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The poetry of Earth is never dead. John Keats


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Regardless of the time in history, the very best things humans have created have all been centered around two things - attention to detail and user experience. Still to this day, companies strive build products that take your breath away.
The @biltmoreestate is no exception. The process, craftsmanship, and care taken to build this estate resulted in one of the most beautiful, and intuitive buildings I have ever walked through.
Every room, closet, staircase, door, and angle plays a unique role in how guests have experienced this building since 1895.
Excited to share some of these photos with you over the next few weeks 👊📸⚡️

clear skies, Tetons

Я думаю этот мужчина заслуживает большего, чем просто пост в Инстаграмчике, один наверно из тысячи уличных музыкантов, который заставил на минутку остановиться и послушать.

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