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Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor opening for Gang Gang Dance at Baby’s All Right. #hotchip

Man... love work wile Im listening a good song from a good band #hotchip #thelibrarians #dynimatecomics #comics #drawings

vocalist, pianist and erstwhile @hot.chip frontman Alexis Taylor (@alexishotchip) returns to reykjavik for #nordurognidur on wed dec 27th - tinkling ivories and singing songs from his recent ‘piano’ album and beyond. 4 day and 1 day passes available now (link in bio) #reykjavikloves #harpa #musicfestival #hotchip

Hot chip concert with my best friends.

#hotchip #memoriesmade #bff

This rework for @hot.chip was finished in the same weekend as my rework for Justice; two pretty different tracks to work on around the same time, and weirdly enough both those mixes ended up as personal favourites.'Boy From School' took a little longer than 'Waters Of Nazareth', and I spent a few days initially going down the wrong path. The first version was far too faithful to the original and lacked any real space, but once a more Balearic (for want of a better word) approach was taken and the sections were stripped back and extended, only then did it start making sense in a new way. I loved the vocal refrain from the chorus, it's a beautiful melody which I felt should be the centre of the mix, and I ultimately built the track around it. The thundering bass notes were not taken from any analog synth, it's actually a Farfisa home organ's foot pedal, which I'd just picked up from the local Mencap charity shop in Holloway for £50. Once I put one note into the Logic sampler and spread it over the keyboard, it gave me the exact wooden sound I wanted to add to the originals parts. The over driven held notes which come in halfway through were also from another synth, one which I probably only used on this and nothing else: the Akai AX80 running into a Thermionic Culture Vulture. A freehand part which I couldn't decide to keep in or not, but once the length of the mix was in place, it felt like it had a role in the mix.
I still play it out, almost 11 years after it came out, I think it's stood the test of time but that's credit to Hot Chip; the original is a very special track. Another thing I should say is that I'm glad I had this to work on rather then 'Over And Over' (the single previous) which I love and would possibly have no idea what to do with. One thing I learnt is that if you like a track enough, it's best to just leave it alone. Pick another track you feel you can add to, and put your imagination into that.
Phantasy have reissued and remastered this on 12" vinyl and it's part of the upcoming 'Reworks Volume 1' boxset and double CD compilation. Link in the bio
#erolalkanrework #PH63 #erolalkan #hotchip @joe_hot_chip @alexishotchip


I feel better with @hot.chip djs 4 hour set 💥👌🏻 Photo: @bczegeny

Joe groove #hotchip

Ready for the floor with @hot.chip djs all night tonight 👏🏻😜 Photo: @bczegeny

Tonight we’re ready to hit the floor with @hot.chip playing all night long for a 4 hour set at @fortunesound 🎶 Last minute ickets | bplive.ca or at the door #Vancouver #blueprintLIVE #fortunesound #HotChip

#hotchip 5hr set was 🙌🙌🙌 also, super lovely crowd. 😘

Sexta | 08.12 | @terrazamusicpark presents: #Davis, #L_cio & #Zopelar

Músico, produtor e DJ residente da #ODD, @zopelar está ativo na cena musical de #SãoPaulo desde 2010. Especialista em live acts, já se apresentou nos principais clubes e festivais do #Brasil, além de ser fundador do selo “#InTheirFeelings” ao lado de @_davisdavis_ . Em 2014, foi escolhido a integrar o seleto time de alunos do #RedBullMusicAcademy em #Tóquio e em 2015 foi o único brasileiro integrante do #SonarFestival nas edições de São Paulo e #Santiago, onde apresentou seu live solo no mesmo palco que artistas como #ChemicalBrothers, #HotChip e #Recondite.

Ingressos COMIGO ou http://bit.ly/2Ajpq2f
#terrazafloripa #terrazamusicpark #musicpark #jurere #burnenergydrink #absolut #skolbeats

Hot Chip DJ set #hotchip

Your choice of embroidered headwear in honour of Pony Express and their hot chip apocalypse. Wear ur 💛 on ur 🙆🏻 for $35 retail or $38.50 true cost
@helloponyexpress #ponyexpress #sixthwave #hotchip #hat #beanie #adultunisexwhitesailornavyhatgobboatcaptainhensnight

If your were at my DJ set for #aldosnightclub reunion tonight, you would have heard me spin this.
#empireofthesun #adamant #bowwowwow #siouxsieandthebanshees #tonesontail #hotchip #icicleworks #camouflage

Visual inspiration.. Hot Chip. Projection mapping on clamp lights!
#projectionmapping #hotchip #videoart #musicvideo #projection #video #artinstallation #robertbell

Laid back we’ll give you play back. #hotchip

Tonight's journey home is brought to you by Hot Chip, in particular their version of Dancing in the Dark which I can't get enough of! 😁 #HotChip #music #AwesomeSongs

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