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Such awesome hospitality at @crossfitwanderlust_bali , nice to sneak in some training while on vacation. I'll be back again Thursday 8am if anyone in Bali wants to say hello.
Here is the slowest and hardest snatch pull at 100kg I've ever done!
Thanks for this bit of programming madness coach @rawstrengthandconditioning "The thumb is evil and must be punished #hookgrip"
#crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitwanderlust

@chuckiewelch (75kg) snatching 106kg/233lb with a great save to win the snatch gold over Olympian @jenny.arthur at the 2017 AO3! This is just 1kg under Jenny's senior American record! #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #hookgrip

The future is strong!
Snatches better than most adults. πŸ’ͺ follow @rxmindset for daily motivation πŸŽ₯ @mamikon_mkrtchyan

Let's talk about arm position during the snatch. During the 1st and 2nd pull portions (as the bar is pulled from the floor until it's connection with the hip) there's a few things we want to keep in mind. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
1️⃣We want to first keep the arms completely straight. Early arm bend is often seen in athletes who attempt to "row the bar" upwards. Keeping the elbows straight during this portion of the lift can help facilitate a powerful good looking pull. βœ…
2️⃣Turning the elbows out to the side (a position of internal rotation at the shoulders) can help keep the bar close to the body. If the elbows are turned back towards your butt, it's easier to bend them during this portion of the lift which will drain power & lead to an easier ability to kick the bar out away from your body as you make contact at the hips. Elbows turned out will allow the bar to contact the hips & drive straight up for a more efficient bar path.βœ…
3️⃣The fist pointing down is a cue for neutral or straight wrists. I see new lifters at times turn their wrists outwards (pointing away from the body) during this portion of the pull which can again lead to the bar being looped out away from the body in the next portion of the lift. ❌
Big thank you to @max_lang_weightlifting for being today's example! Give him a follow if you don't already!
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Worked to a 352 clean today. Just progressing the weights back up a little bit each session since the back tweak. Taking extra time warming up & making sure I make every attempt. Need to be back to 100% soon!
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The only way I'm excited about getting out of bed early on a Monday morning is when it's the start of a brand new C&J cycle. 😱 #GimmeAllTheHeavyBarbellCycles 195# πŸ€“ @pastparallel @wodbottom

Noelia Garcia (53kg, 19y/o) clean and jerking 88kg/194lb at the 2016 European Junior Championships. @nowiigarcia #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #hookgrip

Shi Jiaqi (90kg, 17y/o) snatching 108kg/238lb at the 2017 Asian Championships, where she won gold while weighing in light at 79.41kg! #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #hookgrip


We don't shoot videos for the gram. We shoot them to be able to identify things going wrong.
Here we're doing "Squat Mornings" where it's a Good Morning movement on 4 sec eccentric drop into the hole then pop back up. I'm not going deep enough, pushing my hips far enough back and dipping my chest, on the GM on this set. Watched and reset into a better last 2 sets.
________________________________________________________Its about the little things that you fix, constantly over time that will get you better.

Every day, you reinvent yourself. You're always in motion. But you decide every day: forward or backward. - James Altucher @koala_lifts @koala_ventures #caffieneandkilos

All the cool kids are doing hook grip and I'm like.... Lucky I've only got another 100kg to put on the bar to get where I was. #hookgrip

Only one more #SundayFunday left before @mollyleafs and I's next adventure. This one will be hard to top.

Quality over quantity.
Simple concept , often overshadowed by ego .

#Repost @squat_university ・・・
If you push through bad technique when lifting - you're only cheating yourself. Let's change this. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
How many times have you seen someone push through horrible technique during a lift - yet their ecstatic they hit a new PR! They'll post the video to social media & get nothing but praise & "likes" from others celebrating their victory. While I don't condone calling others out & bashing their lifting - I think we need to rearrange our priorities. I'm here to tell you that pushing through horrible technique for the sake of lifting a big weight is not worth it. Doing so only reinforces bad technique, capsizes your potential to lift even more weight & sets your body up for eventual injury. ❌
Let's change this. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
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Nothing to fancy today. Just some good looking lifts 😎🀑 #IT #wasntscared #lol #strong #squat #snatch #clean #fullhanded #hookgrip #hurts #outlier #10exlife #10experience

250lbs power clean. My shoulder is almost healed 😍😍. #olympiclifting #olylifting #olylifter #cleanandjerk #powerclean #romaleos2 #hookgrip

High Bar Squat
320# 3x8
Squats are finally feeling better. Although sets of 8 reps killed me, my consistency was much better than my previous 3-5 squat sessions.
I'm looking forward to working my way back up to some respectable numbers.

Excellent as always!!! 😈
featured sportsman @alessandrapichelli

Slow motion clean and jerk @laurenfisher #wodrxd

We hope your week is going good so far! Keep on pushing. #rxmindset

a compilation of my favorite jerk sessions and front squats at 110kg from the last two weeks! jerks are my weakest lift but they're still fun. i know one day they'll be like second nature to me ☺️ @validus_weightlifting

Casey Jenks is the CEO and Co-Founder of @thefitbot. If you ask any coach who pursues individual coaching about their number one tool β€” I guarantee you they will say Fitbot. Not only does it allow you take massive leaps in efficiency, it give you the time and space to focus on delivering value to your clients.
Measure compliance rates, deliver designs, demo videos, take notes during consults, communicate under one roof β€” and so much more. If you want to scale your client load without sacrificing quality β€” this is the tool you need in your arsenal to become apart of your coaching system. I wanted to get inside the mind of Casey and see what sparked this for him and where we see individualized coaching headed.
Hit the link in bio to give it a listen!!

Figured I've waited long enough to post about my meet on Saturday. Wasn't my best performance, wasn't my worst. Ended 6/9, I suck at squats, and bench is a bitch. But hit a 15 lb meet PR on deads with 515. Then let my hips get away from me a little on 530, and missed at lockout. Which I have never done before. Lots of work to do, time to get stronger and clean up technique. But always a pleasure to hit the platform with my people by my side, no matter how I perform. Love you all! #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #deadlifttillimdead #181 #apa #wolverineopen #hookgrip

Who's ready for Friday? Repost from @momentum_barbell using @RepostRegramApp - The beginning of a new REVOLUTION – Momentum Barbell, a dawning of a new age in Olympic Lifting @crossfitsanctuary.Β  Specifically designed for Olympic Lifting where you can enhance your skill set in the clean, snatch, and work on strength.Β  Sign up today!Β  #crossfitsanctuary #barbellclub #oly #snatch #clean #squat #getunderthebar #3rdpull #hookgrip #regrip #bouncethebar #olympiclifting #sanctuaryfamily #sanctuarystrong

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