I gots the hook up!! Damn you sent me some super RAD stuff! What a bundle. Get On It Yall......REPRESENT!! @basebklyn @nashy992 @lanky_wanderlust @caseey_26 #basebkny #hoodstothewoods #basesince86 #brassknuckles #bbkny

Tomorrow night at @ftcsanfrancisco Come celebrate the life of our dear friend Mr. Ant! 💕 There will be art and more for sale, all funds going directly to his family. 🌲If I could I’d like to share one of the many reasons why I loved Ant... he was for the children, he loved kids and was so good with them. We both used to volunteer at Marshall Elementary in the Mission and chilled with all the niños. He then moved on to working at various schools in the district and started different skate camps and programs for kids like my favorite “Hoods to the Woods” where he would take kids from the city, kids who had never been or didn’t have the means to go camping or snowboarding or just get away from the concrete jungle for a few days and learn about nature and from each other, man now that I think about it I feel like I was one of those kids, although I was in my early 20’s he was the one to take me to see snow for the first time in my life, him and the FTC/SFO crew took me snowboarding for my very first time. He was so patient with me and never left me behind. This is why I love him and miss him crazy cuz he was the older brother that I needed at the time, he took me in and held me down. Mr. Ant for the Niños! Thanks for taking this lil hoodrat under your wing and showing me the ropes. Miss you buddy. 🏂❄️ #hoodstothewoods #RestinPeaceMrAnt

Mt. Bachelor, Bend Oregon amazing views today. @visitbend #backyardbend #mtbachelor #hoodstothewoods #forestlife

1/2 Day old Pork chop & Spaghetti for the VICTORY! #HoodsToTheWoods

#HookUp video Commming.

2-18- 18 #HoodsToTheWoods drops . Official Date Artwork drops soon.

@k_terra getting in some mid November laps 📸 @jonnynemecek

Supporting an awesome cause, and *This* is why you always buy a raffle ticket!!! And And @ovrride knows how to send it!!! The morning after, I️ still can’t believe it! #ovr2017kickoff Raffle to support #hoodstothewoods @ovrride @hoodstowoods THANK YOU!!! I️ only have 5 tickets... and there were hundreds and hundreds of #snowfiends there with multi tix. #swag #happywinter❄⛄ 🎉🏂⛷❄️ #Oakley Stoked!! #winterishere❄⛄ #snowdancepants

@ovrride knows how to throw down the party on and off piste!! Here to support #hoodstothewoods @hoodstowoods These are my #snowpeeps #ovrfamily #happywinter❄⛄ #i💗❄️ #ovr2017kickoff #winterishere❄️

Duke City boys.. Grandpap Punch & Chill Bill from Polish Hill. #Duquesne #Dukes #HoodsToTheWoods

My recovery ride for the day after my first century. Thank you @klozzy_bear for having me in your group. I had an amazing time and look forward to putting some mikes in with you brother! #twowheelsonelovefeeling #basebrooklyn #hoodstothewoods 😎

I'll take those numbers.. Gimme room, watch me heat up ! #The58s #SsS #HoodsToTheWoods

This #HoodsToTheWoods project is coming next ! #The58s Mayo.. My second solo projects.. This Fall / Winter !

Mayo presents : #SeventeenStraightSummers on ITunes #iTunes #Spotify #Amazon #XboxMusic and many other outlets.. Please support ! It's my first solo LP album ! #HoodsToTheWoods my second project drops Late Fall / Winter.. We give away all this music for free on #Datpiff but I need yinz to drop that 9.99$ my neighbors. LINK BELOW! iTunes got the better quality sound ! S/o @bwhite58s @r0m0 @gitbeats @buckwild_ditc @reemo_laylow @bigjerm412 @dottosway412 @uhhuhluke_o #FreeKilz

Hoods To The Woods is coming real soon.. Just gotta lay down a couple more songs. #HoodsToTheWoods Yinz thought I was playing.

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