahami bahwa Setiap Orang Memiliki Masalah dan Tantangan
Jika anda memiliki masalah dan tantangan yang berat. Percayalah, orang lain juga memiliki masalah dan tantangan. Kesuksesan bisa dicapai orang lain karena ia mau menghadapi masalah dan tantangan.

4. Fokuskan Perhatian
Buatlah slogan yang memotivasi anda dan pasang di dinding kamar, di ruang kerja, di halaman desktop komputer dan HP anda. Al ini akan mengingatkan anda untuk selalu memfokuskan perhatian pada pencapaian yang anda inginkan.

5. Lakukan Dengan Cara yang Menyenangkan
Jika anda ingin membuat sebuah lukisan, anda sebaiknya melukis apa yang anda sukai. Jika anda ingin menulis artikel, carilah tema yang anda minati. Anda akan memiliki semangat dan motivasi lebih jika anda mengikuti kata hati.
Naah.. Coba lakukan 5 tips di atas terlebih dahulu,☝ tidak hanya 5 tips di atas ya.. Masih ada yg akan membuat anda lebih termotivasi dengan melakukan 5 tips berikut nya.. 🖐
Selamat mencoba.. 😉😉
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Spending the last 3 days enjoying the Okanagan has gotten me thinking about Rebecca’s wedding in Penticton last year. A big thanks to a Rebecca for choosing to bring @fayesmithagency out to Penticton to beautify her on her wedding day! We had so fun!

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