A lot of stress on the nervous system & handle. Finishing up the session with this burnout 🔥 In the lab @lukasburkman_34 @noahsarc_1 #HoopsforChrist

TIM HARDAWAY KILLER CROSSOVER (UTEP 2 Step) is my all time favorite move 🙌 Here’s a #repost from earlier this summer to help players add more ways to create space off the dribble. #KillerCrossover #TimHardaway #HoopsforChrist

Getting past your defender & creating space off the dribble (part 2) 🏀Tonight I’m reposting the breakdown to my all time favorite move. #HoopsforChrist

Even when you can’t see the goals you are shooting for. Walk by faith, not sight; and just keep shooting 🏀 📷 @nadiakendle

Creating space #repost 🏀 These are transition combo moves from a team session. We’re changing speed by chopping the feet to set up each move. #HoopsforChrist

I was going to wait, but why wait🤷🏽‍♂️. Going to drop this little project promo on y’all tonight👊🏽🏀🎒 #Givengoskills #Skillsdevelopment #Hoopsforchrist #God #crossover #basketball #4HisGlory #116 #unashamed

Big thanks to @dandenongbasketball for inviting me to play against @lmulionsmbb 🏀 All the best to LMU in their upcoming season. They officially have a new fan. I loved the way their boys competed‼️ 📷 @unofficially__official

They will throw dirt on your name, but God’s plan for your life will still remain. 🏀 If God is for you, who can be against you? 🙏🏼 📷 @laurijeanphotos

I hope everyone has enjoyed their first week or day of school. 👔🎒 ‼️Back in the lab today🏀 after a few days off to recharge🔋. Had a ton of fun creating today! Reached back into the🎒 and restarted that grind👊🏽🏀‼️ You ready? 👀


Shoutout to my guy @cultivating_perception who did an excellent job with the project today📸🎥. I look forward to working with you bro. Check out his page for all your photography and videography needs! #Givengoskills #skillstraining #Hoopsforchrist #Skillstraining #Slowgrind #Grind #videography #louisville #kentucky #bardstown #Stompingrounds

GINOBILI PIVOT 🏀 This is a GREAT move to create space when your defender cuts you off. Get the footwork down & this move will work! Training @lukasburkman_34 #Ginobili #HoopsforChrist

Coach how do I create space from my defender off the dribble ? That is one of the most common questions I get from players. I’m going to post & repost this week proven moves that work. Tonight is the Ginobili Pivot move, one of favorites (it’s all about his footwork). Hope it helps #HoopsforChrist

Big thanks to @gener8hoops and the @melbournetigersbasketball for believing in me to run the show against @hawaiibasketball 🏀 Basketball is on the rise here in Australia and it’s such a blessing to be apart of it! 📷 &🎥 credit to @laurijeanphotos and @danieleade79 🏀

If synchronized dribbling becomes an Olympic sport we might have a shot at qualifying 😆 S/O to my bro @vincetoftness11 for jumping in the 🔥 for a 2 ball demo if front of the world’s biggest critics: kids lol. All for the kids to INVEST, TEACH, INSPIRE #HoopsforChrist

Courtesy of Dr. Russ Harris! One of the confidence seminars from last weeks Hoops For Christ Camp! #hoopsforchrist

@morrison_bball @haley_lee14 @jeronboykins20

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Hoops for Christ Ministry Team for our Fall 2018 Youth Basketball Development/Skills League!
We will have training, confidence building, and competitive games in a Christ-centered environment for boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade.
Boys and Girls: KG-5th Grade (Split into KG-2nd & 3rd-5th Divisions)
Evaluation fee: $20 (covers evaluation & secures jersey)
TOTAL League cost: $160
TUE. evenings starting Sept 18 (5-8pm)
More info & Register: http://qoo.ly/re85c #forksbaptist #crosscenter #hoopsforchrist #youthbasketball

‼️ATTENTION‼️ let me speak to the public for a second! Fellas, without the cars, clothes and the jewelry you are still loved. Ladies.... hair tied, sweat pants on, and just being you, you are still loved! We put on so many faces every day to appease a fake us, or to appease others. But there’s no prettier thing than seeing others shine in their true selves, or true forms and seeing them happy! Don’t live to make the next love you, because truth be told.... they won’t love you the way you see yourself being loved in your dreams. But through it all god will endure that! Live with purpose for god and YOUR serenity! #Godbless #HoopsForChrist #JustThoughtYouGuysShouldKnow

Iron Sharpens Iron. There are a lot of people in your life, some give you energy & some take it away. Some add & some subtract, some multiple blessings & some divide. Take note of them but also be even more aware of what you give or take from others. Be that one person that sharpens those around you. #AddValue #HoopsforChrist

🏀 POCKET PASS 🏀 Here's how I teach players this IMPORTANT SKILL. I found this to be one of the most important skills a guard could have when I played overseas. Knowing when & how to pass in Pick n Roll situations. TAG a Hooper‼️ #Passing #Skillsets Training: HoopsforChrist.org

My old stompin grounds in Bloomfield. Glad to see updated playground equipment and kids actually playing. This park is one of the first places I fell in love with 🏀

#Givengoskills #Skillstraining #HoopsforChrist #Countryboy #SkillDevelopment #Basketball

What does real basketball look like❓This is why high IQ ball movement & understanding how to move without the ball will always beat iso ball. Real Hoopers take note #HoopsforChrist

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